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update 07/03/2017

Powerful Rebirth

Powerful Rebirth
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect / Continuous-like Effect


Activate this card by targeting 1 Level 4 or lower monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target. Increase its Level by 1 and ATK and DEF by 100. When that monster is destroyed, destroy this card.

How to Get / Rarity

PackBlades of Spirits [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Brings back Level 4 or lower Normal/Effect monsters back to the field.
  • Can be activated during either player’s Battle Phase.
  • Increases the monster’s level, ATK and DEF, upon reviving.


  • Cannot be used for monsters higher than Level 4.
  • If this card is destroyed, destroys the monster it revives as well.
  • The card stays on the field upon reviving monster, or when the monster it revives has left the field, potentially clogging your field.


  • This is a very useful card to revive level 4 or below Normal/Effect monster, which in this case it is the only card that supports Effect monsters this way, as Normal monsters have cards like Birthright, Soul Resurrection to revive them from the graveyard.
  • Above mentioned combos are just a few examples on how to gain the most benefit from reviving using Powerful Rebirth. You can always use this card to revive important monsters in your decks as long as they are level 4 or below.

Effect Monster Support

These are some of the effect monsters that benefits from being revived from the graveyard. Warm Worm can further mill out your opponent’s deck should it be destroyed again, Yomi Ship and Exploder Dragon can further destroy your opponent’s monsters if they decide to attack into these monsters again. Amazoness Swordswoman can attack into your opponent’s higher ATK monster again, upon revival.

Discard Combos

These are some of the cards that has discarding effects, that allows you to discard any monster card, in this case we would want to discard level 4 or lower monsters, in order to combo trigger Powerful Rebirth and revive the discarded monster. Destroyersaurus and Neo Space Pathfinder searches for Field Spells upon discarded, which you can bring back these monsters by using Powerful Rebirth, and place the Field Spell on the field to greatly enhance these monsters, and their respective archetype’s capabilities.

Six Samurai Combos

Together with Powerful Rebirth, this card dishes out a powerful combo, which you can summon another “Six Samurai” monster, use its effects wherever applicable, use Hand of the Six Samurai to tribute that monster to destroy 1 of your opponent’s monster, revive that tributed monster using Powerful Rebirth and then proceed to attack.





Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys itself
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons from your Graveyard
Stat changesYour monsters gains Levels / Your monsters gain ATK / Your monsters gain DEF


Hot New Top
This is better than Soul Ressurection (UR) and Brightlight (SR) from previous boxes!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
for 4 star and below, sure
<< Anonymous
Mokemon 13hour ago Reply
Expect birth right and soul res. can work on cards level 5 or more. For example if your playing Blue Eyes, and it dies, birthright brings it back as powerful rebirth can only bring back your kidmodo or kaibaman or whatever you used to summon it if that monster has the power to summon BEWD
<< Anonymous(Mokemon)
Anonymous 13hour ago Reply
Still effect monsters though
This + Advance Force should be funny.
<< Anonymous
Mokemon 13hour ago Reply
*Seinfield theme*
Anonymous 14hour ago
There's an error where if THIS CARD is destroyed the monster is destroyed. No GameA don't drink and write cards pros and cons. If the monster is destroyed this card is destroyed not the other way. In fact this should be a pro since if your opponent was stupid enough to use a cosmic cyclone on it your monster is still there!
best 4 star effect monsters?
<< Anonymous
DeidaraSanji Reply
Twin Barrel Dragon
Cookie Mom
I don't think you listed this, but you can easily use this alongside Hero Mask to *essentially* Special Summon any level 4 or lower Elemental HERO from your deck, likely being Neos Alius. I suppose it's also a good way to get a Fusion material like Avian more easily from your deck, but Neos Alius has 2k ATK with this so it's a nice way to get in a lot of damage.
Worth resetting the box for? 55 Packs left. Feels like it tbh
Anyone who says this is only good for synchro or other bullshit is retarded.

This works with beatdown! And your summoning any lv4 or lower monster for no cost at all! You can summon that Exiled force you just used again or Any other freaking thing! This should be UR instead of Alius Neos.
<< Anonymous(NMS)
Anonymous Reply
TCG players dont know what they do in DL i think xD
<< Anonymous(NMS)
ArcanjoEZX Reply
Anyway have only 1 in the pack,So Sr or Ur is the same shit chance to get
<< Anonymous(NMS)
NMS Reply
This is only good for synchro and XYZes summon
XYZ confirmed.
Only useful the time XYZ summon hit the game.
<< Anonymous
NMS Reply
Oh. You must mean never.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Beatdown says hi
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
" •If this card is destroyed, destroys the monster it revives as well."

Wrong. Unlike cards such as Birthright, it doesn't take the monster with it. It does, however, take away its lvl and stat gains.
Soon it will powercreep to call of the haunted

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