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update 09/03/2018

Phantom Beast Wild-Horn

Phantom Beast Wild-Horn
Monster TypeBeast-Warrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect
ArchetypesPhantom Beast


During battle between this attacking card and a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower than the ATK of this card, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent.



How to Get

Level-up reward-
Victory against-
Card trader-
OtherDuel Island -Gladiator [SR]


  • Able to inflict damage equivalent to the difference between its ATK and the monster’s DEF value to your opponent, when it is attacking monsters in DEF position.
  • Decent ATK value.


  • No DEF stats susceptible to position switching plays.


  • This card’s potential is overshadowed by Enraged Battle Ox, which grants all Beast-Warrior type monsters you control, to deal piercing damage.
  • Generally Phantom Beast archetype does not have the potential to compete in the current fast paced meta therefore we won’t be seeing much usage of this card in the competitive duels.

Beast-Warrior Support

This monster is best used in Beast or Beast-warrior deck to continuously increase its ATK by banishing other Beast or Beast-warrior type monsters from your Field.

Useful Skills

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used only once after starting hands are dealt. Reveal and redraw your starting hand.
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba




Attack categoriesPiercing

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And there it is. The turbocrap rarity system is part of the reason why i left this game. Phantom beastd should have been released ages ago, as their support is basically nonexistent. OH! And a 1700 beater with piercing damage. If only we had access to a better one that was easier to get than a bloody SR...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The rarity isn't the problem if you have a fair chance to get it. The ratio of the rigged lottery is the problem.
Based on several people's record, the rate of getting a SR/UR is less than 3% and there's dupe issue too. Useless keys, golds, and N cards garbage are plaguing the lottery so badly to the point that many people still missing some SR/UR even after getting >3 million points. Ridiculous
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Its not just the rarity for the rewards that annoyed me away from the game though, the most sinful of all was was the often garbage UR cards that plagued box sets that was a HUGE problem. I can't even begin to understand who thought crap like neo flamvell deserved to STEAL a UR slot in a box, when they want people to pay money for the crap
<< Anonymous
Badger Reply
That's why i managed to get only 2 ffs...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah the rarity system is crap I only got one UR Darius after accumulating so many many coins, the other one I got after getting 950000 points
How do you get this card?
<< Anonymous(Frostrain)
Anonymous Reply
Only from lottery’s in the gladiator beast events
I’m actually attempting pvp for once with a phantom based deck so far climbed to gold 30 wins with about 7 losses(6 while in gold)
Enraged Battle Ox still better. House Adhesive Tape with this is dead
<< Anonymous(candend)
Anonymous Reply
Who plays that though? It’s just easier to Econ it and attack it while in def.
I played against Lv40 Yami Yugi last night. He appeared as part of the extra legendary duelist event. This card was played against me and for no apparent reason had 2600 attack when it was summoned. I submitted a bug accordingly. The card is not in the card catalog.
<< Anonymous(Stevindir)
Answerer Reply
Yugi has another monster card that adds attack to all phantom beast monsters while in the graveyard. That's why it's attack was boosted
<< Anonymous(Stevindir)
Card in His Graveyar Reply
There must of been 3 Phantom Beast Crossed-Winged in his graveyard. That cards effect when it's in the graveyard gives 300 ATK to every Phantom monster.
<< Anonymous(Stevindir)
Anonymous Reply
Yugi had you cross-eyed cause Phantom Beast CrossWing effect activated while in graveyard,when other Phantom Beast got summoned to the field XD
Player J
Battle Ox
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Anonymous Reply
rising beasts will love this one :)
Phantom beast card pack???
With this card???
How do I get this card? D:

I want to make a Phantom Beast deck :(

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Can you give me the name of the cards you used in this deck?
Give those cards to Yusei, he will prove that NOTHING and NO ONE is useless!
Forgot to put my name
3 straight wins for me in Plat. I changed the Skull Meister to The Tricky, and Unknown Synchron. ...
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