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Structure Deck EX: Return of the Fire Kings
update 06/09/2016

Bountiful Artemis

Bountiful Artemis
Monster TypeFairy
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect
ArchetypesCounter Fairy
SupportsCounter Trap
Anti-supportsCounter Trap


Each time a Counter Trap Card is activated, draw 1 card immediately after it resolves.

How to get / rarity

Level-up reward-
Victory against-
Card traderTradable [SR]
[Required trader items]
  • 43,000 Gold
  • SR Jewel x6
  • Stone of Light x60




  • Allows you to draw a card.
  • Good defense.


  • Effect can only be used when a counter trap is activated.


Vandalgyon & Voltanis

Ultimate Providence

Any counter trap card can be used to help you draw, but ultimate providence might be the most versatile & budget option. For more counter trap options, check Counter Trap deck page.


  • The effect of this monster card is a continuous effect and does not start a chain link.



ActionsYou draw cards


Hot New Top
not bad, too bad it's LIGHT attribute.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
LIGHT attribute is right for it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
with that name? no.
everything light is evil.

before cards were created, someone played inverse universe.
Why is this card SR?
<< Anonymous(YouGuysAreDumb)
Anonymous Reply
Enlighten us?
<< Anonymous
Ghoul Reply
If you counter a card you get to draw 1. So its a +1 because you negate a card at no cost.
Card advantage is the key to win a duel.
<< Anonymous(YouGuysAreDumb)
Dr. Man Reply
Waiting on that enlightening gem you have for us
<< Anonymous
not KoG Reply
F2P SR has equal power with R on boxes.
Guys, Konami is being generous here.
not KoG
Yay f2p card.
Not worth the profit to buy this card. Really? 6 SR stones + 60 light stones??
lul 6 sr stones for a poopy card
6 SR Stone...
this card cost 6 SR stones and 43000 gold and 60 light stones komoney be increasing their prices to much
My 2 cents
Think recruiter is just better than artemis, since it could also serve as discard material enabling its searching effect, artemis is simply top weak of a card with a rare effect to pull off
<< Anonymous(My 2 cents)
... Reply
In the context of counter trap decks ofc.
<< Anonymous(My 2 cents)
Realm Reply
In real counter trap deck you activate counter trap every turn, this card is a must for gaining advantage, the effect isnt rare to pull off.
Need more counter trap monsters though, the "require 1 dark monster" one suck.
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Anonymous Reply
But in the current game it would just get run over with no counter trap activation since basically every unboosted beater is at least 1800, and they would most likely know you're only running non-alarming counter traps waiting for them to play a spell or trigger an effect
Dark Voltanis forces Counter Trap decks to focus on DARK monsters at the moment (though Van Dal'gyon doesn't have this limitation at least) so until we get the rest of the Counter Fairies this isn't going to be very useful.
This card would have been better if they released it before when Harpies are the meta.
Not enough countertraps and not enough ways to search them. But this will be annoying in the future
yes i like fairy monster

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If they choose to animate one of his cards, and they only choose 1, it should be Halberd Cannon
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