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update 23/02/2018
Period (JST)Feb 27 15:30 - Mar 7 14:00

How to Play

How to Play

1. Set a Defending Deck! Defender Decks will Auto Duel with other challenging Duelists.
2.Select a Duelist from the event map to challenge their Defender Deck! The Reload Button can be pressed at regular intervals in order to change the Duelists that have appeared. When other Duelists' Defender Decks cannot be found, Standard Duelists will appear instead.
3. Obtain Event Points and Island Coins through Event Duels.
4. Obtain Rewards with Event Points!
5. Save up Island Coins to use in the Lottery!


  • Duelist on your Friends list may appear on the Event Map
  • Dueling friends does not require Stamina, so be sure to Duel them when they appear.

Island Intruder

An Island Intruder may sometimes appear. Duel it to gain lots of Event Points and Island Coins!

Lvl 40 Intruder's deck (15,000 pts)

Lvl 30 Intruder's deck (7,500 pts)

Defending Deck

  • Your deck that will duel against attacking Duelists.
  • You can only have one Defending Deck set at a time, but it can be changed at any time during the Event.
  • A Defending Deck will Auto Duel with any Duelist that comes looking for a challenge, but it cannot use skills.
  • When a Defending Deck succeeds in fighting off an attacking Duelist, you will earn Event Points and Island Coins, so be sure to make it as strong as possible!


  • Challenging Other Duelists to Duels will reduce your Stamina by 1.
  • 1 Stamina will be restored every 30 minutes, but no Stamina will be restored if your Stamina is at 5.
  • you can fully restore your Stamina with a Stamina potion.
  • Stamina Potions can be obtained through Daily Bonuses, Event Missions, and other means.
  • Dueling friends does not require Stamina, so be sure to Duel them when they appear.

Event Point Rewards

PointExclusive Reward
70,000Phantom Beast Wild-HornPhantom Beast Wild-Horn
250,000Phantom Beast Cross-WingPhantom Beast Cross-Wing
500,000Phantom Beast Thunder-PegasusPhantom Beast Thunder-Pegasus
750,000Phantom Beast Rock-LizardPhantom Beast Rock-Lizard
1,000,000Exclusive Icon

Lottery Rewards


Hot New Top
Sweatpea 2days ago
Will this event be back? So sad i missed it
Did they do something with the AI? In auto duels it seems to do even more stupid things than before, like using Mirror Wall instead of Windstorm when MW didn't drop the ATK of the attacking monster low enough to survive, while WoE wold have let me at least have another turn.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You are right, wrong is on me I didn't read carefully the first comment.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the worst move AI actually did for me, use in same turn ECON then Windstorm....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Auto-duel is rigged. It has to be. If it isn't, you just get the same results in half the time.
So Konami fudges the RNG a little bit. They make cards work inconsistently enough that you think "maybe it's just faulty AI - an AI system for auto-duel has got to be hard to develop, after all".

Then boom. Your cards only work half or one third the time, if the game wants them to.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
To clarify, if you get bad results from your dueling, it artificially increases the time you spend playing the game, and draws out the time you need to reach your goals. Then you may even fork over money for duel orbs, which is just profit for Konami. It's either that or increased time spent with Konami's app.
Either way, Konami wins. It's like a casino, or the ring toss.
The lottery is rigged
I reach 2,8 million points on this event and spent all my coins, but i DID NOT get any Golden Homunculus! WTF???
27,000 coins and got more than 4 copies of every card except Cross Wing. I have only 1 from the event reward. BS! If you don't want me to play phantom beasts, fine!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh! no Dark Crusader as well. Thanks.
27,000 coins and got more than 4 copies of every card, except Cross-Wing. I have only one from the event reward. BS
Didn't manage to use all of recovery potions, got like almost 4 mill points with 9 potions left, could have more but I don't have much time playing. Got all cards more than 3 copies tho.
<< Anonymous
Ken Reply
Don't have much time playing but got to 4mill? How does that work? Absolute min would have been about 570 duels to reach 4mil if you only dueled 7000 and won every time. Assume you played 24 hours straight, everyday, that is 48 available duels * 9 = 432...smells a bit like bs in this post.
<< Anonymous(Ken)
Anonymous Reply
I open the app each 3-4 hours to did the event. Also I just use auto deck with 1900 beater alongside 2 MW, 2 WoD and other staples, it isn't much of a challenge for a quick duel I guess.
Manage to get around 3.200.000 and get:

10 PB Rock-lizard
11 PB Wild-horn
5 PB Cross-wing
9 Golden Homo
7 Dark Crusader
6 Gamushara

Well I guess the event isn't all bad.
What happens if i forgot to use my coins
<< Anonymous(Yami Homo)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
u have a week from the end of the event to trade your coins
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Where do you exchange it after the event end?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Where can I trade them in at?
Only one Cross Wing and more than 22 000 points. The only one I got is not a duel reward... Wtf ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
22 000 coins*, not points.
Only 30.000 points to reach the 1.000.000.

I got
3 Rock Lizards
3 Wild Horn
3 Cross Wing
1 Homunculus
2 Dark Crusader
2 Gamushara

At first the lottery rewards were shit, but yesterday I got 2 Rock Lizards and other cards.
<< Anonymous
Ken Reply
So you got all but 4 cards, and were under 1mil...that is why these events are broken. When other people are at 2 mil and only have 2 cards. I was lucky to get all the cards but I only got 1 homunculus and ended with a little over 3mil...though I do not really care about that card anyway.
<< Anonymous(Ken)
Ken Reply
But...that was good luck for you. Congrats on getting a lot for very little work comparatively.
feels nice man
<< Anonymous(autofarm)
Ken Reply
I have never, from any event, (been playing about 7 months) pulled a glossy or prismatic. I get most of the cards each time...but never a glossy or prim....EVER.

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