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update 07/04/2017


It is a good and versatile skill, one that you can put in any deck to make combos by getting the important card to your hand. It has been often used in pvp ranks for relinquished decks to either get the ritual spell or monster card much easier.


Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 2000. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw the card of your choice.


How to get

  • Reward for defeating Legendary Duelists when you play as Yami Yugi.

Rating and explanation

Destiny Draw is on the average level of skills since it can fit in different deck ideas. You can build a deck planning to use the skill on your own condition so you won’t depend on your opponent’s plays. Cards that require life payment can help you with that, and the best one is Mirror Wall since you can pay exactly 2000 LP and still have a good defense effect in your favor for 1 more turn.



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djaya 28days ago
when fist chose character, i u chose yugi, u can easy get this skill. but if u chose kaiba. u will not get this skill, altough your yugi level 35 and ur stage level 35 up. i feel this skill auto locked when u chose kaiba
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 22days ago Reply
Yep not true, I chose Kaiba too and got the skill recently for my Yugi
<< Anonymous(djaya)
Haraheta 19days ago Reply
I got this skill with yugi lvl 26. Btw i choose kaiba first
<< Anonymous
Hard-go-lucky 15days ago Reply
I choose yugi 2 months when I start to play and only get this skill wich him yesterday.
<< Anonymous(djaya)
mauris 4days ago Reply
Bullshit. Don't pay attention to this guy.
TwisterDrew 8days ago
Skill dropped for Yugi after defeating Super Joey.
Everyone I've been trying to get destiny draw for 3 months. I lost a duel from weevil. Pro-tip: just believe in yourself
<< Anonymous(IM HORNEIGH)
djaya 28days ago Reply
ur first destiny choosed kaiba, not yugi?
<< Anonymous(IM HORNEIGH)
Anoymous 27days ago Reply
Correction: Belive in the Hear of the Cards
<< Anonymous(djaya)
IM HORNEIGH 26days ago Reply
I don't get what you're asking me
<< Anonymous(IM HORNEIGH)
Anoymous 14days ago Reply
I belive that he's asking wich character you level up first
i can't get it! 17days ago
my yami yugi is lvl 35, like all my other characters and my level is 58, i've farmed every single LD and never dropped me this skill, are you serios Konami?
Some guy 21days ago
"Heart of the cards, Guide Me... I draw!!!"
*cues yugioh US theme's music*
Mcwabs 23days ago
<< Anonymous(Mcwabs)
Anoymous 23days ago Reply
could you share your deck you use with yugi against muto (which level?)? I'm using a tea unhappy girl deck and it somehow gets borig to use always te same deck.
Anoymous 25days ago
I'm slowly realizing that this is the best skill in the game. After they nerf switcheroo you should expect alot of this. It works unbelievably well in very complicated decks like ritual decks.
Farmed infinite times using yugi but didnt get it
<< Anonymous
djaya 26days ago Reply
i not get yet, my yugi lv max, and stage 37, i always play yugi in duel worl, but still junk.. however i has collect 12 skill at yugi, but have not destiny draw.. lets make rate 1 start for it..
Finally got it from Mako Level 40, using a Victory Viper XX03 farming deck.
<< Anonymous(Haeon)
djaya 26days ago Reply
how long u reach to get it? what ur stage now?
Just got it from Odion Level 40 using the farming Cerberus deck strategy. I'm a day one player too (January) and it took me this long to get it. Hahaha. (Now I need those damn grave keeper drop cards....)
<< Anonymous(electoblaze)
djaya 26days ago Reply
very stupid game, this skill locked, or 3 % chance only, but i have fren play stage 15 got it, but his chose yugi at first, not kaiba
This is such an amazing skill. I clutched so many matches with this, without it I would not be the skill that I am today
From Weevil Lvl 40, and deck cerberus

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can i see your Deck? what else u use on those deck, i wanna try it. thanks
I'm so going to get that icon for 4 mio event points this time, whoop whoop. Also new (fiend...
Use the Spell cards Hinotama or Raimei
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