If you normal draw a Fairy-Type monster card during the Draw Phase, the card is shown to the opponent and you recover 1000 Life Points.



How to get

  • Ishizu reaches Lvl 13.

Rating and explanation

This skill becomes more interesting after the release of Valkyrie's Rage allowing players to obtain more fairy monsters especially Sky Scourge Enrise. However, it is still not recommended for PVP and farming due to lack of success of Fairy type decks.

Ishizu skills list


Jesse now has this as a drop skill.
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
So now Ishizu has a friend. Lol. If I need a break from crystal beasts, I could give Jesse a fairy deck.
I was thinking of making Fairy Stall deck because of this skill update. Stall with big LP and mills
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i'm not a kid lol. i'm a world class yuigoh player who knows upgrades when he sees one and can easily tell the difference between a high class tactic and a low class tactic. this is definitely an upgrade and not a low class tactic, because my strategies and tactics are unbeatable.
<< Anonymous
Anon-a-Mouse Reply
Somehow I feel only a child would be this frikkin proud of being a 'world class duelist' which literally says 'I spend way too much time playing children's card games' if the claim is, in fact, even true.
<< Anonymous(Anon-a-Mouse)
Anonymous Reply
As opposed to non-children's card games...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Who said fairy decks are unsuccessful? May I introduce to you the Venus deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
because fyi i found fairy smile more useful than switcharoo in this deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No Venus deck is going to be good without Restart. Even with Restart you get really bad hands a good amount of the time. Venus decks run Venus and Lotus, that's it,they don't need other wincons, and other wincons that fit in Venus are very inconsistent and are often dead draws
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I am on Legend with a Venus deck that does not use restart, and also happens to use Fairy Smile. You don't really have to play faeries only to make it work. You just have to be very aggressive with your ball-sacks (Elephant gift XD)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you meant The Splendid Venus (which we don't have yet anyway), then sure.

If you meant The Agent of Creation - Venus.....lmao
Too bad I'd doesn't work with aromages:(
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There seems to be a bug with this ability when combined with Fire Princess. If Fire Princess is on the field when this ability is triggered, then Fire Princess' effect never triggers to damage the opponent by 500 despite gaining the life points from Fairy's Smile.
<< Anonymous
PK Reply
Perhaps the LP gained should be from a card effect. The same case for Mokuba's skill Monstermorph which doesn't trigger monster effect in the graveyard when used as tribute to summon another monster with the Skill.
Mausoleum of emperor card draw and lots of high level fairy's, I'm in legend because of this shot. Be humble
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
whats the deck recipe
This 1000 lp is very opp with mirror wall
1000 LP?!?!?! (At least when it decides to work. I swear that NPCs were bugged with this skill to 500) Holy crap this skill can be nuts. Dunames Dark Witch especially makes this dangerous. Unless you're up against power of the dark Yami Yugi, what are ya gonna do.
Just update the game
Skill say 1000 LP
But still got 500 LP
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
your shit is bugged mine is working fine
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
now only work for pvp
Should fix above information- Skill only gives 500LP for fairy draw
<< Anonymous(Anon)
Anonymous Reply
this is the updated version.

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