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update 19/12/2016

Magic Drain

Magic Drain
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect


When your opponent activates a Spell Card: They can discard 1 Spell Card to negate this card's effect, otherwise negate the activation of their Spell Card, and if you do, destroy it.

How to get / Rarity

PackChaotic Compliance [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • It's either negate the spell card or decrease your opponent's card by 1.


  • Enemy can still activate their spell card if they discard a spell card.


  • If you want to simply negate a spell card, it's better to use Magic Jammer.
  • This card is more effective if you use more than once. The first time you use it, they can maybe discard a spell, but they have less cards to counter a second or third use.
  • While you can't use it in a chain, you can also bring Terrible Deal in a deck destruction deck.
  • Since spell cards are often used, this has a high chance of being used, making it really good to get Dark Voltanis out. Regardless if they negate it or not, voltanis can be special summoned (if you have a dark monster on the field) and you can then choose any card on the field to destroy.

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ActionsYour opponent discards / Discards for effect
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesNegates itself / Negates the activation of your opponent's Spell Cards / Destroys your opponent's Spell Cards

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anoymous 5days ago
7/10 ? good one
anoymous 8days ago
I need help to decide which one is better: 2 mirror wall or 2 magic drain?
anoymous 5days ago
You forgot ECon, which is still one of the best and most versatile cards in the game. Some people farm the crap out of Kaiba just to get 3 of those, so being able to shut it down is huge (especially if they used the 2nd effect and had to tribute a monster).
anoymous 7days ago
i'd say choose both and 1 each. Usually when you use Mirror Wall, you destroy 1 of your opponents strongest monster and prevent a 2nd attack. This USUALLY turns the tides of a duel to your favor. IMO, not a lot of spell cards are game changers. Compared to availability of trap cards, some game changers are: Soul Exchange, Riryoku, maybe OTC, Wonder Ballons and that's it.
Imma Richboi 8days ago
Why not both? :)
anoymous 9days ago
OK need help. Was using in facedown, i attacked opponent, they used e-con, but wouldn't allow me to play magic drain! This I checked out multiple times against friends. Can someone explain why it's not working?
anoymous 9days ago
That's because you probably set the Magic Drain and then attacked him. You gotta wait a turn before you can activate traps after you set them. Pretty basic rules...
anoymous 10days ago
This card is better then magic jammer because you have to discard one of your own cards in your hand. This card makes your oppenent use one of theirs
anoymous 10days ago
if ur opponent only has 1 spell card in their hand, you will be able to stop them using either magic jammer or drain. if ur opponent has 2+ spell cards, they will be able to activate at least one spell card even if you have magic jammer. therefore in both situations, drain is still better in terms of card advantage.
anoymous 10days ago
yea, say ur opponent has 2 OTC/ritual spell or wtever game changing spell card in their hand and gets countered by magic drain, whether or not he chooses to discard, the outcome is the same: he will have to use both copies to activate OTC/ritual. mean while, using magic drain is a -1 card for the player while magic jammer means -2. so i would say that in most situations magic drain> jammer.
anoymous 10days ago
The best card in the pack no doubt, Especially for duel links format. you should run of these in platinum rank
anoymous 10days ago
this card is versatile...discarding another spell in order to cancel magic drain can be painful. eg. the top tier relinquished deck listed here runs 5/20 spell cards and will be destroyed if relinquished cannot be summoned. a venus deck that runs 6-7/20 spell cards will have a difficult time gaining card advantage using OTC+white elephant gift+ mystic shineball.
anoymous 10days ago
Magic drain sucks then and still sucks. The fact that you hold your spells in your hands will cancel this card out easily. Best card in the set is 7 tools. Magic drain is a rare in real
Yugioh for a reason. It's sucks no matter what you say.
anoymous 5days ago
I can agree with what I've seen a lot of people saying, which is that a majority of the meta traps are activated during the battle phase. Therefore it's better to just run trap jammer instead of paying 1000 for 7 tools.
anoymous 10days ago
still a better card compared to 7 tools
kairyu 10days ago
Definitely still a solid card because even if your opponent does have an extra spell card in his hand it might not be smart for him to discard it. sometimes ur opponent wont even have any spell cards to discard. sure it wasnt as OP as cards like raigeki and heavy storm but no matter what you say, this card and many other 1 for 1 cards were staples in the OCG metagame back in 2002.
anoymous 10days ago
hopefully this card will make relinquished and orders to charge less OP
anoymous 10days ago
Order to Charge will be completely hammered by this. Your opponent will tribute a monster and needs to negate the effect or discard a precious spell, without you paying any cost, unlike Magic Jammer.
kairyu 10days ago
anyone who has played the OCG yugioh 10+ years ago would realize how good this card is. you either negate the spell activation one for one or you force your opponent to discard an extra card. i remember all the competitive players back then used to play 2-3 copies of this.
anoymous 10days ago
I agree with you. 20 cards format makes it almost impossible to build a good competitive deck with excessive Spell Card to be discarded. Each and every Spell Card in the deck will be of great value.
anoymous 10days ago
and given that this is a 20 card format, there is a much greater opportunity cost in having to discard an extra spell card.
anoymous 10days ago
It would be a lot more useful if it forced your opponent to discard the Kuriboh.
anoymous 10days ago
This is hands down the best trap card in the set. It's a top 10 trap in the entire game. People underestimate this at their peril.
anoymous 10days ago
yeah, just like how noobs underestimated order to charge back then
anoymous 11days ago
op card..
anoymous 10days ago
sorry Chapapanga but you're a noob. i can guarantee that you'll be friggin frustrated when you actually face someone who plays multiple copies of this.
anoymous 10days ago
lol @ the nub who thinks Magic Jammer is better than this. It has different uses, scrub. You save card like this towards the end of the match when most/all hands are used up. This card will clutch alot of pvp matches.
Daemon Blitzkrieg 10days ago
Yea, even if they do discard trying to say set up a Wicked Baou, you can still easily Twister it anyway & let the psychological warfare commence in a major way.
anoymous 11days ago
The good thing about this card is that it lets your opponent decide 50-50 on discarding a card (whether he has one card left on hand that is useful)
Chapapanga 11days ago
But if ur opponent discard the card. He can activated the spell. Its better to be save than sorry. Magic jammer wins
anoymous 11days ago
nope this is better than magic jammer. you don't have to discard a card like in magic jammer but it is your opponent who will
Daemon Blitzkrieg 11days ago
Its most powerful in a Deck Destruction deck. And, with fewer starting cards, ....yea, somewhat "OP"
Chapapanga 11days ago
They can negate the activation by throwing spell card. Magic jammer do better

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