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update 27/01/2017

Nightmare Wheel

Nightmare Wheel
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeContinuous-like Effect / Trigger-like Effect / Condition


Activate this card by targeting 1 monster your opponent controls; it cannot attack or change its battle position. When it leaves the field, destroy this card. During each of your Standby Phases: Inflict 500 damage to your opponent. That monster must be on the field to activate and to resolve this effect.









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why this game always uses chard in the event that player cant get or even use... cmon jinzo, monster reborn, "ra ball", now this and bunch of other forbidden card???... are Konami team is really narrow-minded so they can only create a deck that MUST contain forbidden card?
<< Anonymous
doh Reply
cmon dude, it's AI, it can't compete with "clever" human with current cards, so it needs stronger cards. but if card like Monster Reborn released it would make the game broken at pvp. so yeah, there are cards that will never be obtainable..
<< Anonymous(doh)
Anonymous Reply
They'll be obtainable, just not for a while. Also, Jinzo will be available soon probably.
Why Trap Jammer doesn't counter this?
<< Anonymous(Loli)
Anonymous Reply
it recently also cant be negated by Twister, I remember yesterday I still can counter it with Twister
<< Anonymous(Loli)
Cio Reply
Trap jammer only can negated trap(nightmare wheel) when the opponent activates in battle phase, except you use seven tools of the bandit, which is need 1000 life point to activate it.
<< Anonymous(Loli)
Taiyo Reply
i had a blue eyes white dragon 4k attack and had a set champion vigilance i couldnt negate it
<< Anonymous(Taiyo)
Anonymous Reply
maybe you set it the turn it was activated. -> you cant activate traps cards the turn they are set.
Marik will most likely get this when the Level Capacity increases.
The trap version of mask of the accursed.
Have a feeling this card will be released in a box, lot of backrow removal in this meta so it won’t be op
Mask of the Accused for Horus
spell binding circle still better right?
How can I get this card???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
marik deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
future as UR or maybe SR
Will riruko field counter this?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
no you idiot read what riryoku field does. it says SPELLS not TRAPS.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"no you idiot" HAHAHAHAHAAHA
Same here, I'd like lava golem, nightmare wheel and mask of the accursed in 1 combo...
That akward feeling you get when Marik kills himself faster then you can kill him...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
well damage him enough and/or fill his graveyard enough, his skill pretty much ends him
If you don't have forced ceasefire, malfuntion or royal suppression will also stop Nightmare Wheel

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just watch gunz's farm deck, it works all the time, finish wactching the vid before playing ...
yes,fur hire butt smells like fish now, amazon ass now smells like fish
This card is nice to use against Superb Tea since she always has Sanctuary up turn 1.
Is this card obtainable? Effect looks nice for DL meta.
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