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update 07/04/2017


Example deck

Lava GolemCard GuardCard GuardSphere KuribohSergeant ElectroSergeant Electro
Sergeant ElectroGuardian StatueGuardian StatueGuardian StatueEnemy ControllerEnemy Controller
Enemy ControllerFloodgate Trap HoleFloodgate Trap HoleMirror WallMirror WallWall of Disruption
Wall of DisruptionCurse of Anubis--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUsers
Guardian Call
Can be used when your Life Points decrease by 1800. Randomly add 1 "Guardian" card from your Deck to your hand. This skill can only be used once per Duel.

Paradox Brothers

How to use this deck

Board control

The main aspect of this deck is field control, all cards in this deck are either used to remove cards form the field, to prevent attacks or to pin down cards.

  • Guardian Statue can activate and flip summon, returning your opponent's monster back to their hand, enabling an easy direct attack.
  • Sergeant Electro is used to lock the opponent's spell/traps, which might be better than destruction since it clogs their backrow.
  • Special summon Lava Golem when you want to get rid of your opponent's monster. It's effective when used as a surprise, after your opponent has used up their resources to summon their monsters.

Using the skill

Use Paradox Brother's skill "Guardian Call" to get Guardian Statue from your deck. It can only be used once your LP is decreased by at least 1800. Useful if you don't get to draw any monster, but it can only be used once per duel. You can also reduce your own LP by using Mirror Wall. Activate it during your opponent's end phase, and pay the 2000 LP cost during your standby phase, allowing you to use the skill on main phase.

Card Guard

Safety Walls

Wall of Disruption and Mirror Wall can be used to protect your monster, and destroy your opponent's monster as well.

  • Activate Mirror Wall to halve the attack of your opponent's monster during battle. This would almost always destroy your opponent's monster if they attack into your Sergeant Electro, or any other monster with at least 1500 attack.
  • Wall of Disruption is very effective when your opponent has multiple monsters on the field. This will permanently reduce their attack, allowing you to deal almost direct damage if their attack goes down to 0. If you think your opponent has no higher level monster to tribute summon, you can also stall the duel by not destroying them so they can't summon new monsters.

Protecting your Monsters

Use spell/trap cards to protect your monsters and maintain control of the field.

  • Curse of Anubis can be used if your opponent activates Wall of Disruption when you attack. This will stop your attack, preventing you from taking damage and getting your monster destroyed.
  • Floodgate Trap Hole to flip your opponent's monster to face down. They won't be able to attack and activate their effect. Helps against powerful high level cards, or even Kaibaman, or Silent Magician LV4 so that they can't be used to special summon stronger monsters.

Other useful cards

For cards that can be used in any deck, check the link below.

Half Shut
Half Shut
This will ensure your Guardian Statue will survive any attack.
Attack the Moon!
Attack the Moon!
Good synergy with Guardian Statue allows it's effect to be used every turn.
Interdimensional Matter Transporter
Interdimensional Matter Transporter
A really good defensive card to make sure Guardian Statue doesn't get targeted by anything, but it requires the card to be face-up.
Adhesion Trap Hole
Adhesion Trap Hole
This is effective if you put Guardian Statue face-down often. Only monster with 2800+ attack can get over Guardian Statue's defense.
A Feint Plan
A Feint Plan
Since this deck revolves around Guardian Statue this card can be considered the best support card for this deck.

Other useful skills

[Skill] descriptionUser
Destiny Draw
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 2000. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw the card of your choice.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 14days ago
I’ve seen people combine Guardian Statue with Medusa Worm. How viable is it?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Kinda meh. Nice effect but low attack and you can't really protect with MW/WoD in most cases.
anon 8days ago
why do players not run larger decks if its a control strategy?
<< Anonymous(anon)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
because they want to guarantee cards
Phoenix owns this deck. I love when they run sergeant electro and a huge back row. I am lol, I am going to blow it up in 2 turns.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
With the new meta, There are many decks that owns both pheonix and control.
<< Anonymous
Gojira 9days ago Reply
Never lost to Phoenix with this deck. Well, with my version of it.
<< Anonymous(Gojira)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
post it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
This deck beats Phoenix deck just run hane hane. I beat redeyes,ninja and cyber angel decks Will get #1
Who's the fuck gave this deck 8.2 rating?
<< Anonymous
Gojira 9days ago Reply
You're right, should be 10.
Anonymous 14days ago
Any alt card to replace Floodgate?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
Anonymous 14days ago
guys cerberus is fine . Just a thing: don't forget anti-magic arrows cuz if you do he returns your meteor crush and thats the end
Anonymous 15days ago
Balance is a better skill choice
How is this deck doing against Cyber Angel?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
I reached KOG with this deck but i replaced card guard and lava golem with heavy knight and gale lizard
Hi my name is Rick and this is my pawn shop
<< Anonymous
No lo se Rick... Reply
No lo se Rick,Parece falso
Thanks for running this deck constantly everyone in plat. You helped me get to legend for the first time :)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol this is the comment of someone crying
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i dont think u comprehend what the word "crying" actually means sir
what if it's summoned on the first turn,

haha triggered????? if not im gonna keep doing it hahaha you all suck
IMO this deck is the worst. I hated to use it because it's really slow... And I hate to play against it for the same reason... ZzzzZzZzZzzZzz
<< Anonymous(Guigeek)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah. Zero fun at all

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hell yea i am new to the game S; when is the event comeing
I don't have much of a problem against this deck with my Lava Infestation deck. It's a ...
It was pretty easy with Right Back At You, Golden Apples and E Con.
Supremacy berry or this *Sweats*
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