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update 22/03/2018

Event Details

PeriodMarch 22-30

During this event period, Superb Tea appears in Duel World (DM). She uses a counter trap fairy deck, and you can duel her to obtain some of the fairy monsters that she uses, with the prize UR being Meltiel, Sage of the Sky, as well as being able to obtain a burger icon if you win the duel 3 times using Yami Yugi.

Event Mission

Guiding LightWin 1 Duel(s) against Superb Tea.
Harvest Angel of WisdomWin 3 Duel(s) against Superb Tea.
Zeradias, Herald of HeavenWin 7 Duel(s) against Super Joey.
Meltiel, Sage of the SkyPlay 15 Duel(s) against Super Joey.
Superb Tea Event IconWin 3 Duel(s) against Superb Tea using Yami Yugi

Superb Tea Rewards

New Cards

Card / [Rarity]Tea's Level
Meltiel, Sage of the SkyMeltiel, Sage of the Sky [UR]30 or above
Harvest Angel of WisdomHarvest Angel of Wisdom [SR]30 or above
Radiant JeralRadiant Jeral [SR]30 or above
Zeradias, Herald of HeavenZeradias, Herald of Heaven [SR]30 or above
Divine PunishmentDivine Punishment [SR]30 or above
Guiding LightGuiding Light [R]All levels
WingweaverWingweaver [R]All levels
Photon BoosterPhoton Booster [R]All levels
Constellar BeltConstellar Belt [R]All levels
TendernessTenderness [N]All levels

Combo Example

If you are using a Fairy type monsters only deck, you can use Ishizu's Fairy's Smile skill to gain some LP whenever you normal draw a Fairy-type monster. Using Zeradias' effect, we can get The Sanctuary in the Sky from the deck. If you have more ways to increase your LP like Aegis of Gaia, you can get Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin's attack high enough to be able to OTK.

With some of the newer support, a Fairy counter trap deck might start to become viable. Use these with some of the more easily usable counter trap cards like Divine Wrath or Magic Drain to activate your monsters' effects and gain some advantage.

How to beat Superb Tea

Since Tea doesn't really have good ways to deal with monsters above 2000 attack and/or defense, you can have a pretty easy time by using Paradox Brothers' skill "Elements Unite!", or Rex's Dinosaur Kingdom. Together with some draw cards in the deck can help speed up the farming process much faster.

Notable cards

Meltiel, Sage of the Sky [UR]

Meltiel, Sage of the Sky
Meltiel, Sage of the Sky
LIGHT Fairy ★4
ATK 1600 / DEF 1200
Superb Tea Event [UR]
Each time a Counter Trap Card is activated, gain 1000 Life Points, and if "The Sanctuary in the Sky" is face-up on the field, destroy 1 card your opponent controls.

Harvest Angel of Wisdom [SR]

Harvest Angel of Wisdom
Harvest Angel of Wisdom
LIGHT Fairy ★4
ATK 1800 / DEF 1000
Superb Tea Event [SR]
When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can add 1 Counter Trap Card from your Graveyard to your hand.

Radiant Jeral [SR]

Radiant Jeral
Radiant Jeral
LIGHT Fairy ★4
ATK 1000 / DEF 2000
Superb Tea Event [SR]
When this card is sent to the Graveyard (except if destroyed by battle), gain 1000 Life Points if "The Sanctuary in the Sky" is on the field.

Zeradias, Herald of Heaven [SR]

Zeradias, Herald of Heaven
Zeradias, Herald of Heaven
LIGHT Fairy ★4
ATK 2100 / DEF 800
Superb Tea Event [SR]
You can discard this card to the Graveyard to add 1 "The Sanctuary in the Sky" from your Deck to your hand. If "The Sanctuary in the Sky" is not face-up on the field, destroy this card.

Divine Punishment [SR]

Divine Punishment
Divine Punishment
Counter Trap
Superb Tea Event [SR]
Activate only if "The Sanctuary in the Sky" is face-up on the field. Negate the activation of a Spell Card, Trap Card, or Effect Monster's effect, and destroy that card.

Guiding Light [R]

Guiding Light
Guiding Light
LIGHT Fairy ★1
ATK 0 / DEF 0
Superb Tea Event [R]
When this card is Normal Summoned: You can target 1 Level 1 LIGHT monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target.

Wingweaver [R]

LIGHT Fairy ★7
ATK 2750 / DEF 2400
Superb Tea Event [R]
A six-winged fairy who prays for peace and hope.

Photon Booster [R]

Photon Booster
Photon Booster
Normal Spell
Superb Tea Event [R]
Target 1 Level 4 or lower LIGHT monster on the field, except a Token; the ATK of all monsters currently on the field with its name become 2000, until the end of this turn.

Constellar Belt [R]

Constellar Belt
Constellar Belt
Continuous Spell
Superb Tea Event [R]
The activation of LIGHT monsters' effects cannot be negated.

Tenderness [N]

LIGHT Fairy ★3
ATK 700 / DEF 1400
Superb Tea Event [N]
An adorable fairy that celebrates the gift of love.


Joey; You act like a noob, but ya crush my monstas usin' spells and then diss me sayin' how weak I am!

Tea: No I haven't! Not lately anyway!

Joey: Well, it ain't chill ta rely on Spell Cards ta deal damage and win!

Tea: And it's "chill" to rely on luck to win? Becuase that's all you do!

Joey: Whoa there.. I'm just sayin' nicely dat you're too chicken to fight bead-on! Dat's all!

Tea: Well, you got a rep too! That's you're super annoying! Go bark up another tree!

Joey: Tea... Oh no,,, I may be wrong, but I got a slight feelin' dat I made her mad...

Yugi Muto: You think? You better apologize to her later.
Joey: Yeah...

Tea: That Joey! Who does he think he is, flapping his gums like that? I'm going to build a deck spafically designed to beat him!

But I don't know if I can make one on my own... Hmm... I bet Mai and Ishizu can give me some pointers!


Hot New Top
Anonymous 5days ago
I’m hoping they do this event again because I had crappy drops. Only obtain 1 Divine Punishment
Anonymous 5days ago
I hoping they do this event again because I had crappy drops. Only obtain 1 Divine Punishment
Xenon 23days ago
I got Meltiel x3, Harvest x3, Jeral x2, Zeradias x5, Divine x7, Guiding x16, Wingweaver x18(1 glossy), Photon x29(2 glossy), Constellar x17 and Tenderness x15(2 glossy). This includes the mission ones...
Frost 24days ago
For someone who loves LIGHT Fairy, why this very event should be the one I missed. T.T
Anonymous 28days ago
Konami hates me :)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
No, Konami loves me! Prismatic Divine Wrath
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
I don't even have Medicaid
<< Anonymous
xd 24days ago Reply
same happend to me lol, first random prismatic i think. Could send pic but don´t now how to :C
farmeo a tea UR SR 25days ago
Anonymous 26days ago
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
Wow, for this event I was lucky I got even one SR or UR to drop at a time let a alone three!
<< Anonymous
Shadow_Zero 25days ago Reply
What did you do to get 10000 assessment??
<< Anonymous(Shadow_Zero)
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
He got 9000 but with campaign bouns + 1000 =10000
Anonymous 25days ago
Another worthless event worth skipping
Anonymous 25days ago
Finally got a prismatic meltiel
Anonymous 26days ago
11 Meltiel but only 1 Divine Punishment, What kind of bullshit is this?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
Me too, I have 5-7 copies of everything else and 1 of the Trap card!!!!!! You only need two to play the deck for sake!!!
<< Anonymous
Valencia 25days ago Reply
And me. I got 3 or over of everything else, but STILL only one Divine Punishment. And even with assessments in the 8000s, she now seems to have stopped giving me rainbow packs altogether and it is just rares and gold. Sometimes I wonder if farming actually DECREASES my odds after a while.
Anonymous 26days ago
Drop rate went really good after they announce the event got extended now I got more than 6 copies of everything after got nothing for days. Thanks konami.
<< Anonymous
Ley 26days ago Reply
I got 1 trap card on 50 or more games
Valencia 28days ago
Ok, good.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
I think the drops are now better and you have more time. I only had one Divine Punishment and now I got a prismatic one and a normal.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
White Elephant‘s Gift and Shard of Greed to draw cards, Counter Counter and De-Spell to counter the traps or trigger and destroy the Field Spell. Horn of the Unicorn to get Gate Guardian over 5000 atk
<< Anonymous
Valencia 26days ago Reply
The drops and scores are better now with the campaign bonus. She gave me a prismatic Meltiel and a skill! I just want at least one more divine punishment.
<< Anonymous
Valencia 26days ago Reply
What I do now is summon Ra first, then summon Slifer and wait to attack her directly for 7000 damage. That way, I can get cards on the brink, comeback victory, over 5000 damage, low lp, etc. With the campaign bonus, I get assessments in the high 8000s now and it is better.

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i hope this will be true
i use a similar deck to farm level 40 it has a win rate of more than 90%
I guess Joey is really lucky. Got just enough equip cards to power up my monster and destroy Ra o...
I think only atk/def changing traps or countertrap could be chained in such a situation.
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