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update 02/01/2020

New Week Campaign!

PeriodBeginning of the week of January 2020

According to the JP official Duel Links twitter account, we'll get a bonus pack each Monday in January 2020! It's called ハッピーマンデーキャンペーン(Happy Monday Campaign) in Japan.

What cards we get?

Each Pack contains 3 cards! 1 SR/UR card is guaranteed during the campaign!
The SR/UR card is guaranteed only once during the campaign and not guaranteed once per pack

Updated Information

New Cards Added

Exclusive Cards (SR & UR)

Since most of R & N cards are useless, here we only show a list of available SR and UR cards. If the list is wrong or missing something, kindly let us know in the comment section.

Let us know cards you get in the comment section to keep updating the list. Thank you for your help as always!


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lol 16days ago
I wonder where are those 🔥s who thought you needed "Elegant Mai" event to get amazoness princess.

They repeated the same stuff quite a bunch of times, those imbeciles don't play the game hahahaha
<< Anonymous(lol)
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
Elegant Mai event is the easiest and most hassle-free way to get Princess.
<< Anonymous
LOL 15days ago Reply
What a re.tard.
free pack! Yes! no need to spend gems or money. these free cards are meta.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous. Reply
lmao definitely.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16days ago Reply

Amazoness Princes, Ra's Disciple and especially Evilswarm Salamandra are very good cards. People need to chill and stop making issues, they are cards you get for free =)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Disciple is already a card you can get for free. (Technically all 3 are if you count Ranked tickets.)

The vast majority of the complaints are towards the large number of cards here that can be obtained in other ways, especially from Gate duelists. Yes, a card like Evilswarm Salamandra or Windrose isn't an issue. But you could get something like Darkflare Dragon or Ra's Disciple, which is dumb.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's assuming you got those good cards to begin with. Most of the time the packs only contains garbage you already have multiples of.
Oh boy. I'm so glad they're adding Grave Squirmer and Samsara Lotus to this cardpool when we're getting Yubel at the gate soon. That isn't dumb at all.

I don't know why they deliberately have gate drops in here. It's dumb, and since you're only likely to get like 1 or 2 holos anyway, it just makes the odds of them being useless much higher for no discernable reason. Samsara Lotus isn't even a good card for beginners.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
E-Hero SFW is a dumb choice too, considering everyone would have 3 copies already by now considering how often it was distributed prior to this campaign. We even got at least 2 free copies, 1 is even a prismatic from Judai/Jaden Yuki's birthday event.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I don't mind Shining Flare as much since it's at least a fan-favourite.

They do need to find a better way to re-release things, though. Either add cards to Gate duelists over time, or step up the frequency of Card Trader additions.
Didnt it say that SR/UR card guaranteed? I only get 3 R card. Just why..
<< Anonymous(Lidahbuaya)
Anonymous Reply
It's one SR/UR guaranteed throughout the event's period (one month).

Basically from all 4 packs you get, one pack, selected at random, is guaranteed to have an SR/UR. The remaining 3 packs have random contents, and any SR/UR you got from those 3 packs are purely due to luck.
this campaing sucks it would be better if it only had alternate art of some cards
this they did not tell me
<< Anonymous(lenovogreeceg770)
Anonymous Reply
And it has nothing to do with this event either.
<< Anonymous(lenovogreeceg770)
Anonymous Reply
its because you do not read the reward tab. scroll around and you will see it
This event is getting even more stupid as more cards are added - even if you do get an SR, there's now too much variety of SR in the pool to get what you actually want. You don't have a decent chance anymore for them, even with the one guaranteed SR/UR per event.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'm fine with the random nature of it, but they REALLY need to remove the cards you can obtain in other ways (drops/Card Trader). Also wish they'd add a few of them as LD drops to thin the list a bit.
<< Anonymous
Jesse Reply
Completely agree, it is good for newbies and those of us who missed a one or two here and there to pick up older event cards at random.

Overall, I think it would get better if they removed Marik and Mokuba's cards as they are obtainable through normal methods.

Alternatively, on the "guaranteed" day, give a SR/UR ticket to choose your own card from that pool only.

<< Anonymous(Jesse)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, I like that alternative, and I do think the Marik and Mokuba cards should be removed. Especially Guardian of Felgrand which is now in the freakin' CARD TRADER.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yep thats the most garbage "event" they have in the game... you can "try" for over a year and possibly wont get one copy of the card you would like to have
Unhappy Monday campaign most of the time, giving cards I already have tons of copies of. But I really liked that they added that Skull Knight fusion that was exclusive to duel challenges long ago.
...How do u get the pack tho? Like i cant find the place where u receive it...
<< Anonymous(MaksGladiator)
Anonymous Reply
They appear on your gift box, on the top of the screen.
I got a Felgrand and the other day I got a Des Gardius

It's not a bad event for someone who is starting
Lighting 🔥 is actually a cool card for beginners.

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