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Sphere KuribohSphere KuribohSergeant ElectroSergeant ElectroSergeant ElectroGuardian Statue
Guardian StatueGuardian StatuePossessed Dark SoulPossessed Dark SoulDream ClownDream Clown
Dream ClownMirror WallMirror WallMirror WallDesert SunlightDesert Sunlight
Desert SunlightWindstorm of Etaqua----

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[Skill] descriptionUser
Return 1 card in your hand to your Deck and draw another. The skill can only be used once per turn and twice per Duel.

Comments from NateDubz

The strategy is purely simple and has been utilized before. The idea is to control the entire board and swing with small attacks here and there at advantageous times until you win.
Dark Soul is in here for the obvious reasons, Relinquished. It is the top tier meta right now. Desert Ruin is for the end of turn Switch play with Dream Clown to prevent Michizure and the like once they set it. It is also for the plays where a Guardian is in attack mode, in combo with Mirror Wall it allows him to live one extra turn which is crucial when maintaining board control. Econ>Kuriboh when you actually have Econ, however I don't but it is a solid card in replacement.
One thing about this deck, PAY for the Mirror Wall the 1st time against mill decks, currently the top tier Mill Meta utilizes the life point gain spell card when you have less life points than your opponent(the name escapes me). It seals the game for you. Also pay for the cost to keep attacking monsters at lower ATK to allow for even more board control along with basically giving you 4 usages of mirror Wall.

It took a while to get KoG because Weevil burn is my toughest matchup by far with the current list. I've basically taken the loss but still somehow win 60% of the time.


Date submitted: April 2


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With 3 mirror walls and 2 kuribih, is hard to make work
I'm sorry i suppose to say guardian statue because i only have 2 is it ok to change with hane hane because I have 2
I only have 2 desert sunlight is it ok put hane hane
Is there anything I can put in instead of mirror wall and Sergeant electron? Those are the only cards I don't have.
<< Anonymous(Tempt)
Anonymous Reply
If you dont have mirror wall or sergeant, there's a lot of card that can be mixed to the deck above, like :
Dream Clown, Feint Plan, Sphere Ebola, Desert Sunlight, Halfshut, E-Con, Tragedy Or Xing Zhen Hu.
<< Anonymous(NateDubz)
Anal Reply
So rude dude
<< Anonymous(NateDubz)
Anonymous Reply
Your a douch
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Guys, the douche who's commenting is not the deck creator. If you check in the other comments below, you'll find this same guy using the name and 🔥ing people. He's just a troll...
This is my deck and so far has gotten me to gold rank 3 haven't been playing so don't know how fari could take this deck yet. Let me know what you think. The strategy is fairly simple and has good counters for magic and spell cards at the same time
<< Anonymous(James)
James Reply
**spell and trap cards. I've beaten gravekeepers deck no problem, relinquished decks and water decks. Hardest one to beat for me would be parasite infest decks as of now.
<< Anonymous(James)
Inlaw Reply
You have thunder dragon but i dont see any polimerization, why?
Thanks man your deck is very helpful! you made my day
This deck look good? I would add a 2nd MW if it dropped already ( already 140 packs in....)
Yo, let's take a tiptrip and help me finally get to KoG. The most of each core support card I have like mw, kuribo, etc.
<< Anonymous(R4PTOR )
R4PTOR Reply
Mw isn't shown, I just wanna know what should be replaced with what.
Another mirror wall exploit deck. Come on do a deck wo those multiple mw, ec, kuribo.. Any lousy deck can work with these cards.
<< Anonymous
Poon Reply
What a heated debate... Woor.. I can analysis the situation. One wanna win at all "cost", the other wanna play with "honour". Its just different perspectives thats all.
<< Anonymous
NateDubz Reply
That was not me who posted the "🔥ed" comment.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No dude. The effect states, "when your opponents more sterling is switched to def, destroy it". Don't be a fool. K,econ, does that. Mw is because mw...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Have you ever played yugioh? People use 3 of the same card ALL the time, and they aren't free either. There are no exploits here.
Sorry guys , this deck is not even mine. I copied it from a Bronze friend who's actually far better than me. The KOG proof ,I just downloaded a random KOG pics from Google Images and posted em here. To tell the truth I suffer from a rare syndrome called "🔥us explodens" because I inject in my 🔥 cocaine , eroin and methamphetamine. Then I cum in my own mouth and I become suddenly "🔥ed".
<< Anonymous(NateDubz)
NateDubz Reply
If you needed more proof of my KOG status then you go!
<< Anonymous(NateDubz)
Anonymous Reply
Hey NateDubz. I used you're deck and made it to King of Games. The only change I made was taking out one desert sunlight and put in an econ. Its a really fun and good deck to play.
<< Anonymous(NateDubz)
NateDubz Reply
If I had Econ I would have done the same thing, may have taken out a Kuriboh over Desert but that isn't a bad play either way.
<< Anonymous(NateDubz)
Anonymous Reply
Ye coo. By the way This is Flips on Duel links I added you the other day. Also submitted the clown deck on here. Same thing as yours but with the econ
I love this deck. Don't hate the player, hate the game!

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Hey Trunade is trash
Its necrovalley in monster form
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