Yami Marik unlock event

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Yami Marik unlock event announced!
update 17/07/2017


Yami Marik event finally confirmed!

PeriodJuly 26 - Aug 3
RewardsYami Marik and event exclusive rewards
RequirementStage 4 or above

Yami Marik unlock event is finally announced by official Duel Links team. GameA will keep updating the latest info. Please stay tuned!

Goals you should achieve

1. Unlock Yami Marik

2. Get event-exclusive rewards

3. Aim to get drop skills

Challenge Yami Marik

Required Unknown and acquired points

Yami Marik's
Required Unknown (QTY)Acquired Points
105DA x1
2010DA x3
3020DA x7
4040DA x18
500DA x20
Note: DA = Duel Assessment

Event Exclusive Skill


Event point rewards

Event exclusive rewards

This table does not show Jewels, Gems, Gold, and Duel Orb.


Total amount of obtainable items


Drop Cards

Here is a list of cards only Yami Marik drops.

Card [Rarity]Rating

Yami Marik's deck


In the anime Yami Marik uses a burn deck with mostly fiend and machine type monsters.


Lava Golem

Lava Golem was first seen during Yami Marik's duel with Joey Wheeler. This card was seen being used by Yami Marik for multiple promotions of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links. It is almost certain that this card would appear as Yami Marik's ace card.

Yami Marik's cards


Hot New Top
Yami 4hour ago
Double summon- Drillago+ Lava golem
Anoymous 4hour ago
Really hope you're able to get makyura the destructor in this event
<< Anonymous
Yami 4hour ago Reply
Yami 23hour ago
"Hahaha! The worst is yet to come!"
<< Anonymous(Yami)
Anoymous 6hour ago Reply
no ur too edgy for me
<< Anonymous(Yami)
Anoymous 6hour ago Reply
You wanna share info to ppl but youre bitching at ppl. Ironman~
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 5hour ago Reply
Edgy 17 teen
<< Anonymous
Yami 4hour ago Reply
Heil Hitler 12hour ago
Deustchland Uber Alles
<< Anonymous(Heil Hitler)
Dark Decade 12hour ago Reply
Well it's either swastika or Nazi
<< Anonymous(Heil Hitler)
Yami 6hour ago Reply
Noob nazi's
Anoymous 11hour ago
Yami Marik is going to combine Lava Golem and Mask of the Accursed which can totally inflict 1500 damage per turn.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 11hour ago Reply
I mean 1000 damage for controller and 500 damage for the opponent.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 8hour ago Reply
No 1500 was right your summoning it to the opponents side meaning they control it.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 8hour ago Reply
Could you upload the other picture?
<< Anonymous
Yami 6hour ago Reply
If they add Mask of restrict, (for Marik only) we die.
Godryyy 20hour ago
This event is a bit short imo
<< Anonymous
Godryyy 14hour ago Reply
Fr Akrana is one selfish ass bastard but I aint even mad if he's gonna be playable in the future.But I'm mad for Yami Marik,everyone wanted his ass to come to Duel Links and then his here for like 8days.Konami can only save themselves with some wonderful cards but u already know that shit aint gonna happen
<< Anonymous(Godryyy)
Anoymous 13hour ago Reply
Hopefully he'll be unlockable during the Marik event by reaching certain amount of point
<< Anonymous(Godryyy)
Anoymous 11hour ago Reply
Arkana has indeed been confirmed for a future release.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 10hour ago Reply
At least I THINK. I HOPE!
Anoymous 22hour ago
is this more than just a yami marik event? is this a rare hunter event as well? if so hell yeah i would love to get and deal with all the rare hunters and marik in one event that would be awesome.
<< Anonymous
Yami 18hour ago Reply
Yeah, Yami Marik event. I wait!
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 12hour ago Reply
Lack of creativity KOmoney.. to bad!!! hope they get it for next events, deal with rare hunters would be so nostalgic.
<< Anonymous
Meowth 11hour ago Reply
Arkana has been confirmed to be an obtainable duelist in the future.
<< Anonymous(Meowth)
Anoymous 10hour ago Reply
At least I HOPE!
名木田 11hour ago
What if, during this event, the SDs are replaced by Rare Hunters with Puzzle Cards as exclusive event items? That'd be awesome :/
Anoymous 12hour ago
I already knew he was coming buy seeing this makes it even more hype for me!
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 12hour ago Reply
But *
Adam 1days ago
I was really hoping they would introduce the god cards (banned in PvP, but usable in duel world) for Marik :/
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 16hour ago Reply
Enemy controller mirror wall supee rush order to charge they can all stop ra
<< Anonymous(Adam)
D.D Warrior 16hour ago Reply
Forget about god cards they're unplayable with duel links format, maybe sphere mode can help you to summoned ra but those card is broken as fuck
<< Anonymous(D.D Warrior)
Anoymous 16hour ago Reply
Except when Ra is summoned card effect cant be activated. and if he has high LP its one turn kill
<< Anonymous(D.D Warrior)
Alcholics Anonymous 16hour ago Reply
Honestly, the only god who would be even close to broken in Duel Links would be Slifer Ra is just plain out terrible without Immortal Phoenix or Sphere Mode, which I know for a fact neither are getting released any time soon in Duel Links, and Obelisk would be alright and I would put it in the same league as Gilford the Lightning or Moisture Creature
chaoskxd 21hour ago
Imagine a deck with parasite, lava golem and blast held by a tribute...
<< Anonymous(chaoskxd)
Anoymous 21hour ago Reply
Golem is actually a special summoned monster therefore blast doesn't work. #getgood
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 16hour ago Reply
he meant all in one deck
Anoymous 17hour ago
Would be fun if they add rare hunters instead some SDs, something like kaiba tournament from the anime

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