Yami Marik unlock event: Attack of the Rare Hunters! [Apr 2018]

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update 15/08/2018

Yami Marik unlock event will be available again in this April!


PeriodCurrently unavailable
RewardsYami Marik and event exclusive rewards

Goals you should achieve

1. Collect Map Fragments and find Yami Marik

"Attack of the Rare Hunters!" is an event in the game. During this event, duelists will be able to collect Map Fragments by defeating Duelists in Duel World. You will encounter Rare Hunters in the process, by defeating them you will be able to find Yami Marik.

2. Challenge Yami Marik

Use the Map Fragments that you collected to challenge Yami Marik from the Gate.

Required Map Fragments and acquired points

Yami Marik's
Required Map Fragments (QTY)Acquired Points
105DA x1
2010DA x3
3020DA x7
4040DA x18
500DA x20
Note: DA = Duel Assessment

3. Get event-exclusive rewards

After your duel with Marik, you'll be receiving points depending on your Duel Assessment. You will be rewarded once you reached a certain amount of accumulated points!

Event exclusive rewards

This table does not show Jewels, Gems, Gold, and Duel Orb.

150,000Yami Marik
300,000Melchid the Four-Face Beast
540,000Card Sleeves: Attack of the Rare Hunters! Yami Marik Returns!
760,000Gil Garth
1,000,000Game Mat: Attack of the Rare Hunters! Yami Marik Returns!
1,500,000Masked Beast Des Gardius
2,500,000Icon Yami Marik

Total amount of obtainable items

JewelUR Jewel x4, SR Jewel x8 and R Jewel x40
Duel Orb30

Yami Marik's deck

Level 40 deck

Here is Marik's current in-game Level 40 deck.

Drop Cards

Here is a list of cards only Yami Marik drops.


Hot New Top
how do i farm the rare hunters?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
by beating them with a hgh score
Help, ra appeared from marik lv 40. It totaly ruin my play
Hell yeah, 3rd lava golem bish!!!!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah brick!!
They finally give us a 3rd Lava Golem hahahahaha
Hopefully battle city is directly the day after this event ends
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just hope that this time we get Obelisk
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Please update the God Egypt obelisk the tormentor,
<< Anonymous
Dio Burando Reply
Probably at battle city...hopefully
Big Smoke
We need Juragedo.
<< Anonymous(Big Smoke )
Anonymous Reply
i am wishing for Mask of Restrict
<< Anonymous(Josh White)
Anonymous Reply
Banned in the TCG, it's definetly not coming to Duel Links.
<< Anonymous(Big Smoke )
Anonymous Reply
Vampiric Leech hasn't been released in the TCG or ICG yet.
<< Anonymous
Josh White Reply
I think we have a good chance at getting Juragedo. I also know that Makyura is banned, but couldn’t it be entirely possible that it could show up, as it is one of Yami Marik’s first cards played? One more thing: they shed some light on good Marik in the last event. Do you think they will show him again, and if so, will he be available in Battle City PT. 2?
Gimme the necrovalley!!!!!!!
<< Anonymous(Ho)
nic3 guy Reply
good call
alrdy have ra wats my reward -_-
<< Anonymous
Anonymous No. 2 Reply
You will get UR gems :=)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Which are soooo RARE right? .....not
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Valencia Reply
Proof that Yami Marik is evil and enjoys messing with people's minds with the promise of a "reward". Lol
Konami plz give new reward card. Thats card reward all card already collected in previous event. Btw is possible to get 3copy lava golen mah boi?
We are don't need granadora, just need the winged dragon of ra sphere mode skill or card !!
Dark Paladin
Will (The Winged Dragon of Ra) and (Ra's Disciple) be dropped in this event ?
<< Anonymous(Dark Paladin)
Anonymous Reply
I'd expect Disciple will be. (While the Crowler and Jesse events did remove some cards, the fact this is a Ra-focused event would make it likely that Disciple's still a drop, especially since it's one of his newest drops.)

Ra was never a drop, and won't be this time, either. You got it last time by beating Marik LV50, but the announcement makes it sound more likely to be a point reward this time.

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Glad this card comes in a TINY BOX. I got it just with 200 gems yesterday
I mean, just as SSA etc when their main boxes were released
The one from the current Card Flipper campaign is our second. (The only other one is the Rex leve...
Only disadvantage is that you're locked into using Scrap tuner when using this card.
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