Three-Star Demotion (skill)

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update 20/08/2018


An interesting and exclusive skill of Paradox Brothers, it has a great potential for potential for PvP Duels.


Can be used when your Life Points are 1,000 or below. Until the End Phase, reduce the Level of all monsters in your hand by 3. This skill can be used to "Suijin, "Kazejin", and "Sanga of the Thunder," regardless of your remaining Life Points. This skill can only be used once per turn.


How to get

  • A drop skill obtainable by playing PvP Duels or defeating Legendary Duelists when you play as the Paradox Brothers.

Rating and explanation

Having monsters with great effect to be easily summoned is a great advantage, you can check out 3 Star Demotion deck for more ideas on how to use this skill.


Three-Star Demotion deck

Dark Magician Three-Star Demotion

Paradox Brothers skills list


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Can this skill lower a monsters level to 0? Or would it only go to 1 and no lower?
I noticed that Level Reduction states Minimum 1, whereas this doesn't.
Use this with the 3 jins and arrival rival. Thank me later. :)
So I dueled a paradox brothers on PVP who had this ability, but when he used it, he had full LP and my LP was at 2000. Can some please explain to me why this ability is not working as described? I haven't unlocked it myself and it's real frustrating to lose because of an ability that's completely cheating the system
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It fits the description
"This skill can be used to "Suijin, "Kazejin", and "Sanga of the Thunder," regardless of your remaining Life Points."
nop nop
We can use the effect only once per duel and can activate it without lose LP if you have Sanga, Kazeji,... If not you only can activate it if you have less than 1000LP
<< Anonymous(nop nop)
Anonymous Reply
Oh, thank you for clarifying that. This page obviously needs to be updated
<< Anonymous(nop nop)
Anonymous Reply
If you're not playing kazejin and co, there's no point using this skill and play cyber style instead. 3 levels down vs 3 free monsters. That's how broken cyber style is now.
Started a duel with paradox brothers. First turn of the duel he summoned a level 5 monster not using any skill at all without tributing. It was a normal monster with no effect. Then in the same turn he tributed that monster for horus. He had no spiel or trap cards activated and again used no skill. I read through the log multiple times trying to see if anything happened that would have allowed him to do this. There was nothing. Wtf? Maybe I'm just a noob and I'm just over looking some rule? Someone please explain this to me.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
Anonymous Reply
Should have worded the first sentence better. I was up against the paradox brothers in pvp. Just to clarify
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
Mastika Reply
It's a skill, too:
the description seems inaccurate
This is broken. It does not apply to Sujin and other guardian anymore. It is not activated
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
that would be a bit op wouldnt it? if you could use it once every turn to get out all three guardians?
RIP 3SD Ninja deck, the nerfed skill is weak af
<< Anonymous(AquaMarine)
lol Reply
still most powerfull deck at king of games level.... wtf u talking about?
<< Anonymous(lol)
Kuriboh Main Reply
Ever heard of Cyber Angels or Sylvans?
some chinese guy just used this against me on turn 2 with 4000hp is he cheating lets find out
<< Anonymous(random)
Mango Joe Reply
Same here. Someone used this skill on their first turn. Full 4000 LP, and they summoned Suijin with no cost.
<< Anonymous(Mango Joe)
Anonymous Reply
@Mango Joe: then read the description...
this page needs to be updated it says once per turn it is now once per duel, also overview has a typo i think it says great potential for potential for PvP Duels, someone must have been really sleepy
Holy fk spent almost all of my key still no 3sd
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Try more hard I get this skill after 6 month play this game=_=
<< Anonymous
I'maMFStarboi Reply
This card is as RARE as getting Cup of MF Ace from Standard Duelists...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I got 3SD on the first day of trying to unlock it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I could give you all my keys wich is 27.5k normals and a few thousands each for the colors. Idk how people have time to play gate.
3SD is bugged right now. u can use it anytime and u dont even lose any lifepoints, but the effect goes through...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You don't lose any life points to use the effect anymore but your lp has to be 1000 or less so unless your opponent had more than 1000 lp when they used the effect its not bugged
<< Anonymous
I just got rekt Reply
Opponent life points 3500 (hadn't gained any LP in the duel).
My LP 2900 (hadn't gained any LP in the duel).
His/her field: One face down Gazelle King.
My field: Nothing.
S/he then activates 3 star demotion for no cost, summons Sanga and wins duel.
What's the drawback of this skill? Doesn't work like it's described on this page at all.
<< Anonymous(I just got rekt)
Double rekt Reply
Oh wait yes it does, it's free for Sanga, Suijin and Kazejin.
<< Anonymous(Double rekt)
Anonymous Reply

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I know there’s no point in using this what with Axe of Despair out there and all, but it&rs...
"There is easy ways to gain Lp on your opponents turn lol" How so?
And I honestly hate players who cannot think for themselves and need an easy win.
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