Destiny Draw (skill)

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update 07/04/2017


It is a good and versatile skill, one that you can put in any deck to make combos by getting the important card to your hand. It has been often used in pvp ranks for relinquished decks to either get the ritual spell or monster card much easier.


Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 2000. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw the card of your choice.


How to get

  • Reward for defeating Legendary Duelists when you play as Yami Yugi.

Rating and explanation

Destiny Draw is on the average level of skills since it can fit in different deck ideas. You can build a deck planning to use the skill on your own condition so you won’t depend on your opponent’s plays. Cards that require life payment can help you with that, and the best one is Mirror Wall since you can pay exactly 2000 LP and still have a good defense effect in your favor for 1 more turn.



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anoymous 5days ago
Farmed infinite times using yugi but didnt get it
Haeon 6days ago
Finally got it from Mako Level 40, using a Victory Viper XX03 farming deck.
electoblaze 7days ago
Just got it from Odion Level 40 using the farming Cerberus deck strategy. I'm a day one player too (January) and it took me this long to get it. Hahaha. (Now I need those damn grave keeper drop cards....)
anoymous 8days ago
This is such an amazing skill. I clutched so many matches with this, without it I would not be the skill that I am today
Flateneli 12days ago
From Weevil Lvl 40, and deck cerberus
Flateneli 12days ago
From Weevil Lvl 40, and deck cerberus
Yeet 14days ago
Started farming for less than a day then got this gem
tito 13days ago
what deck did u run and who did u farm for it
abdelhamid ellouly 15days ago
MrMan 22days ago
I want this so badly :O

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