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We finally have one of the long-awaited Egyptian God Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, and surprisingly we also have access to Ra's Disciple, a support card to help you summon The Winged Dragon of Ra. When you summon this card, you can special summon 2 more Ra’s Disciples from your hand or deck. This means you instantly have 3 monsters ready to be tributed for The Winged Dragon of Ra. However, in most cases you will normal summon Ra’s Disciple, meaning you’ll have to keep your 3 monsters alive for one more turn before you can tribute summon Ra.

Because you can only run 1 copy of The Winged Dragon of Ra, you won’t be able to consistently bring it out every duel. This means the deck will most likely not be relevant in the meta, however that shouldn’t stop you from trying out this iconic card.

Example deck

Venus version

The Winged Dragon of RaRa's DiscipleRa's DiscipleRa's DiscipleThe Agent of Creation - VenusThe Agent of Creation - Venus
The Agent of Creation - VenusMystical Shine BallMystical Shine BallMystical Shine BallTransmodifyTransmodify
White Elephant's GiftWhite Elephant's GiftWhite Elephant's GiftDouble SummonDouble SummonAnti-Magic Arrows
Windstorm of EtaquaCurse of Anubis----

Machine Token version

The Winged Dragon of RaRa's DiscipleRa's DiscipleRa's DiscipleMecha Phantom Beast HamstratMecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat
Mecha Phantom Beast HamstratCosmic CompassCosmic CompassCosmic CompassAnti-Magic ArrowsDouble Summon
Floodgate Trap HoleFloodgate Trap HoleFloodgate Trap HolePulse MinesPulse MinesDraining Shield
Windstorm of EtaquaCurse of Anubis----

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Life Cost 0
You can use the skill when your Life Points are 1000 or less. You do not have to spend Life Points to activate a card until your opponent's next turn ends. You can only use the skill once per Duel.


How to use

  • Keep in mind, we know this deck probably won’t be strong, and better versions will come out in the future that run The Winged Dragon Ra, we just wanted to bring you some example decks as soon as possible, and maybe give you some inspiration.

  • Even though we said The Agent of Creation - Venus/Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat are essential cards, to get 3 copies of those cards would be expensive because you would need to reset Flame of the Tyrant/Electric Overload multiple times, other version of this deck can be made with other cards. We do not recommend you to spend a lot of gems just to create this deck.

  • We highly recommend you check out the “Other Useful Cards” section to get more inspiration, and to find the cards the best suit the strategy you want to use with Ra.

The Winged Dragon of Ra

The idea behind this deck is to flood your board with small monsters/tokens and to keep them alive with cards like Windstorm of Etaqua. Once you get 3 monsters you’ll have to make sure they all stay alive for one turn because summoning Ra is a normal summon (if you already used your normal summon that turn), unlike Destiny Hero - Plasma (which is a special summon).

When you get Ra out he’ll probably have a very low attack because you only tributed tokens and/or low attack monsters, but don’t worry, when you summon the The Winged Dragon of Ra you can activate its effect to transfer all your life points (except the last 100) to boost his attack. Because you only have 100 life points remaining you can activate the skill Life Cost 0, now you’ll want to use Ra’s effect to pay 1000 life points to destroy a monster on the field, but because you activated life cost 0 this won’t cost you any life points, meaning you can do it as many times as you want to destroy all your opponent’s monsters.

Ra's Disciple

This card is very good to thin your deck and to easily fill your board. If you start with this card in your opening hand, a way to protect your monsters, and The Winged Dragon of Ra, you could possibly summon The Winged Dragon of Ra on your second turn, boosting his attack and destroying all your opponent’s monsters with the help of “Life Cost 0”.

Because Ra’s Disciple is a level 4 Light Fairy monster, you can use Transmodify on The Agent of Creation - Venus (level 3 Light Fairy monster) to summon Ra’s Disciple. Even when Ra’s Disciple is special summoned you can still activate its effect to summon more Ra’s Disciples.

The Agent of Creation - Venus

This card is great because you can thin your deck by summoning Mystical Shine Balls, which you can send to the graveyard to activate White Elephant’s Gift to draw more cards from your deck to help you search for The Winged Dragon of Ra. Or if you didn’t draw any White Elephant’s Gift but you did draw The Winged Dragon of Ra you can protect them for one turn and tribute those 3 monsters for Ra.

To top it off this card has great synergy with Mystical Shine Ball, Ra’s Disciple and Transmodify, as you can Transmodify a Mystical Shine Ball into a Venus, or Transmodify a Venus into Ra’s Disciple.


Once you have gotten your use out of The Agent of Creation - Venus, you can target it with Transmodify to special summon Ra’s Disciple from your deck and summon even more monsters on the field, effectively thinning out your deck while also creating tribute fodder for the Egyptian God. Don’t forget you can also use Transmodify on a Mystical Shine Ball to special summon The Agent of Creation - Venus from your deck.

Draw Cards

It is preferable if you don’t draw Mystical Shine Ball but only special summon it through the effect of Venus, after which you can send them to the graveyard to draw 2 card with the help of White Elephant’s Gift. This is a powerful engine to draw and thin out your deck, making it more likely you actually draw The Winged Dragon of Ra.

Double Summon

There will be a lot of situations where you fill up your board, either through Venus or Ra’s Disciple, but can’t tribute summon The Winged Dragon of Ra yet because you have already used your normal summon for that turn. This card will greatly help you in those situations.

Anti-Magic Arrows

The problem with bringing out The WInged Dragon of Ra, is uses up a lot of resources, but your Egyptian God can easily be taken out by cards like Super Rush Headlong, or your powerful attack can be stopped by Enemy Controller, Windstorm of Etaqua and similar cards. That’s why you’d want to run Anti-magic Arrows to be sure you can finish off your opponent the turn you summon Ra.

Protection Traps

These three are obvious picks for a deck that wants to stall and keep monsters alive for as many turns as possible.

Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat

Another good card to provide tribute fodder for Ra. If you are able to set this monster and protect it for one turn, you can flip summon it next turn to have 3 monsters, and your normal summon for that turn will still be available.

Cosmic Compass

If your opponent controls 2 monsters you can normal summon this card and instantly have 3 monsters on your side of the field, but you’ll have to protect them for one turn before summoning Ra because you will already have used your normal summon that turn.

Pulse Mines

Just like Windstorm of Etaqua and Curse of Anubis this card will put all your opponent’s monsters in defense, even the ones summoned after this card’s activation. This card is great against Sergeant Electro and cards that destroy your backrow because if your opponent targets this card, you can chain it and monsters summoned afterwards will still go to defense.

The downside to this card is that you need to control a face-up machine monster. That’s why you’ll want to run as much Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat and Cosmic Compass as you can. Keep in mind if your Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat is face-down you can’t activate Pulse Mines.

Draining Shield

The Reason this card is included is because you can negate one attack and also to try and keep your life points as high as possible to make your Ra stronger when you bring him out.

Other useful cards

Bubonic Vermin
Bubonic Vermin
Allows you to stall, thin your deck, and provide tribute fodder for The Winged Dragon of Ra.
Troop Dragon
Troop Dragon
Serves the same purpose as Bubonic Vermin.
Enemy Controller
Enemy Controller
Can stop one attack, but probably is only useful at the start of a duel, later on cards like Pulse Mines become better as they affect all monsters on the field.
Soul Exchange
Soul Exchange
If you are having trouble getting 3 monsters on the field, and often find yourself with just 2 monsters, you could try out Soul Exchange to get that last tribute.
Treeborn Frog
Treeborn Frog
As long as you don’t control any spell/trap cards this monster will be special summoned from your graveyard each turn (during your standby phase).
Wall of Disruption
Wall of Disruption
If your opponent notices you are trying to stall and summon multiple weak monsters, he might overextend and try to summon as many monsters as possible to deal with them all. If he attacks with 3 monsters on the field, all of those monsters (in attack position) would lose 2400 attack points, which in most cases means they’ll have 0 attack points remaining. This card could buy you a lot of turns in the right situations..
Obedience Schooled
Obedience Schooled
This card allows you to summon three level 2 or lower Beast monsters from your deck. If you have this card together with The Winged Dragon of Ra you could immediately summon it. This card does not have any stall potential though as the beast monsters are destroyed during the end phase. Some beasts you’d want to run with this card are Hane-hane and Mogmole. (Obedience Schooled is an SR card in Land of the Titans so do think carefully before buying that pack)
Different Dimension Capsule
Different Dimension Capsule
Because we only have one copy of The Winged Dragon of Ra available there will be a lot games where you won’t draw him, if you would like to draw him more consistently you could try out this card.
Embodiment of Apophis
Embodiment of Apophis
This trap monster, just like Tiki Curse/Tiki Soul, can be special summoned the turn after you set them. Because they are special summoned they could greatly help you get 3 monsters on the field for the tribute summon of Ra the next turn.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 7days ago
Only problem i have with Ra is when u sacrifice monsters for him he doesnt get theirs AP like it did in anime so u have to spend LPs... Slifer and Obelisk will be much better but Ra should best and actualy its worst...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
why would it work like that? this is based on the actual game not the anime ffs
<< Anonymous
Anomalous latest Reply
In the anime ra does use life points to gain the attack it needs that's why you need to add a lot of health so that you have enough life and that ra has a lot of attack to go through with it
Anonymous 1days ago
How wud u defeat a GOD???????????????????????
mr big dick 3days ago
this is an Egyptian god card for crying out loud and it sucks konami really fuk this one up theres way better cards like maju garzett I can tribute 2 cards for that card and his attack will be way higher than ras bullshit, his effect sucks and he can be destroyed so easily I was so excited to get him as were thousands others but I don't even care for it ive tried it and loose 90% of the time.
<< Anonymous(mr big dick)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
why you expect RA to be good? it is only playable with the sphere mode
Mega Ultra KFC 3days ago
The effect should be:
1. Gained ATK/DEF equal to tributted monster
2. Revive next turn each time destroyed by battle/effect

That way making Egyptian God cards worthy to summon.
<< Anonymous(Mega Ultra KFC)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
just use gryphon's feather duster for bonus 1000 lp which u can use for your effect thus ending up with 100 risque but okay
That deck receips are both crap... tried it many times, against LDs and ranked, it takes too long to get Ra on hand, or if i have it in my start hand, its nearly impossible to summ cause counters...
I think that card is so much hyped and overrated, but its an normal card atm, until some other support (except 3x disciple) comes in the future.
Haters gonna hate, but its my own opinion.
<< Anonymous(Vhakor)
KingOfMist Reply
Use Marik’s High-Level Draw skill. When you take 1800 damage, you can draw a monster with 5+ stars.
<< Anonymous(FreezyKnight)
Anonymous Reply
It would become overpowered they're not going to release that ability
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
what ability its a card you dumbass
<< Anonymous(Vhakor)
Anonymous Reply
I noticed that Deep Diver helps a fukton to get ra from your deck, or Ra's Disciples or anything in that matter.
I beat Marik level 50 and i got prismatic Winged Dragon of Ra
<< Anonymous(KEKEKE!!!)
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
He's being sarcastic, shrimp head.
<< Anonymous
KEKEKE!!! 29days ago Reply
i know he being sarcastic you piece of shit, I just wanted to trigger him, you the dumbass lol
<< Anonymous
Blessed Trap Card 29days ago Reply
how you know I'm same person? maybe I'm the other, lol thinkin g im him when I could be that or the other why u assume so much? o cause youre cuckface ok
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
Everyone gets the prismatic version.
Anonymous 22days ago
blast held by a tribute can kill a tribute summoned Ra .
Anonymous 31days ago
i just wanna say you to all these players that like to use restart and take ages to decide to restart or not,you retards can't even decide on 4 cards,
now you only have 20 sec so don't cry boohoo,I bet you are angry thinking: fuck!! I am retard I need 3 minutes to think, why konami discriminate retarded people??? LOL
As for CA pussy players, don't cry, the deck is still playable, but since mind scan don't work at the start no more, you're insecurity will rise so I suggest you ca players have your mum and dad hugging you while you play ca mind scan to make up for your insecure so when you see econ, your parents are there for you to calm you down and wipe your pityful tears
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
you alright bro?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
I think he's a little bit mixed up.
<< Anonymous
for real 26days ago Reply
i agree, ppl that comment back to fight this are all restart stallers or ca pussies that got triggered
<< Anonymous
Dungus 25days ago Reply
I feel like I have already read this before..
ok we got Ra now We need the other god cards
<< Anonymous(Duelist)
Anonymous Reply
yea i need a obelisk in my deck
<< Anonymous
Edwin Reply
Agreed I also need Obelisk and Slifer and of course the creator of light
<< Anonymous(Duelist)
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
i need diabound and zork
Anonymous 26days ago
Use ishizu fairy gift skill with other lp up cards and this card can become really good farming for over 9999+ damage
Anonymous 28days ago
Missed the event ; (
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
Anonymous 31days ago
Deck list here>>>

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