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update 12/09/2016

Curse of Anubis

Curse of Anubis
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect / Condition
Anti-supportsEffect Monster


Change all Effect Monsters on the field to Defense Position. Until the end of this turn, the original DEF of those monsters becomes 0, also their battle positions cannot be changed.

How to Get / Rarity

Level-up rewardOdion Lv21 [R]
Victory against--
Card trader--


Rating7.5 / 10

Useful to prevent your monster from being attacked with high level effect monsters.


Effect monsters are common, making this usable against a lot of monsters. Especially good when they have high attack or defense.


Only works on effect monsters.

Tips, related cards, skills

Dream Clown

Turning this monster from attack to defense position gives you more advantage, can easily destroy monster on opponent's side of the field.

Blade Rabbit

Another card with the same effect as the Dream Clown, switching it to defense position is more of an advantage to destroy monster on your opponent's side of the field.


  • The effect of this card cannot be activated at the damage step.



ActionsChanges Battle Positions
Stat changesReduces DEF to 0 / Changes original DEF

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uh.. currently the "battle position cannot be changed part" isn't working apparently. Not sure why, but every people I've faced recently were able to switch it back to attack position, especially when I had to pop it on main phase, because a sergeant electro was tryna pin it down. I'm certain this is a bug, because I've faced an opponent using this card several times and back then I couldn't change my monster's battle postions. AND NO, they/I were not using normal/gemini monsters.
<< Anonymous(buddha)
buddha Reply
*faced opponents
<< Anonymous(buddha)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
I think is not a bug as is but something wrong with the way the text was interpreted, apparently this effect only last one turn as well. You can try it activating this in your main phase on your own monsters, you won't be able to change them back to attack except with card effects
Please update this page. Odion lvl 21 is not the only way to get this card
<< Anonymous(Maarkuuzaa)
Anonymous Reply
How else do you get it?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Card trader
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Shame yourselves noobs, there is only ONE Curse/Anubis in the game, and Odion has it.
versatile card. I attacked into the opponent's mirror wall and this saves me (flip my monster into defense). I used this in my dark necrofear deck.
I lol at that 7.5/10 rating
ruth harris
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This card is buggy as shit, always flips only one monster
<< Anonymous(Buggyshit)
Anonymous Reply
Nope.. The card works as intended.. Only works on effect monsters and not normal monsters
I need to make a correction and Idk where else to post it. So here it is. This says Curse of Anubis comes from Odion at lvl 21. I'm not saying that isn't true because I haven't even gotten Odion in the gate yet so Idk, but I got Curse of Anubis when I unlocked Ishizu Ishtar.
<< Anonymous(GPVirulent)
Anonymous Reply
That seems wrong. Not saying it didn't happen, but I have Ishizu and no Curse yet (with Odion at 18 currently). Are you thinking of Judgement of Anubis?
Tem como substituir essa carta?

Obg!Seu trabalho é demais.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Tufão de Etaqua se você quer virar os cards do inimigo e "Desert Sunlight" (não sei a tradução) se você quer virar os seus cards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Tufão de Etaqua se você quer virar os cards do inimigo e "Desert Sunlight" (não sei a tradução) se você quer virar os seus cards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Como un burro
Do people still use this card? :(
<< Anonymous(Incognito)
Anonymous Reply
0vv chours mann!
VIP in every clown deck.
Will tyrant dragon be affected by this?
<< Anonymous(hi)
Anonymous Reply
Yes because this targets all effect monsters not just one.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No, it doesn't target anything. If it targeted all effect monsters it would still target and Tyrant Dragon would be affected by it, but it doesn't.
<< Anonymous(hi)
Anonymous Reply
No, it is inmune to trap cards
Thanks for your work ! You rock !
<< Anonymous(*Herzekiel)
Hezki Yehezkiel Reply
ur name is similar to me, 1970 person.

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hell yea i am new to the game S; when is the event comeing
I don't have much of a problem against this deck with my Lava Infestation deck. It's a ...
It was pretty easy with Right Back At You, Golden Apples and E Con.
Supremacy berry or this *Sweats*
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