How to beat/farm Yami Marik Lvl 40 (Unlock event)

Marik's Torturer
Marik has retired from SHADOW GAMES after torturing him with this deck. He screamed in agony to stop torturing him. Duel assessment:8500-9100 (depending on glossy cards and LP)
Marik's Torturer
Ultimate distraction
Marik's Torturer
Drowned in AGONY
Marik's Torturer
PS: destruction not distraction, autocorrection mistake :p
Unlucky at All
Nice deck!
Marik's Torturer
I uploaded video farming (torturing) Marik using this deck.
<< Anonymous(Marik's Torturer)
cant see any of those card clearly..can u help with that?


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So why 0 tier decks use it atm? This skill atm only helps some rogue/kpg worthy decks to be, at l...
You do realise having fun should be an important factor when playing a game, right?
Too bad a lowly f2p like me have a full bag of staples + Shiranui after playing for 2 years witho...
losing to a limit 1 card is fair enough, your opponent need to be really lucky to draw it in the ...
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