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update 20/08/2017

The Unhappy Girl

The Unhappy Girl
Monster TypeSpellcaster
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect


While this card is in face-up Attack Position on the field, this card is not destroyed as a result of battle. (Damage calculation is applied normally.) A monster that battled with this card cannot change its battle position, except with a card effect, or attack while this card is in face-up Attack Position on the field.

How to get / Rarity

PackValkyrie's Rage [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Great for monster lockdown.
  • Cannot be destroyed if it's in face-up attack position.


  • Very low stats.
  • Effect is only active after it attacks or attacked.
  • Effect is only active when this card is present on the field.
  • Must always be in ATK position to prevent them being able to attack or to not be destroyable from battle.

Unhappy Girl for farming LDs

Why don't they attack?

The AI does not attack the unhappy girl to avoid getting their monsters locked. Because of the unhappy girl's effect, monsters that battle with the unhappy girl can't change their battle position or attack, and she can't be destroyed by battle, which is why the AI chooses to wait until they have enough monsters to win the duel.

Required conditions

  • The AI will not use their monsters to attack if the damage dealt is not higher than your LP.
  • If the AI has multiple monsters that can attack, and the total damage dealt is over your LP, then they will attack.
  • Unhappy Girl needs to be in attack position.
  • Since the unhappy girl's attack is 400, it reduces incoming damage by 400 per attack. You can calculate that if the AI has 3 monsters, they need a total of 5200 attack in order to deal 4,000 damage.
  • You can either increase your LP, or increase unhappy girl's attack to reduce incoming damage by using any attack increasing spell/trap cards.

Useful cards


Used to search for the unhappy girl in your deck, essentially making it similar to putting 6 of them in a deck.

Array of Revealing Light

If the LD you are trying to farm uses only 1 monster type, this is useful to delay the attacks by a turn. This will make sure that you can lock the monster before it can attack you.

Holy Guard (skill)

This skill will let you avoid taking damage when attacking with the unhappy girl, as well as destroying your monsters like Rai-Mei to search for unhappy girl without lowering your LP.

LP Boost α (skill)

An alternative to Holy Guard skill that's still effective if your opponent has no tribute monster. Once you manage to lock 3 of their monsters on the board, simply pass the turns instead of destroying them.


ActionsPrevents Battle Position changes
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesCannot be destroyed by battle
Attack categoriesPrevents attacks

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Hot New Top
Anon 20days ago
Fuck my luck so hard. I had 6 of these fuckers and didn't understand the value when this card came out, so I used them all up for jewels -.- Now I had to reset the box and can't get anymore than 1. It's like fate knows when you fucked up, and wants to enjoy the show of your sorrow lol
<< Anonymous(Anon)
DarkMa9cian 19days ago Reply
Good news is that you don't need this card any more. They fixed the AI against this card.
<< Anonymous(Anon)
DarkMagician 19days ago Reply
nvm guess something weird happened with lv40 Odin. Test with yugi works just fine.
<< Anonymous(Anon)
Manswer 7days ago Reply
You're a moron
<< Anonymous(Manswer)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
so are you!
So... I use a card to change battle position of the opponent's monster to defensive and attack with the girl?
<< Anonymous(TECS)
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
You don't have to change the monster you're attacking to DEF position. Just use holy guard or make sure you have enough life points if you're using other skills
<< Anonymous(TECS)
K1llua 10days ago Reply
The point is.. if you bring them into defense you can attack the next turn these monsters with the UnhappyG to stall them into defense position... that will prevent the enemie from declaring a attack cause he will attack your UnhappyG ONLY when he has enough monsters to defeat you in 1 turn so learn to use your traps in order and the situations theyr needed...
Anonymous 17days ago
man, she is just a rare card and wont drop. I got more SR and UR from the packs instead of this card. Does someone have an idea to get gems? xd
DarkMa9cian 19days ago
Well you don't need this card any more if you haven't got any yet. They fixed the AI against this card.
<< Anonymous(DarkMa9cian)
DarkMa9cian 19days ago Reply
nvm guess something weird happened just now when I fight lv40 Odin
Why is she so sad?
<< Anonymous(Pro)
Anonymous Reply
she cant afford pants
<< Anonymous(Pro)
Realm Reply
Because her breasts sank.
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
Well, you can't lie. She does, have great tits.
ruth harris
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Email Address:

WhatsApp Number: +1 (518)855-8371

Drop Rate..
111 packs into Valkyrie's Rage and she's the only rare that hasn't dropped

I've pulled 4 URs, 15 SRs, and 109 Rs and she's still sitting pretty with 6 in the box

<< Anonymous(Drop Rate..)
Anonymous Reply
Hence the name lol.. she inflicts unhappiness onto players. Me too, spent 3000+ diamonds to get 3 copies of her.. but without dunames among other cards..
Unhappy girl debuff?
Maintenance notice says fixed her ability where the monster she has activated her ability on will have the effect removed after flipping the affected cards faced down. So Guardian statues now trumps U.G. next update?
<< Anonymous(Unhappy girl debuff?)
TKSainto Reply
When you attack the statue with U girl, the effect will trigger?
<< Anonymous(Unhappy girl debuff?)
Anonymous Reply
Well,the reason why it work the way it did is the programmers did follow the official ruling.Doesn't matter Labyrinth Builder will take it place
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
EDIT:*didn't not did
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just add gravity axe will do just fine.
For some reason using SECRET PASS on my UNHAPPY GIRL, RELINQUISHED or really any monster isn't working. I use it before using UNION ATTACK. When I attack direct there is no damage dealt at all. What is going on? Does this only work with VASSAL?
<< Anonymous(Kyle)
Anonymous Reply
U don´t any damage with union attack if u attack directly. Only works with vassal because is effect damage.
<< Anonymous(Kyle)
Anonymous Reply
Vassal change it's battle damage to EFFECT damage (like those burning spells - burning land, hinotama, etc). Union attack hv text "cannot inflict BATTLE damage", so other cards just get buffed but no damage done as BATTLE damage.
tfw only 1 unhappy girl after pulling nearly half the box.
<< Anonymous
akubane Reply
know that feel, 53 packs and still no spell rec
This card, Crystal Seer and Gift of the Martyr are the hardest cards to get, why? I just have 2 U Girls and only 50 packs on the box, in Chaotic I have 150 packs and not a single Crystal or Gift, Yisus
<< Anonymous(TKSainto)
Anonymous Reply
I got only one of this card and I am spending all gems in VR Booster pack. Hopefully gonna get 2 of her with 650gems on 4th June.
For some reason using SECRET PASS on my UNHAPPY GIRL, RELINQUISHED or really any monster isn't working. I use it before using UNION ATTACK. When I attack direct there is no damage dealt at all. What is going on? Does this only work with VASSAL?

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