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update 23/11/2016

Jam Breeding Machine

Jam Breeding Machine
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeTrigger-like Effect / Continuous-like Effect


During each of your Standby Phases: Special Summon 1 "Slime Token" (Aqua-Type/WATER/LEVEL 1/ATK 500/DEF 500) in Attack Position. You cannot Summon any monsters, except "Slime Tokens" (but you can Set).

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory againstAll legendary duelists level 30 or less
Card trader--


How to GetRarity
All legendary duelists level 30 or lessR


Special summoning a slime token is good but the disadvantage that you cannot summon other monster is too considerable.


  • Can be activated during a turn you summon/special summon/flip summon other monsters.
  • Slime token can be a tribute for summoning a high level monster.


Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons Tokens / Prevents your Normal Summons / Prevents your Flip Summons / Prevents your Special Summons

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what the hell? Jam breeding machine?
You can use a couple of these to summon 2 tokens each turn, then once you get something you want to tribute summon, get rid of the jam breeding machines with Gryphon's Feather Duster. You get 500 life points for each card removed, plus the summoning restriction is lifted. You could summon Egyptian Gods this way really fast.
God of Strategies
Jam breeding machine, +Wetlands = 1700 atk tokens, add Aqua Chorus for 2200 atk tokens, finally, add in a Big Wave Small Wave and fill the rest of your deck with extremely strong high level water monsters, use big wave small wave to destroy your tokens and "Special Summon" your biggest water monsters, which doesn't get blocked by the breeding machine.
<< Anonymous(God of Strategies)
Anonymous Reply
I have a even better solution just throw your phone into the sea
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Give your phone to weevil and let him throw it into the sea, for more intense drama.
Wetlands can make the Slime tokens have 1700 ATK, so it could be useful with Menace of the Deep.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Forgot Umi is a requirement, but 1700 ATK tokens ain't bad.
The AI never uses it anymore as of version 1.7.1. RIP this card and Surprise Present!
<< Anonymous(AussieRiolu)
Anonymous Reply
yeah.. they've fixed it.
Gonna miss those good old days, the AI will immediately use it. And we just laugh merrily in Demon King mode

"Mwahahahahahaha you fools!"
Why don't the LDs activate this card after I send it via Surprise Present skill now? Konami did a terrible job on fixing this issue while other bugs rise. I mean, there's no bad thing about this bug on NPC.
crazy bitch
This card is hot.
Skill: Surprise Present
Cards: 3x Gift Exchange, 1x Exchange, 3x Jam Breeding, 13x Cards of Your Choice
95% Winrate Against LDs and LVL57 SDs. KI will always use the Breeding Maschine.
DA will be between 2k und 3k according to your cards. Maybe 4k if you throw in ritual or fusion
Does this card prevents special/fusion/ritual summon
Nah this is garbage because you can't summon any monsters. If you could use it with labyrinth of nightmares and then use them for sacrifices it would work. Not being able to summon anything in attack mode is useless
<< Anonymous(Ghost)
Anonymous Reply
There's a crazy deck that uses Mako's "Menace from the deep" skill to atack directly with the slimes while you set some defenses. Also, some legendary duelists seem to use it if you give it to them with Tea's "Surprise present"
Are you able to special summon monsters like toons if you have this thing up
<< Anonymous(Endy)
Anonymous Reply
Suprise present and this is hilarious
This is essential card to beat Yugi level 40 currently!

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I'll call it know: next banlist is gonna hit a karakuri card to stop them from using trunade...
They are weak: have you seen the win rate? It got 1st because spammed duels not victories.
Please contact me here. Mails like yours always end up in my spam folder for no particular reason.
she will Return as Tori Meadows
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