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30th Mini Box: Voltage of the Metal
update 24/04/2020

Red-Eyes Insight

Red-Eyes Insight
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCost / Card effect / Condition
Supports ArchetypesRed-Eyes


Send 1 "Red-Eyes" monster from your hand or Deck to the Graveyard, except "Red-Eyes B. Chick"; add 1 "Red-Eyes" Spell/Trap Card from your Deck to your hand, except "Red-Eyes Insight". You can only activate 1 "Red-Eyes Insight" per turn.

How to get / rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstSuper Joey Lvl 30,40 [SR]
Card trader--




  • This card lets you search a Red-Eyes Spell/Trap from your deck added to your hand.


  • You need to send a Red-Eyes monster from your Hand or Deck in order to activate its effect.
  • It can only be used once per turn.


Revive Red-Eyes monsters

Red-Eyes Spirit

With Red-Eyes Insight, send a Red-eyes monster from Hand or Deck to the Graveyard then search for Red-Eyes Spirit. Set Red-Eyes Spirit then activate the next turn, giving you a free Red-Eyes monster on the Field.

Red-Eyes monsters

Red-Eyes B. Dragon and Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon are the main target of Red-Eyes Insight to be sent to your Graveyard. These cards have decent stats which gives you a solid offense and defense capabilities. You can revive them later by using Red-Eyes Spirit.

Other notable Red-Eyes cards

  • Red-Eyes Wyvern is a 1800 beater that has a great effect. If you didn't summon or set a monster in a turn, you can banish this card from your Graveyard during the End Phase to Special Summon a Red-Eyes monster from your Graveyard.
  • Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact is a Red-Eyes support that can protect your other Red-Eyes monster from getting destroyed by battle or card effects. The ability is quite useful, but since it's a Gemini monster, it needs to be summoned again after it's summoned to have the ability available, making it much harder and slower to achieve.



ActionsSends from hand to Graveyard for cost / Sends from Deck to Graveyard for cost / Adds from Deck to hand


Hot New Top
Terrible card it's a dead card depending on your draw would never make it into my deck, Red eyes slash is a little weak for me to use anyway its a one-trick pony deck pretty easy to beat.
<< Anonymous(RKSlither)
Anonymous Reply
I disagree on Insight- it’s one of the best Red-Eyes support cards ever made and belongs in every single variant; from Beatdown, Control and (in just the TCG/OCG atm) their signature FTK- it’s a massive boost

<< Anonymous(RKSlither)
Anonymous Reply
Tho I do agree they are a 1 trick pony in duel links tho, they get their fusion interrupted or go against any non-targeting based removal they’re screwed
Easiest spell to use, and tadaa you have 2000+ on the field.. Only lazy fools used this 🔥
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lmao, you’ve got a problem with Red-Eyes of all things? lol you must really suck
I hate this crap, everycards that special summon either from hand field or hand wht the fck? What fusion card used for? This is crap.. I just hate it how easy its used but still even my basic lava golem could finish this 🔥 off
This card should have been in the new structure deck, and to the best of my knowledge it isn't. Sad.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, they actually included RE Slash, but not this one?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They've never included a card in a structure deck that wasn't either new or a pack card aside from Neo the Magic Swordsman and Dragon Treasure in the first two and the alt. art Polymerization appearing in multiple decks.
This card back to being broken?
Guys, it seems I can only activate this card once per duel. It says once per turn right? But even if on my next Mainphase with all the requirements to activate the card I can't. Is this a glitch or sumthin? Graci!
<< Anonymous(Bobsaken)
Anonymous Reply
You sure you actually had a Red-Eyes Spell/Trap to search? The only targets this card has in Duel Links are 2 copies of Red-Eyes Spirit. If you've seen both, your Instincts are dead.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dude I'm having the same problem. I think they changed it to once per duel or it's a glitch.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's not glitched. Either you had no Red-Eyes monsters in your hand or Deck, or you had no Red-Eyes Spirit in your Deck. I just wasted 2 minutes testing this even though it was obviously still working as normal.
Is there any special requirement for this card? Sometimes, it does not let me activate it
<< Anonymous(Kyoshiru)
Anonymous Reply
1 must have RE monster
2 must have RE Spirit IN DECK
3 only once per turn
This card is rarely seen for quite a while, despite being one of the best cards in DL to date.

I hope with the addition of Atticus in the future or maybe future super joey event (if any), we can get more red eyes spell/trap.
<< Anonymous(DrillDude)
Phantom Reply
IKR. It's especially sad because Red-Eyes is one of Yu-gi-oh's signature cards along with Blue-Eyes while much less integral decks like Fur Hire occupy the league.
<< Anonymous(DrillDude)
Valencia Reply
I have the deck and now I hardly even use it anymore...
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
I still can't even use the deck for the first time because my Bonz still hasn't got Posthumous Army.....
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
I use it with Kaiba and Beatdown. Amazoness can really 🔥 it, so I actually added 2 mirage dragons in a desperate attempt to add more counters. I'm still afraid to use it more, though.
Red-Eyes Slash Dragon Effect doesn't work when Donpa is targetting it. FIX IT Please. Lost so much battle even if it clearly mention "Target" in both card's description!
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Not sure why you posted that here. Though either way, you can only chain Slash Dragon's effect directly to the effect that targets it. If it isn't the last chain link, you can't do anything about it.
Autoduel AI doesn't use it anymore unless you have the REZD IN your HAND.
Do you know how i can get this card? i tried to exchange my SR coupon but i can't find it!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There's two types of SR tickets, insight is only in the ranked SR ticket, you get them at 30, 60 and 120 wins.
<< Anonymous
St0rm Reply
In other words, you can still get it but not with the SR tickets they hand out at events??? I was looking for it when they handed some out this morning.
<< Anonymous
Thanks for the info! Reply
I was worried I wouldn't be able to obtain them anymore
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well Elegant Mai is coming back in may so it could come back too
The con is literally why this card is as string as it is...

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