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update 22/03/2018

Divine Punishment

Divine Punishment
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect


Activate only if "The Sanctuary in the Sky" is face-up on the field. Negate the activation of a Spell Card, Trap Card, or Effect Monster's effect, and destroy that card.



How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherSuperb Tea (Event) [SR]


  • Negate and destroys.
  • It can negate almost anything if Sanctuary in the Sky is on the field.


  • Can only be activated if The Sanctuary in the Sky is face-up on the field.
  • Weak to high attack normal monster since it can't negate a monster summon.


If The Sanctuary in the Sky is an important card in your deck, you can essentially bring more than 3 copies in the deck by bringing Zeradias since it can help search for the field spell. Same with Planet Pathfinder except you need to use your normal summon and tribute it on the field to use its effect.

Counter Trap support

Here are some other monsters whose effects activate and/or trigger when you activate counter trap cards. They can be used together in a deck centered around activating counter trap cards and then triggering monster effects to get the best possible value out of them.




Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesNegates the activation of Spell Cards / Negates the activation of Trap Cards / Negates the activation of Effect Monster's effect / Destroys Spell Cards / Destroys Trap Cards / Destroys Monster Cards


Hot New Top
I can't activate this card to negate wall of disruption during battle phase.
Even though it can negate traps and spells
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
fourth possibility:
- opponent controls Jinzo (even if Counter Traps have the highest Spell Speed in the game, that's only for chaining purpose, monster effects are still able to prevents it from being activated in the first place)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
another possibility opponent playing ancient gear and its attacking
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
or armades
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I control a face up sanctuary in the sky and no jinzo is on the field

there is no splendid venus face up on opponent side of the field,and i am not facing ancient gear
With the new pack out now, im super mad this card is exclusive only. Wish Konami would wake up and bring back old events.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
u can get the card with a SR ticket
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can get this card from changing SR tickets from duelist event reward. I got 3 SR from that event and changed 2 for these cards... But after that you will need 3 Meltiel cards to build the sanctuary in the sky anti trap deck Lol..
Is this cars bugged rn? I'm getting into alot of situations where i dont get the prompt to activate this card when i should be able to
<< Anonymous
Xenon Reply
Can you describe the situations in which it doesn't trigger? Because for me it do fine.
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Anonymous Reply
Well one situation was yesterday against fur hires where I tried to use this card to counter wiz's effect but I wasn't prompted to activate this card. Before you ask I'm 100% sure this happened the turn after I initially placed my divine punishment.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Counter Traps won't negate continuous effects of monsters, for example black veloci can't be negated by this.
2 copies of these bad boys. Any ideas for a deck out of these card would be appreciated. Looking for a way to create an anti fur hire anti masked hero deck.
<< Anonymous(Zephione )
Anonymous Reply
Just build a counter fairy deck
<< Anonymous(Zephione )
Anonymous Reply
Yep, it's a cool card but sanctuary in the sky is not a very consistent deck right now. If your field dies this counter becomes useless, no field protection.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
field protection might support this card in the future
Uhmmm! Galaxy Cyclone from GY destroys my sanctuary and I couldn't protect it with this card.
<< Anonymous(Nick)
Anonymous Reply
They didn't activate a Spell Card, so why would you be able to?
<< Anonymous
Nick Reply
ok, you're right.
This card is bugged. It says negate monster effect. Well monster used an effect and I couldn't negate it
Doesn't negate enemy controller either
Cannot stop Birthright from activation WTF is this shit
This shit is bugged with Gladiator Beast. When their effect is activated and i use Divine Punishment, they arent destroyed, just simply shuffled into the deck...very annoying!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ok guys, but when GB monster on the field and they attacked or was attacked, their effect is activated at that point(!), and after this, they shuffle into the deck, summon another monster, etc.
So they are on the field when their effect activated. And who said its a cost? The card dont say that. And if its a cost, the "cost" activated because of the card effect.
So i dont understand why it matte
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So i dont understand why it matters if they are on the field or in the deck, because Divine Punishment clearly say if the card effect is negated, the card is destroyed. From the field or from the deck GB monsters need to go into the graveyard.
I think its a bug that the effect is negate but the destroy isnt happen.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The card does say it's a cost (that's why there's a semi-colon between the return and the Summon). But like I said, once it leaves the place it activates, it's no longer considered the same card. Since the card whose effect was activated no longer exists as far as the game's concerned, it's not destroyed.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I guess an easier example of how to prove it's no longer the same card is this: You activate the effect of Fishborg Planter in your Graveyard, and don't hit a WATER monster. The effect can only be used once. But if you banish it from your Graveyard, then return it to the Graveyard, you can use the effect again because the game considers it a different card.
fuck this event. I've dueled her countless times and each with a duel assessment of at least 7000 and not one Divine Punishment. every other card I got copies for literally 4 decks and I still can't get this stupid trap card.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Man, this is what makes me hate farming events so much. I had the same luck with Zayne's event for Cybernetic fusion support or whatever it's called. I got 13 copies of his go to monster but only one of that spell card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Around 70 duels , with 7k 8k , 0 so far, and event will end.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Keep trying bruh, i had no luck the first few days, but now i got 3 of them in just 2 days nearing the end of the event, just keep dueling her with ar least 6000 point or try with another deck, i've just completed all her drops and stil farming for extra ur n sr
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ironically for me,i was in the same situation,every win 7.000+.Only got miscs,R and SR monsters i already had 3 of. Then,the first time i bricked and lost against Tea, i got 2.000 points and droped 2 Divine wraths in a row. RNG is a funny thing
I give up

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