How to beat/farm Yami Marik Lvl 40 (Unlock event)

okey I have one thing to say... how can you say a freaking budjet deck when there is that goddam ungetable union card? is there a way you just release a doable deck for people who havent been around for this event? it doesnt have to bring us to 8000k point but it would be nice to have more than 3000k. Or just a good build to beat it?
konami punish new players, didn't you know that???
Just replace vassal and the UA’s with piranha army, gift of the martyr and a riryoku
its your own fault dumbass new player got many free ur and sr tix its your fault cause you used it for something else now you gonna conplain about it what the 🔥 its budget because its free dumbass
Try building a deck with around 11 monsters with defense piercing effect. have 2 or 3 cards that can deal with his mask spell card and his trap wheel ( U can get 3x spiritualism from the card trader ) and use 6 attack increasing spells ( riryoku, blustering winds equip cards etc )
Good luck out there


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This deck will probably appear in the banlist even more.
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