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update 08/04/2017


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Example deck

Sphere KuribohSwift Gaia the Fierce KnightLeotaurSergeant ElectroDiskblade RiderSwarm of Locusts
4-Starred Ladybug of DoomAmazoness Chain MasterPossessed Dark SoulDream ClownDream ClownEnemy Controller
Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerMirror WallSecurity OrbSecurity OrbCurse of Anubis
Windstorm of EtaquaTragedy--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used if your Life Points are at 1500 or below. Select and take control of 1 card Set in your opponent's Spell & Trap Zone. This skill can only be used once per Duel.


How to use this deck

Starting Hand

This often determines how you will be playing the deck. Each monster have their uses, and are helpful in certain situations.

  • Dream Clown is a safe choice to summon when you have some decent spell/trap cards, but this will let your opponent know that you plan on playing defensively.
  • Swarm of Locusts is very good if you get first turn. If your opponent only summons 1 monster, then you only need to use 1 card to protect it, ensuring that you can flip summon on the next turn.
  • Cards like 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom or Amazoness Chain Master are also good at the early turns. You don't need to risk setting a spell/trap card since they are the disposable ones.

Playing Defensively

Almost all of the cards in the deck are usable right away. This will make sure that your monsters have a high chance of surviving for at least a turn, even against Harpie decks.

  • If you are not at risk of losing the duel, you can hold on to the spell/trap cards to save your other monsters next turn.
  • Saving your cards like Enemy Controller can allow you to take control of your opponent's monster later.
  • You can purposefully take some damage so you can use Bandit to take control of your opponent's spell/trap card, or use cards like Mirror Wall, or Amazoness Chain Master to lower your LP.
  • If your opponent has multiple spell/trap cards, it's recommended to not risk getting Mirror Wall'ed by attacking blindly into your enemy unless you have some protection.
  • Tragedy can destroy all defense position monster your opponent controls, even if they are face down. This can help prevent their flip effects or destroy all their monsters.

Other useful cards

Skull Lair
Skull Lair
It will be hard to fully utilize this card due to tons of support for your cards in this deck, however if you find your monsters easily destroyed you can fully utilize this card's effect.
Labyrinth of Nightmare
Labyrinth of Nightmare
Helpful to activate effect of your clowns the turn they're summoned.
Desert Sunlight
Desert Sunlight
Can trigger clowns effect to counter your opponents attacking monster.

Other example decks


Hot New Top
Bakura Box
2018 and I missed these guys, it was fun playing them and it made me reach gold 4 now from silver stage ,,,
made my happy with enemy rage quit when dueling with them ..

im using this deck now..i think there's still missing
How is this deck a 9.5? I match all the cards and can't even get to plat. There are way to many counters to this deck.
<< Anonymous(thehaxfactory)
Anonymous Reply
Hahaha every garbage player plays harpies. That deck is retard proof
<< Anonymous
Realm Reply
Harpie deck is easier to build and easier to win though.
<< Anonymous(thehaxfactory)
Fujin Reply
Lmao!! Any scrub can flip a card.
<< Anonymous(Conan415)
mteckblack Reply
I am using this because i dont have some of the cards.. 3/0 so far, but i don't have found any meta deck. The strongst is a kaibaman, turn 2 bewd, easy win turn 8 without loosing any monster lol
When I recognize this deck I just auto surrender. It's not worth the headache, and even if I win it wasn't an enjoyable duel. They should really nerf this shit.
most cancerous shit i ever met
this deck isn't working any more
<< Anonymous
dante Reply
yes it fkin does dont you fkin lie , iv been tilted by this god damn deck sooo many times a a fkin clown and entire backrow on turn one gggggg your fkin done
<< Anonymous(dante)
Anonymous Reply
ye it fkin works u fkin fk holy fk.
I'm stuck on P4 (again), I've made some changes but still can go further. Any ideas?

P.D. I use chain reaction, that's why I don´t have SRH on this deck.
<< Anonymous(Penance)
Anonymous Reply
My 2 cents : change skill for balance/destiny draw/bandit, get at least one SRH and one magical arm shield (try around to see what's the best choice to remove for those).
<< Anonymous(Penance)
Anonymous Reply
Balance is the way to go. Either go full heavy knight or sergeant. Drop the leotaur, gaia and the inspirations. Add another statue and cover it with a feint plan. You could also go for another orb, or a few half shuts.
You could also experiment with labyrinth of nightmare for your clowns.
<< Anonymous
Penance Reply
Thank's both of you, now I'm KOG :D
Anyone has a counter for phoenix with clown/statue ?
<< Anonymous
Penance Reply
Well, yes, but in my expirience it's a 50-50 chance to win:

You use statues to control Fire King Avatar Yaksha, don´t kill it.

If the opponent use Fire King Island to special summon and you manage to kill the Sacred Phoenix it will be a gap, he will special summon it from grave but he will go back because the effect of destroying Fire King Island, you need to exploit it.
is the deck still viable to reach kog in the current meta?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah clowns are always good in every meta format
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's much harder than in previous meta though. Swarm makes you very dependant of what traps you start with.
Reached king of games with a slightly modified deck of this.
<< Anonymous(Kyuss)
Bloop Reply
can you share your deck?
<< Anonymous(Bloop)
Kyuss Reply
It won't allow me to post it 'file is too large'.
Anyways I added a second copy of both Sphere kuriboh and Sergeant electro and removed one Security orb and Diskblade rider.
I use Mindscan skill.
Any ideas here? I'm stuck on Plat 2-3, it's hard to beat vanguard dragon deck, gravekeeper and Hammer Shark :/
<< Anonymous(Penance)
Anonymous Reply
I'd go 3 clowns and 3 guardians. -1 tragedy -1 desert -1 transporter and replace them with more versatile cards like half shut, econ, or SRH. I personally run 3 SRH in my clown/guardian deck. Card is OP
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What is SRH?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Super Rush Headlong
this deck doesn't work anymore; all player used deck pay to win and this impossible win with this cards...i stay locked gold 3 -.-
<< Anonymous
Richard Reply
Really? Ability used?
<< Anonymous(Richard)
Anonymous Reply
Balance with 7 monsters
<< Anonymous(Richard)
Jimi Koning Reply
I got to plat with mind scan ability
<< Anonymous(richard)
Anonymous Reply
So far legend 2 this season with this deck just orb and tragedy with super rush long
Got King of games with this. I had trouble against kaiba decks that ran the Vanguard card. Most other decks this deck would edge out or went even with. Has no trouble against Weevil or relinquished, which were common. Usually beat Harpies but that could take a game off me sometimes
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Why flash ass over diskblade, with 8 traps, isnt it better

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Come on man, stop posting this type of troll counter decks.
You wait for the 2-year anniversary.
Sir... I dont fell... So good *ugh ded
You get it by waiting for the 2-year anniversary like the rest of us.
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