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update 04/09/2016

Battle Ox

Battle Ox
Monster TypeBeast-Warrior
Card typeNormal
Fusion Material forRabid Horseman


A monster with tremendous power, it destroys enemies with a swing of its axe.

How to get/rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstSeto Kaiba Lv30 or more [SR]
Card trader--


Rating6.0 / 10

1700 ATK is very high among the low level monsters. It will work very well when you have this card in the beginning.


Fusion Monsters


This card is weak now, everyone is using special summoning to summon much more powerful monsters in the least amount of turns.
<< Anonymous
Gladssuckyo Reply
I'm running a Enraged version with fire formation Tensu and it can keep up with say for example a REZD deck..

Invalid argument.
super man
<< Anonymous(super man)
Anonymous Reply
Couldn't agree more.
1700 atk trash now
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Took you long enough..
1) Big Shield Gardna is pretty useless. 2) You can only get one Big Shield Gardna. And 3) Wow. I see you know nothing. Besides... He's needed for the fusion.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Actually, I got 2 before it got removed on Feb. 27 and got the 3rd one through EX stones. Also, there are a lot of cards right now equivalent to Battle Ox or better (Neo, Master Kyonshee, Dunames, Warrior Dai, etc.) so at this point it is mostly useful for the fusion.
The bean with 0 def has higher attack than this card

I converted this card to buy big shield gaurdner in the shop
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
what a waste
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dude you shouldnt have done that
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No u didn't. Big shield is UR. This is SR

I have two so far. Good if need more than 3 grephers
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Now that Gardna is discontinued and still used in some KoG decks, he absolutely should've done that...

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Dyna to 1 is fair i guess as double dyna on the field made people unable to attack any of them. ...
You were the only one. Statistically, even one dark magician deck will KoG. Doesn't mean it...
I didn't even make any farm, haha. Are you have a good deck? *I'm sorry, I wanted to d...
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