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update 01/06/2019

Gladiator Taming

Gladiator Taming
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect
Supports ArchetypesGladiator Beast


If a face-up "Gladiator Beast" monster is on the field, activate 1 of these effects:

● Select 1 face-up monster your opponent controls and change its battle position.

● Select 1 face-up "Gladiator Beast" monster your opponent controls, and take control of it until the End Phase.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherDuel Island -Gladiator- [R]




  • Can switch the position of 1 of your opponent’s face-up monster.
  • Can take control of a “Gladiator Beast” monster your opponent controls until the End Phase.


  • Must have at least 1 face-up Gladiator Beast monster on the Field to use this card.


  • This card is mostly useful against opponent’s that tries to take control of your Gladiator Beast monster using cards like Enemy Controller or Brainwashing Beam.


Trojan Gladiator Beast allows you to Special Summon 1 Gladiator Beast monster from your Hand to your opponent’s Field, and draw 1 card. Therefore you can use Gladiator Taming to regain control of that Special Summoned Gladiator Beast monster.




ActionsChanges Battle Positions / Changes control


anti enemy controller
We need this cardlist AS SOON AS POSSIBLE KONAMI!
1. Gladiator Beast Gyzarus
2. Gladiator Beast Noxious
3. Gladiator Beast Samnite
4. Gladiator Beast Tamer Editor
5. Gladiator Beast War Chariot
6. Gladiator Beast Battle Manica
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Samnite, sure. But I wouldn't expect the others any time soon. (I'd have said War Chariot was a possibility, but we just got Equeste.) What I don't get is why we don't have Lanista or Torax yet, since they're both pretty weak. (Torax really should've been a Common in the current Duel Island.) Test Tiger could probably happen soon, actually, too.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And we get Tygerius instead as an SR, the trash nobody in real life bother to use due to how bad it literally doesn't even have any synergy with all the other Gladiator Beasts.

Seriously, Tygerius does not even deserve to be an N rarity card, let alone SR.
This card makes trojan gb trap card useful.
<< Anonymous(Io)
Xenon Reply
You know, that Trojan trap card is 🔥? First you need to set it, that make it prone to destruction/banish, second you need to wait a turn, third you need a GB in your hand and 4th you need this card. And this all for WHAT? That you end with +0? Way to much setup for no real benefit(especially when you consider a defensive/offensive use of Taming).
<< Anonymous(Io)
Itzmolin Reply
That card is not gud waste space i use this card for change to def lol
Great for mirror matches
If opponent monster used for material,where it goes?
My deck or opponent deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the material is going to your opponents deck
This can be a dead card. While first effect is easier to accomplish, you are way more vulnerable to not being able to use it during enemy. Outside of a mirror-match tricky to use... Especially second effect is impossible to use then. Only good thing is you don't need to tribute for second effect = able to use enemy GB for extra deck or attack+GB from your deck.
Basically econ gb version
Mirror match would be hella crazy with this card

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You have to compare each deck with existing meta, such as Hero against aleister. If you had a har...
Agreed. 2.5k not needed. >3k better.
Yeah, Dyna's attack lock isn't that OP anymore. But probably put Wiz to 1 in exchang...
At least he might be coming with REDMD as well. That one can still be meta, despite the nerf.
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