New Week Campaign!

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update 03/03/2018

New Week Campaign!

PeriodEach Monday in March 2018

According to the JP official Duel Links twitter account, we'll get a bonus pack each Monday in March 2018! It's called ハッピーマンデーキャンペーン(Happy Monday Campaign) in Japan.


What cards we get?

Exclusive Cards (SR & UR)

Since most of R & N cards are useless, here we only show a list of available SR and UR cards. If the list is wrong or missing something, kindly let us know in the comment section.

Let us know cards you get in the comment section to keep updating the list. Thank you for your help as always!


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Anonymous 3days ago
This event is crap
Anonymous 5days ago
Sirenora from the D.D Tower event....Wow
<< Anonymous
Dank Memer 4days ago Reply
Same, but I got two
Ojama King 4days ago
guys they added new event with free gems and felgrand/kurogane so i think its nice compensation for new week card backfire campaign.
Anonymous 4days ago
Got Sword of deep seated
Jam defender
and melchid the four faced beast
thats nice.
Anonymous 4days ago
Got Vennu, thx RNG.
Mars 4days ago
Very good card...
Anonymous 4days ago
I remember someone here said we better get another pick a gift campaign....

Well guess what, you just got your wish
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Well, I guess we owe them? I mean, we have 2 (or 3) SR cards and 1 SR ticket, along with 400 free gems.

Anonymous 4days ago
So far I want to get my hands on Dark Crusader dang Konami just give SR/UR cards too those who will play 1,000 matches on PVP >.< Stop
Tessa 5days ago
Goblin Calligrapher
Anonymous 5days ago
Got Vennu
Anonymous 5days ago
3 packs and I got just bullshit. Patroid, Beastking of the Swamps and The Mask of Remnants. What terrible drops
Valencia 5days ago
Fiend's Mirror. Craptacular ritual monster with only 2100 attack points and no special effects that I already over 5 copies of. I just want something new, whether it is crappy or not. Apparently, that is probably not going to happen, though.

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Anyone else wanna cry cause the drop rate kinda sucks. I really hate these kind of farming events...
Can i replace one Trunade whith one Anti Magic Arrows?
Add me always send 1 card challenge
Yeah you tell them oh btw we still need that wall so Badgers stay out
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