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update 04/09/2016

Anti-Magic Arrows

Anti-Magic Arrows
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect / Condition


At the start of the Battle Phase: For the rest of this turn after this card resolves, Spell/Trap Cards, and their effects, cannot be activated. Cards and effects cannot be activated in response to this card's activation.

How to get / rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherArkana Event




  • Good card to prevent Spell/Trap cards of your opponent during Battle Phase.


  • Also disables activation of your own Spell/Trap cards.

Tips, related cards, skills





Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesPrevents activation of Spell Cards / Prevents activation of Trap Cards / Prevents activation of Effect Monsters / Prevents responding to its activation


Hot New Top
Anonymous 6days ago
Stupid as fuck card, OP to shit, can't even counter it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Yeh, stupid card, alot stupid player fall for it
Anonymous 17days ago
Stupid AF spawn rates, couldn't get this card because idiot Arkana did not spawn at least 15 times. Only 1 or 2 spawns a day FU Konami and FU roaming crappy event
Tackrad 18days ago
NO where did Konami say u cant activate it after u set
<< Anonymous(Tackrad)
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
you cant activate quick play spells or traps the turn they are set
<< Anonymous(Tackrad)
Realm 18days ago Reply
They say that the official rule books of the game. You could find ruling of this fcking children card game just anytime by google.
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
Chill out buddy
Jk 21days ago
Quick question. Iplsyed all my equipment spells then set my ama then wasn't able to play in battle phase. Do I have to wait til the next turn to attack and the card can be used?
<< Anonymous(Jk)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
i think you can't activatr quick spell the turn you set it. instead, let it in your hand and you'll be given option to activate the card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
directly from the hand
Eevee 25days ago
Anyone else having a problem where you can't activate it the turn you set it?
<< Anonymous(Eevee)
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
If you set a quick spell it acts like a trap: you have to wait 1 turn to activate it
<< Anonymous(Eevee)
brad 24days ago Reply
Just got caught out by this farming Marik with Cerberus... Set AMA and couldn't prevent his traps... From my hand would I be able to use it?
<< Anonymous(brad)
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
It cannot be played from hand. I tried it and it did not give me active button when it was in my hand. Need to set first then active turn after.
<< Anonymous
LDFarmer 22days ago Reply
You can activate this card from your hand at the start of your battle phase..
Anonymous 31days ago
Seems like another card that seems to be really great when u first read it but then after u read it about 10 time u realize it's actually crap. Basically it just blocks mirror wall and headlong. The thing that makes it not that great is that it doesn't destroy any cards so they're all there next turn. Plus Ebola over rides it hahahaha
<< Anonymous
Dns 26days ago Reply
Tk is a continuous effect. AMA can't stop it
<< Anonymous(Dns)
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
Well seeing as I haven't seen even 1 guy use this that I've played. Im gonna stick with my original conclusion of it sucks.
<< Anonymous(Dns)
Little kuriboh 26days ago Reply
Toon kingdoms protection effect by banishing a card from top of deck face down is negated because it triggers each time a toon would be destroyed.ama stops that
<< Anonymous(Little kuriboh)
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
I just curled a Toon deck and the Kingdom effect still worked under my AMA
Kneegrow 25days ago
This card is amazing. I'm lucky to have 2
Anonymous 25days ago
Anyone think running 3 of these would be too much? Or would 2 be ok?
<< Anonymous
Arrowhead 25days ago Reply
If you are running any Beatdown deck, put all 3 in. This card is the most OP thing ever existing in DuelLink right now. Every non-Beatdown deck except Toons is garbage now because of this card. Once you have 2+ monsters on the fields you are almost guaranteed a win the moment you activate this card because your opponent usually won't have 2 kuribohs in their hands.
Anonymous 31days ago
The only unaffected card is Sperm ebola. Need to buy more UR box.

Thanks komoney
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
Actually any beatdown deck benefits massively.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
Actually any beatdown deck benefits massively.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
Oh no you don't. Landiose's Luminous Moss = rip your SK. Means Naturia can now lock all your spell, trap AND monster effects at once in battle phase.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
Anonymous 27days ago
i currently have 6 of these, but only one warlock and the alternate DM ..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
same though...
<< Anonymous
I hate my life 26days ago Reply
I have 5 of these and 4 DM and 0 warlocks :(
Anonymous 31days ago


<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
To resolve your debate. I'll give this (maybe?) easy to understand: You'll see Continuous-like there Continuous is applied, do not start a Chain Trigger is activated, start a Chain, easy rule=colon- e.g. "Once per turn: "
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
it doesnt work againt TK u fuck. i tried it because of your stupid words here
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
First turn, sets twister and monster. Opponent plays toon table, picks kingdom, plays it. Get twistered, surrenders. Keep em coming boys.
<< Anonymous
Anonxyzmous 26days ago Reply
Stop fucking each other guys
Anonymous 31days ago
This card is key to farm kaiba, try and thank me later
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
Can confirm this is true. A very useful anti econ
<< Anonymous
Realm 30days ago Reply
Riryoku Field is just plain brtter for kaiba no reason to to use this card.
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Seto Kaiba 27days ago Reply
Actually this card is better to stop me than Riryoku Field because I can't hit you with a double e-con move in one turn. you can also run both if you'd like.
<< Anonymous(Seto Kaiba)
Realm 27days ago Reply
He only has 2 e-con, so it's either 1 of this if you dont care about he random e-con your monster or 2 field.

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