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update 17/10/2016


TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect / Trigger-like Effect


When a Defense Position monster you control is targeted for an attack: Change that Defense Position monster to face-up Attack Position. Then, if the attacking monster is destroyed by that battle and sent to the Graveyard: Inflict damage to your opponent equal to that monster's original ATK in the Graveyard.









How to Get

Under construction.


ActionsChanges Battle Positions
LPDamages your opponent

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Hot New Top
Can we obtain more than 1 copy of this?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No atm
<< Anonymous
Redcorsairs 16days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
when there are events that add cards to the card trader like bakura and marik this card is usually amongst them. i have 2 and looking forward to get a 3rd
This works great with something like Mirror Wall as a double-layered trap. Normally if you leave your lower ATK monster in attack position with a set trap the opponent will know what you're up to but if you switch to defense position you can spring both traps on him when he inevitably attacks.

Alternatively, he summons a weaker monster to attack your defense position monster and you Gamushara and destroy the weaker one first, then he'll attack with the stronger one and you Mirror Wall it.
Now you can run two of this card. The possabilities!
What deck should I run this card??
<< Anonymous
Chis Reply
I'd say it works best with decks that have numerous high attack monsters. For instance, a peak performance deck running Sonic Duck, Vanguard etc. Rising energy works well with this deck because you can activate Gamushara then equip Rising Energy once your card flips over (I think), could be dealing 4000 damage that way.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Best way to run this card is as an anti-Enemy Controller/Etaqua. So, with that in mind, it really fits into any beatdown deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's definitely a beat down deck card. Unfortunately u only get 1 so it's hard to build around it.
Autoduel Hater
I would not recommend autoduelling with this card and e-con. It's not great when autoduel flips your monster into attack using gamushara, guaranteeing 2000+ damage to your opponent, only to chain e-con and flip the enemy monster into defense position instead. Thanks autoduel, for burning 2 spell/traps in one go
It does activate flip effects...I used hane-hane with it and it worked...also great with guardian monsters
Fuck this card. I played 30 matches with it with my king of destruction deck and I didn't get to activate it even once. I lost a bunch of games that if I had have taken econ instead I would have won. I'm choked I had such high hopes. Noone will attack my fuckin guys they wait til they can use monster removal cards.
Has anyone tried this with cards like Crass Clown or Guardian Statue? Does it return the attacking card because of Gamushara flipping it? Have this in my control deck right now but haven't been able to test it.
<< Anonymous(Blue)
Anonymous Reply
Wow good idea man. It seemed a workable idea but my crass seldom see action alot of times.
<< Anonymous(Blue)
Anonymous Reply
It doesnt work i tried it
Do flip effects activate with this card
It gets on the new event "Duel–A–Thon" just 1 when u cumulate 3900 points.
Use it with set Kazejin, Sanga or Sujin. If enemy can't stop battle or change your monster's position - that's it. Ofc Sanga is best one and any enemy monster with 1400 or more attack is fighting it - that's an OTK. (Gamushara deals ORIGINAL attack of a monster, not modified by Sanga)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So setting the guardians prevents econ and then activate this card + the atk 0 ability gives instant OTK. Scary but easy to see through and counter once everyone is used to it.
KaibaCorp CEO
set suijin and this card, you can 1 hit the opponent
<< Anonymous(KaibaCorp CEO)
Rudy Reply
YES !!!

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