It is a good and versatile skill, one that you can put in any deck to make combos by getting the important card to your hand. It has been often used in pvp ranks for relinquished decks to either get the ritual spell or monster card much easier.


Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 2000. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw the card of your choice.


How to get

  • Reward for defeating Legendary Duelists when you play as Yami Yugi.

Rating and explanation

Destiny Draw is on the average level of skills since it can fit in different deck ideas. You can build a deck planning to use the skill on your own condition so you won’t depend on your opponent’s plays. Cards that require life payment can help you with that, and the best one is Mirror Wall since you can pay exactly 2000 LP and still have a good defense effect in your favor for 1 more turn.



Yami Yugi skills list


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Hakuna 4days ago
Aside from LDs, you can also obtain this skill from Ranked Duels
Odion's bane 18days ago
Im not sure.
Anonymous 18days ago
Is there a specific character you have to duel against to get this to drop or can it be any legendary duelist?
After spending a ridiculous amount of gate keys i now have 14 skills for Yami Yugi including Destiny Draw. Finally my suffering has ended :)
I have like 10 skills at Yami Yugi and still no destiny draw

Can someone explain to me how it is possible for others to use this skill even though their LP did not decrease by 2000 ?
<< Anonymous(Holo)
Anonymous Reply
It doesn't have to be lost in one go. It counts all damage since the beginning of the duel (or since you last used the skill). So you could take 700 damage one turn, then 1400 the next, then use it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Same thing with the Draw Sense skills (and the similar Type-based skills.)
<< Anonymous
Holo Reply
Yeah, I know that but this is what happened: he lost 1800 points in the second turn. And that's it he didn't lose any points before that or any points during that turn. I was actually shocked when he used it.
<< Anonymous(Holo)
Anonymous Reply
Probably not Destiny Draw then
Finally found it
With Arome deck, the player use this skill many times. lol. OP as FCK
I just can't get Yami Yugi to drop this skill, been at it for a long time now.
<< Anonymous(PK)
Yummy-yugi Reply
I got this card but I didn't wanted it. Me wants LG but RNG gave me this one instead. I'm so ungrateful lol
<< Anonymous(Yummy-yugi)
Anonymous Reply
It's a skiillll
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
Yummy-yugi Reply
Oh sorry haha my bad
Have been playing duel links since the first week it came out i am farming on this skill for 4 weeks now yami yugi is lvl 40 already (only by farming LD with 7k points atleast) (never really used yugi before that) i have spended like 8k keys or more i really dont know i kjow i had 7500 when i started and that i have only 16 keys left by now anyone any advice?
<< Anonymous
Opus Dei Reply
wear cilice belt on your thighs and whip your back until blood drips down. in short, commemorate and revere the existence of RNGesus so he will grant you the power to reach your desires
<< Anonymous(Opus Dei)
Anonymous Reply
Most random comment i have seen so far gg
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Late comment, but with the new pvp skill drops, you can get it fast by using a suicide deck.
<< Anonymous(Opus Dei)
Heraklinos Reply
How do you even make it up?! LOL
Cute how they nerf restart and other skills but this remains untouched. Nice company
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Sleeper OP
been playing duel links since gravekeepers were meta. spent 6k+ keys to farm D. draw, still don't have it wdf
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ive been playing since the game came out. Never really knew about this unique skill drop thing. Ive always thought you could only get those draw sense skills since theyre all I got ocasionally during my LD battles.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I finally got it 2 weeks ago. So happy.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
just got finally a year later as soon as i passed lvl 40 lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Pls help I tried for 5 months and none and all my duels was lvl 40 and points was a full 10000 for max help me out my game name is Atem

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