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update 30/08/2017

Viser Des

Viser Des
Monster TypeFiend
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect / Continuous Effect


If this card is Normal Summoned: Target 1 monster your opponent controls; during your third Standby Phase after this effect's activation, destroy that monster. This card cannot be destroyed by battle while the targeted monster is on the field.









How to Get

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Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys your opponent's Monster Cards
Attack categoriesCannot be destroyed by battle

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Melvin 21days ago
I hate how they nerfed this card compared to the manga counterpart. They essentially removed the torture aspect of the monster, lowering ATK and disabling attacks...
How to get this card?
<< Anonymous(goldace)
goldace Reply
This card sounds good for defense against high beater monster card, set in defense position, and you will not get any damage until your 3rd standby phase
<< Anonymous(goldace)
Anonymous Reply
You have to normal summon first, not set
<< Anonymous(goldace)
Karl Reply
I got it by leveling Marik. Early, but I forget which level.
<< Anonymous(goldace)
Anonymous Reply
Lol. Every monster effect requires the monster to be face-up on the field unless it says "from your hand", "when/if sent to the gy", "Flip:...", "when this monster is tributed". Viser Des even targets a monster. How do you target when you are face-down? Do you even yugioh kid? lmao
Possible Marik drop reward?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It is
I've been play testing with this card and a few bits of advice for those who are thinking about using him.

First, it's really a GREAT stall card if used at the right time and in the right way. I've had a lot of success farming Mai with this thing. It can easily give me several turns to set up my combo.

First, it's useless against decks stacking monster removal, so just pitch it against those decks (set, discard, whatever).

Second, have a way of getting it to defense mode right away, like Curse of Anubis. It's way too easy to push a lot of damage through on the first turn you normal summon.

Third, get some mileage out of it by using things like staunch defender or ring of magnetism. Also, relieve monster has a place here IMO.

Fourth, the easiest way to get around Viser Des is to tribute the target monster and the AI will figure this out. I highly recommend keeping a Blast Held By A Tribute in the deck as it's bound to come up.

Finally, remember that this is a stall card. Like any stall strategy, the stall WILL NOT win the game for you. Just some general advice here, but you must have some sort of win condition that you're stalling for, probably some off-the-wall combo but burn decks actually do pretty well in this case as well maybe with Lava Golem.

<< Anonymous(Karl)
Hey just a tip for people looking to farm the level 30 Marik with cerebrus.

Other than the obvious choices like tribute to the doomed to counter this. You can also use "Murmur of the Forest" from the card trader, which flips this card to face down defense position and will cancel his effect completely.

Also - Murmur is great for cerebrus if you use a field spell like "yami", because it can return your FS to your hand allowing you to use it again for an additional counter. Good luck guys!
<< Anonymous
The Eathquake card will help get in defense earlier
How can I deal with this cards so that I can farm Marik lvl 30 with my cerberus deck?
<< Anonymous(LightYagami5)
Anonymous Reply
Tribute to the doom
<< Anonymous(LightYagami5)
E-MAN Reply
It cannot be destroyed by battle, so either pop it with a card effect, remove it from play, or spin it back to the hand/deck.
RIP cerberus

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the skill is playable.. just sucks and is only used with trudges signature monster
Because the Special Summon its the effect of the UA Monster in the hand, not the effect of the UA...
These kind of skills work better when it's harder to draw the card you want. I've seen ...
Samus?... are you Samus?
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