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update 05/11/2018

New Week Campaign!

PeriodBeginning of the week of Sept 2018

According to the JP official Duel Links twitter account, we'll get a bonus pack each Monday in March 2018! It's called ハッピーマンデーキャンペーン(Happy Monday Campaign) in Japan.

【本日はハッピーマンデー!】 11月の毎週月曜日はハッピーマンデーキャンペーンを開催! 月曜日限定のパックを無料で1パックプレゼント! レアカードがゲットできるかも!? お楽しみに! #デュエルリンクス


What cards we get?

Each Pack contains 3 cards! 1 SR/UR card is guaranteed during the campaign!
The SR/UR card is guaranteed only once during the campaign and not guaranteed once per pack

Exclusive Cards (SR & UR)

Since most of R & N cards are useless, here we only show a list of available SR and UR cards. If the list is wrong or missing something, kindly let us know in the comment section.

Let us know cards you get in the comment section to keep updating the list. Thank you for your help as always!


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Anonymous 7days ago
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
in russia obelisk got you
Gishki Emilia
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
who's rem
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i've got gishki emilia too
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
WHY won't Konami give Ariels and Emilias? I missed the event so I can't claim these classic waifus.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Also got this. Good thing I got a Gishki Deck :D Hopefully One more drops
I got Raigeki
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I got aids
<< Anonymous
Xero616 Reply
I got bolmeteus steel dragon in prismatic
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
I got odd eyes pendulum dragon
<< Anonymous
mst negates 7days ago Reply
i got mst
Worst campaign ever! Second time was the best with UR/SR guaranteed in every pack, but no, now they´re giving us garbage cards as something special! The f*ck?!?!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
If you want quality cards, you must spend gems or money. Komoney is Komoney :)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
They never guarantee UR/SR in every pack, that was a mistranslation they quickly fixed.
I got this today.
<< Anonymous(Paintman)
Anonymous Reply
Congrats :)
Fairly new player altho i understand the game because im oldschool.I got Phantom Beast Rock-Lizard ,is it any good and what deck does it fit in?
<< Anonymous(Atem)
Anonymous Reply
Beast-Warrior deck. Just remember that you need the other Phantom Beasts if you want to get it out using just 1 Tribute.
I got Dark Driceratops.
Every Monday!?
I gor kunoichi
I got Maha Vailo :D
I didnt get the buster, oh boy :c
got the kuriboh i needed! most is trash

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Maybe I'm playing the cars wrong, but if I declare the attribute correctly of an opponent�...
I got a prismatic Phantom Gryphon in my second pack of the box. Why?
This is quite a stretch of a card to use. But what do you guys think of using gravity lash in thi...
Well, that depends on your location, for me starts the 12th at 11:00 pm, so you have to wait a li...
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