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update 07/04/2017


It is a good and versatile skill, one that you can put in any deck to make combos by getting the important card to your hand. It has been often used in pvp ranks for relinquished decks to either get the ritual spell or monster card much easier.


Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 2000. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw the card of your choice.


How to get

  • Reward for defeating Legendary Duelists when you play as Yami Yugi.

Rating and explanation

Destiny Draw is on the average level of skills since it can fit in different deck ideas. You can build a deck planning to use the skill on your own condition so you won’t depend on your opponent’s plays. Cards that require life payment can help you with that, and the best one is Mirror Wall since you can pay exactly 2000 LP and still have a good defense effect in your favor for 1 more turn.



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Anonymous 4days ago
farming since March... still no drop x)
Anonymous 23days ago
I recieved the skill after defeating Level 40 Ishizu for the first time as Yami Yugi. I literally gained the power to alter destiny by defeating the one who can see it.
<< Anonymous
Red Eyes B. 9days ago Reply
Anonymous 13days ago
I literally just spent 1200 yellow keys on red raptor and no destiny draw. I got 3 skills I already had transferred to gems... 3 serpent night dragons and a fossil excavation.
This is legit cancer.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
1200 keys are weak
Derp 16days ago
this is pretty good to combo with mouseleum
Anonymous 25days ago
I got it after losing against Yugi Muto Level 30
Anonymous 25days ago
I got it after losing against Yugi Muto Level 30
Just a Guy 30days ago
Got mine from a level 30 loss against Mokuaba. He is the best to farm for skills, even if you don't win.
Farmed infinite times using yugi but didnt get it
<< Anonymous
djaya Reply
i not get yet, my yugi lv max, and stage 37, i always play yugi in duel worl, but still junk.. however i has collect 12 skill at yugi, but have not destiny draw.. lets make rate 1 start for it..
<< Anonymous(djaya)
Anonymous Reply
I feel your pain. Konami has addressed many issues, but the one issue they just refuse to fix is the godawful farming rates.
<< Anonymous
666 illunimata confi Reply
gl tho, it really depends on RNG, i remember the last time farming this card with yugi, i only farmed this just about 2 weeks...
Got mine just now farming Joey for Metalmorphs :v
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I've beat level 40 LD with Yugi over 430 times now, and I still haven't gotten it....
still no dd... after months of playin x)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Months of playing is quite different to months of farming tho
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol I got DD in 4 farms today because I felt like getting it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Got it today lol
Thinking of creating a pvp deck with this skill, using tech cards against the top tier pvp decks (magical arm shield for red-eyes, possessed dark soul for hammer shark, de-spell for toons, etc.).
Anyone already tried this with good results ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's not a good idea to tech something for every top tier deck. You'll lack synergy. Now running a magical arm and PSD in the same deck goes great. Adding a de-spell for toons is a mistake tho'. Nobody plays a naked toon kingdom. A twister runs better. Just a quick headsup.

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I saw 2 pyrorex when mill the boss so at least it 2
Activate this, then Fusion Summon Ojama King. Hello new meta.
That spelling is not as bad as yours, though. *I've *It's *alcoholics Have a nice day.
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