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update 21/12/2016

Magical Stone Excavation

Magical Stone Excavation
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCost / Card effect
SupportsSpell Card


Discard 2 cards, then target 1 Spell Card in your Graveyard; add it to your hand.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory againstYami Marik Unlock Event (Part 2) [SR]
Card trader--




  • Retrieves 1 Spell card from your Graveyard to your hand.


  • Costly to use as it requires 2 cards to be discarded.


  • Currently due to the vast options of Spell/Trap cards, we don’t see much uses for Magical Stone Excavation, aside from bringing back limited edition Spell cards such as Swing of Memories, Burst Stream of Destruction, Dark Magic Attack etc.
  • Another downside of this card is the steep cost of requiring 2 cards to be discarded in order to activate its effect, which greatly effects your hand numbers.


If you have Swing of Memories in your Graveyard, you can use Magical Stone Excavation to retrieve it from your Graveyard, discard 2 monsters such as Darkstorm Dragon or Phoenix Gearfried, use Swing of Memories to bring 1 of these discarded monsters back to the field, perform your attacks, and during the End Phase when your monster is destroyed, use A Deal with Dark Ruler to bring out Berserk Dragon from your deck to maintain field presence.

Draw Support

Since this card is costly in terms of cards to be discarded, we can improve our draw power by using these recommended cards.




ActionsDiscards for Cost / Adds from Graveyard to hand


Hot New Top
maybe in a RBDZ deck...gozuki and bacon saver perhabs to discard...or the zombie redeyes for revival
<< Anonymous(ip)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, something like discard Gozuki and Bacon then fetch RE Insight, maybe? Interesting idea.
Kidmodo Dragon, Achfiend of Gilfer can triggered their effect using this. Sure, there are more useful cards than this
<< Anonymous(obrang)
Anonymous Reply
Not sure but i don't think gilfer can work that way. You will miss the timing
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Gilf-er lol
Slowly bringing back ddt turbo...
good in bamboo otk as a sub if you don't have 3 pendants 3 into the void
Con: It doesn't trigger darkworld effects. Even though it states that you discard cards.
<< Anonymous(Random_DOOD)
Anonymous Reply
Because cost
<< Anonymous(Random_DOOD)
Just a Guy Reply
If a card has you discard as a cost, Dark World monsters can't chain their effects to it, as the original card's effect has not yet resolved. This is why you can't use Tribute to the Doomed either.
You neg yourself 3 cards in a 20 card deck. Beautiful!
How about for a handless deck?
this could possible be good in a sacred phoenix deck. Discard sacred phoenix plus get a spell card then special summon sacred phoenix the next turn.
<< Anonymous
Pro among pros Reply
No, phoenix will only revive if it's destroyed by effect, not by discard.
<< Anonymous
yusz Reply
phoenix need to be destroy, not discard
<< Anonymous
Anomynous Reply
Noob detected
useful for gemini deck? I dont know, seems trash.
Marik just drop one for me.
<< Anonymous(Darth)
Anonymous Reply
Maybe if you want to throw away some gemini to the grave and pick up a supervise or something
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
throw you in garbage so i can take your wallet thats is what that card do
This card will mainly come useful when/if we get Morphing Jar and Book of Moon to use with A/D Changer, A Feather of The phoenix and the other Empty Jar card list. However, I don't see Duel Links getting Morphing Jar in the near future.
Meh, might work for necrofear deck, but not many spell in that deck...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Could be used for Econ retrieval, just to discard. But yea, Necrofear and Chaos decks could use this.
Would be valuable when more Special Summoning from graveyard mechanics are introduce.

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Time to bring out debunk
Lol What? Salt is an important spice and your sh!t is not edible at all
buster blader wins easily against that
Yeah this too! Too bad, Future Fusion is much slower now than what it used to be..
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