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update 05/05/2017

Silent Magician LV4

Silent Magician LV4
Monster TypeSpellcaster
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect / Trigger Effect
ArchetypesLV / Silent Magician
CountersSpell Counter
Related to ArchetypesSignature move


Each time your opponent draws a card(s), place 1 Spell Counter on this card (max. 5). This card gains 500 ATK for each Spell Counter on it. During the Standby Phase of your next turn after the 5th Spell Counter is placed on this card: You can send this face-up card with 5 Spell Counters on it to the Graveyard; Special Summon 1 "Silent Magician LV8" from your hand or Deck.

How to get / rarity

PackEchoes of Silence [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherSpellbound Silence [R]








ActionsSends itself from field to Graveyard for cost
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons from your hand / Special Summons from your Deck
Stat changesThis card gains ATK


Hot New Top
Our nigga is bugged.

Silent Burning only gives her 1 spell counter. LOL
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not a bug, that's how its supposed to work.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well damn. Looks like your right. Ty mate
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, unfortunately they nerfed her in real life.

In the anime, Silent Magician gains one counter for each card drawn, but in real life she gains one counter for each draw.

The real life version depends on the draw itself instead of the number of cards drawn. As a result, even if you draw multiple cards, you still only draw once for those cards, and thus she only gains 1 counter.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This makes Silent Magician LV4 useless with Silent Burning.

Literally the only Silent Magician able to make use of the card, is "Silent Magician", the newer one without LV in her name, as she has Osiris-like effect of gaining ATK based on the number of cards in your hand. Yet that's the one Konami didn't put into the game lol
Which other card can search this card
<< Anonymous(Booming)
Anonymous Reply
Downside is that Silent Magician lvl 8 clogs up your hand just like Harpie Lady Sisters.
<< Anonymous(Booming)
Anonymous Reply
"Silent Burning"s secondary effect is her search.

If you can find a way to discard it. The effect will proc.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
SMLV8 isn't a clog if you run Level Up! in the deck, which you should anyway.
A cards which gives your opponent draw a cards (e.g. 3 cards) gives only 1 spell counter even though opponent draw a few cards (instead of 3)...
Small boobs > Big boobs.
she is boy...
<< Anonymous(transgender)
Anonymous Reply
Nah, if you've seen the animation of her it clearly shows that she's thicc af.
<< Anonymous(transgender)
Anonymous Reply
Boy and girl look the same when they're young, but then puberty hits her like a truck and she got thicc.
<< Anonymous(transgender)
Anonymous Reply
Thicc magish
Any good anti-monster effect card to support this thing?

Like Gravity Blaster?
Heavy Mech armor?
<< Anonymous
Reena Reply
Sword of baou?
this card can get strong if your opponent is using a draw engine.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
my monster will be sent to the grave if it is destroyed
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the telephone will ring if someone calls
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
calling now
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This lets me to draw 2 cards from my deck.
This card gets too powerful too fast.
I tried the loner deck duels for this and I bricked 6/7 times. Seems like you need more search cards for this card.
Link for deck recipe is broken on front page FYI site managers
This + Cup of Ace. Either you draw 2 cards or your opponent does and Silent Magician gains a counter.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I've seen SDs in stage 30+ something uses this kind of combo.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
SD level 45 yes.
They lose everytime with a Tier 2 deck, but there is more to do. One time, they managed to summon LV8.
Yami Yugi
I think the silent magician lv4 and lv8 should be in the next box.
<< Anonymous(Yami Yugi)
Zedl0cke Reply
They will be

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