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Structure Deck EX: Return of the Fire Kings
update 28/03/2020

The Winged Dragon of Ra

The Winged Dragon of Ra
The Winged Dragon of Ra


Cannot be Special Summoned. Requires 3 Tributes to Normal Summon (cannot be Normal Set). This card's Normal Summon cannot be negated. When Normal Summoned, other cards and effects cannot be activated. When this card is Normal Summoned: You can pay Life Points so that you only have 100 left; this card gains ATK and DEF equal to the amount of Life Points paid. You can pay 1000 Life Points, then target 1 monster on the field; destroy that target.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory againstYami Marik Unlock Event (Part 2) [UR]
Card trader--
Other3rd Anniversary Campaign [UR]




  • Your opponent cannot respond with cards or effects when this monster is Normal Summoned to the field.
  • You can pay Life Points until you have only 100 left, in which the Life Points paid will contribute to this monster’s ATK and DEF value.
  • You can pay 1000 Life Points to destroy any monster on the field. This effect can be used multiple times in 1 turn provided you have Life Points to spend.


  • Cannot be Special Summoned by any means, except by Sphere Mode which ignores this specific condition.
  • If you paid Life Points for Ra’s ATK and DEF value, leaving you with only 100 Life Points makes you very vulnerable to your opponent’s effect damages.


  • Due to the lack of support for Divine element and Divine-Beast type currently, it is quite challenging to for your Divine monster to exhibit further potential on the field.
  • Although immune to Floodgate Trap Hole, The Winged Dragon of Ra is not immune to Spell/Traps or Monster effects after it was Normal Summoned, therefore your opponent can take use a variety of plays to handle your monster, such as Enemy Controller, Super Rush Headlong, Mirror Wall, Mask of the Accursed etc.
  • The Life Points paid to increase this monster’s ATK and DEF is not optional, meaning you will be left with 100 Life Points and that is the mandatory result of this effect. This makes you very vulnerable to virtually any cards that burns your Life Points without going through Battle Phase. Hence it is important to have some healing cards as backup and only activate after you paid Life Points for your monster.

Speed Summon

These are the cards recommended to fill your field with enough monsters to Tribute summon the Winged Dragon of Ra. Ra’s Disciple is able to fill your field with another 2 Ra’s Disciples during the turn it was Normal Summoned. Bubonic Vermin is able to Special Summon other Bubonic Vermins from your deck, but you must protect the 1st Bubonic Vermin. Since it is flip summon and Special Summon performed by Bubonic Vermin, you can use Normal Summon on Ra. Cosmic Compass is able to generate 2 more tokens provided your opponent has at least 2 monsters on their field. You can also use Creature Seizure to force your opponents to trade 1 of their monsters to your field, by trading 1 of your tokens. Since Cosmic Compass was Normal Summoned, you need to protect all your monsters for that turn until you can Summon Ra on your next turn. Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat is able to generate 2 more tokens when it is flipped summoned. Worm Bait can be used if you control 1 face-up insect-type monster, which allows you to Special Summon 2 Worm tokens. Ra is a Level 10 monster so it is unaffected by Worm Bait’s effect of unable to Normal or Special Summon level 3 or 4 monsters the turn Worm Bait was activated.

Life Points Support

Since using Winged Dragon of Ra requires considerable amount of Life Points, these are some of the cards to help you regain Life Points faster.

Additional Support

Windstorm of Etaqua and Curse of Anubis generally functions to protect your monsters on the field for your Tribute Summon. Double Magical Arm Bind to take over 2 of your opponent’s face-up monsters and include them in your Tribute Summon instead, potentially making their field open for a direct attack. Different Dimension Capsule to place your Winged Dragon of Ra from deck to your banished zone face-down, and add it to your hand during your 2nd Standby Phase after this card was activated.

Future Support

Currently it is unknown whether Konami will release this support card for Winged Dragon of Ra, but it is used by game AI therefore included in Future Support Section.

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Destiny Draw
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 2000. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw the card of your choice.

Yami Yugi

Use this skill to be able to draw out The Winged Dragon of Ra even faster with this skill.

[Skill] descriptionUser
Life Cost 0
You can use the skill when your Life Points are 1000 or less. You do not have to spend Life Points to activate a card until your opponent's next turn ends. You can only use the skill once per Duel.


Ra is able to destroy your opponent’s monster without Life Points cost.


The Winged Dragon of Ra deck




Hot New Top
Sad that this new-artwork Ra doesn't have a different summoning animation from the original.

I thought they would give it seeing how BEWD got it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
OG Dark Magician: Am l joke to you?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
well, other than the DSOD version, Blue-Eyes already has several variant artwork in the game that share the same summon animation.

Also, iirc Neos' alt artwork doesn't have new animation either.
we need
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Actually summon ta the use 2 steep graves to summon obelisk and slifer
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cost down doesn't do 🔥, God monsters effect specify that you need 3 tributes so even if you cost down them to level 1 you still need 3 tributes
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
bye bye duel links
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Say good bye to duel links, my friends.
best God Card.
I remember that RA otk'd Diabound.
Where's DIabound?
I just had a darklords summon ra agaisn't me,it was the last thing i was expecting, obviously i lost, imean what would you do if were stared by 8100 attck winged dragon ra ?
<< Anonymous(Trox)
Anonymous Reply
i would simply use lp boost omega lol
<< Anonymous(Trox)
Anonymous Reply
cough cough, I activate SRH.
<< Anonymous(Trox)
Anonymous Reply
Someone used it on me after I wasted a Canadia. I also lost lol
<< Anonymous(Trox)
Anonymous Reply
This card is supposed to be the most powerful one in the anime but in duel links even man-eater can own Ra
<< Anonymous(ZaneLover)
Anonymous Reply
In the anime cards like Dark Master Zorc, Gate Guardian, Pefectly Ultimate Great Moth seem line uber-dber-super-god-like. However, in reality they just suck. God cards are no exception.
Beautiful art.
And better than Obelisk.

That's why they didn't make it too op in the physical game.
Reactor Slime, Ancient Chant, One with The Sun God! Ma boi got many supports this year. True Ra will rise!
<< Anonymous(Candend)
Anonymous Reply
Man in Ygopro i dont have these cards can you tell me or do you know at least a Link how to download these support cards for Ra in Ygopro Ghost 1.035 they are not here when i search them ;-; Please any help is Appreciated
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ygopro is quite slow when it comes to adding new cards. Those cards have just been announced a few days ago so you have to be patient.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It would be an even longer wait in DL lol
This card is weaker than Gokibore
Need art has new sleeves/mat?
At least add a skill for Marik in order to allow to play a single copy of sphere mode and phoenix.

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