Duel Island: Gladiator Beast [Jul 13 - Jul 23]

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update 20/07/2018

Event Details

PeriodJul 13- Jul 23

How to Play

1. Set a Defending Deck! Defender Decks will Auto Duel with other challenging Duelists.
2.Select a Duelist from the event map to challenge their Defender Deck! The Reload Button can be pressed at regular intervals in order to change the Duelists that have appeared. When other Duelists' Defender Decks cannot be found, Standard Duelists will appear instead.
3. Obtain Event Points and Island Coins through Event Duels.
4. Obtain Rewards with Event Points!
5. Save up Island Coins to use in the Lottery!


  • Duelist on your Friends list may appear on the Event Map
  • Dueling friends does not require Stamina, so be sure to Duel them when they appear.

Island Trespassers & Intruder [Trespassers Lvl 50 Added!]

An Island Intruder may sometimes appear. Duel it to gain lots of Event Points and Island Coins!

Island Gladiators Lvl 50

Lvl 50 (20,000 pts)

Phantom Beast Assault

Lvl 40 (15,000 pts)

Lvl 30 (12,000 pts)

Island Gladiators

Lvl 40 (15,000 pts)

Lvl 30 (12,000 pts)

Attacking Deck

  • Your attacking deck will be the deck and character currently active at Duel World.
  • You can change your attacking deck anytime by changing your active duelist and deck.
  • Near the upper right side of the screen you will see a refresh button. Click it to switch the duelists currently in your event map if you are not satisfied with the point rewards or want easier opponents.
  • You can only refresh every 60 seconds.
  • It is recommended to avoid duelists using a Fur Hire deck as they are difficult to defeat with Auto-Duel. Refresh duelists if necessary.

Attacking Deck Example

Lava GolemLava GolemSanga of the ThunderSanga of the ThunderSanga of the ThunderSuijin
SuijinSuijinStray LambsStray LambsDefense DrawDefense Draw
Defense DrawGamusharaGamusharaGamusharaSpikeshield with ChainSpikeshield with Chain
Spikeshield with Chain----
Deck Name3SD Spikeshield OTK [Non-Auto]
SkillThree-Star Demotion

Defending Deck

  • Your deck that will duel against attacking Duelists.
  • You can only have one Defending Deck set at a time, but it can be changed at any time during the Event.
  • A Defending Deck will Auto Duel with any Duelist that comes looking for a challenge, but it cannot use skills.
  • When a Defending Deck succeeds in fighting off an attacking Duelist, you will earn Event Points and Island Coins, so be sure to make it as strong as possible!

Defending Deck Example

Beat, Bladesman Fur HireBeat, Bladesman Fur HireBeat, Bladesman Fur HireWiz, Sage Fur HireWiz, Sage Fur HireDyna, Hero Fur Hire
Dyna, Hero Fur HireDyna, Hero Fur HireSeal, Strategist Fur HireSeal, Strategist Fur HireDonpa, Marksman Fur HireDonpa, Marksman Fur Hire
Donpa, Marksman Fur HireRecon, Scout Fur HireRecon, Scout Fur HireEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerMayhem Fur Hire
Mayhem Fur HireTreacherous Trap Hole----
Deck NameFur Hire


  • Challenging Other Duelists to Duels will reduce your Stamina by 1.
  • 1 Stamina will be restored every 30 minutes, but no Stamina will be restored if your Stamina is at 5.
  • you can fully restore your Stamina with a Stamina potion.
  • Stamina Potions can be obtained through Daily Bonuses, Event Missions, and other means.
  • Dueling friends does not require Stamina, so be sure to Duel them when they appear.

Event Point Rewards

PointExclusive Reward
20,000Gladiator Beast RetiariGladiator Beast Retiari
60,000Phantom Beast Thunder-PegasusPhantom Beast Thunder-Pegasus
100,000Card Sleeves: Duel Island - Gladiator -
170,000Gladiator Beast EquesteGladiator Beast Equeste
290,000Game Mat: Duel Island - Gladiator -
530,000Gladiator Beast TygeriusGladiator Beast Tygerius
950,000Gladiator Beast DariusGladiator Beast Darius

Lottery Rewards


Hot New Top
Anonymous 2days ago
Always get to see the new too mega decks where even the ai show how much cheese and cancer these decks produce. Would love to stop running into so many fur (rats) decks
<< Anonymous
Saladfingers 2days ago Reply
Make the most out of it and run troll cards :D
Valencia 5days ago
My favorite situation during this event.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Saladfingers 2days ago Reply
I would suggest Windstorm or Curse over Impenetrable Attack, they are chainable, they stop attacks from happening at all (GBs and Amazoness), and they are also good at making cards easier to handle if they have low defense (Silent Magician LV 8). Anti-Magic Arrows can compliment the lack of Cosmic Cyclone copies, they also pack quite the surprise element.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Valencia 2days ago Reply
I switched it up a little bit now and put an extra decider in there imstead of srh. I might still bring srh or another trap back if I ditch magician of faith because she is just an experiment right now.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Valencia 2days ago Reply
Impenetrable attack is amazing. It can also be offensive because I can take some damage with it's first effect to help get destiny calling going faster. Overall, the card has helped me win games more than etaqua because some people are wise to etaqua and will switch one of their monsters to a different postion before they attack.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Saladfingers 2days ago Reply
I'd like to see your new build :D. That extra decider can help stall against Fur Hire (once they are spent) and even Silent Magician Lv 8 (which can lead to deck out war if needed).
Valencia 3days ago
I thought that I'd seen everything until I saw this...
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Valencia 2days ago Reply
The AI for this event does some weird stuff. The other day, it made "me" (Aster) use Amazoness Princess' effect to get rid of onslaught.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Saladfingers 2days ago Reply
I'm completely oblivious to icons and other buttons, thnks for explaining xD.
If you wanna see the AI fail like my sunday morning pancakes, give it Riryoku, such fun.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Valencia 2days ago Reply
Riryoku, oh man. I can see it now. Lol. Even worse, the stupid AI puts blademaster out when it is clearly better in my hand (especially with no mask changes in my hand), and also summons Amazoness Swordswoman to my empty field without equipping heirloom, the only s/t card that was in my hand and could have protected her. There is no logic to these moves.
<< Anonymous(Valencia )
Saladfingers 2days ago Reply
AI: "That 600 ATK is too strong, they'll never get past my minion!"
Gotta love that AI, the skill is so high, it loses just for fun.
Anonymous 5days ago
Who's going to be the third guest?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
I was waitig for Tristan Taylor :V
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
it was a bear lvl 50 ! not tristan lol
Anonymous 4days ago
Just noticed armored bee is highly effective in auto-duel
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Armored bee mvp :v
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
don't have mirror wall but got armored bee!, thank u ^^
Anonymous 7days ago
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Wish I had you awesome luck guys! :3
<< Anonymous
Mercury 4days ago Reply
I have PLENTY of prismatic SR cards... but no prismatic UR's so far :X lol , gratz!
<< Anonymous
Neji-sama :v 3days ago Reply
I only have 3 prismatic cards, but all of them are UR cards, lucky me lol n.n
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
wtf dude u r truly lucky
Anonymous 3days ago
Farmed people with a Gilasaurus deck
Anonymous 6days ago
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Prismatics... ♥_♥ !
<< Anonymous
Steelswarm guy 4days ago Reply
Seems like a prismatic card give away :D! Cool
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
PyroRex 3days ago Reply
Gotta love prismatics, just wish I'd be half as lucky as you bud :3
D-hero celestial 5days ago
My fave events are:
1. D.D. Tower (RPG like)
2. Gladiator Beast Island :D !
3. Duelist Chronicles series
<< Anonymous(D-hero celestial)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Mine is D.D. tower as well, tons of gems / prismatics
<< Anonymous(D-hero celestial)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Would be nice to see duelist chronicles in GX world as well, perhaps when Yubel/Sartorius appear
<< Anonymous(D-hero celestial)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
There's three pretty good GX Duelist Chronicle possibilities. The Shadow Riders, Society of Light, or Yubel. Yubel's arc is a little worse for it since it's not as episodic. I'd say the Shadow Riders are most likely, but I kinda want the Society of Light because of Bob Banter's B.E.S. stuff. >.>
<< Anonymous(D-hero celestial)
PyroRex 3days ago Reply
What about "broken heart chronicles"
¡¡ witness the amazing love story between chazz and alexis !
Anonymous 5days ago
you can add another Super Rush Headlong, etc.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
A.I USES Hammer Shark effect, the problem is sometimes AI just skips effect activation because it fears a WoD or because it prefers to set a monster/play defensive, etc. I'd say it depends on how many LP you or your opponent have as well
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Jack Atlas 3days ago Reply
71% wow, that win rate is pretty awesome bud
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
yep Ai uses hammer shark effect, but if your lp are low then ai will play defensive.
Anonymous 3days ago
They renewed ranked duels stamps, you can get those 250-300 gems easier now
So much whining and drama for nothing :*
Edwin 4days ago
Got 3 copies of all the cards except the beetle.
<< Anonymous(Edwin)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
No beetle here yet u..u

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Terrible indeed, since it doesn't negate the Spell card's effect or activation
Yeah, it sounds like a strong Equip, but nope
One of the cool-looks-but-sadly-useless vanilla monsters
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