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Atticus Rhodes (JP: Fubuki Tenjoin) is the missing brother of Alexis Rhodes. He is a member of Obelisk Blue dormitory that suddenly disappeared along with others students. Atticus witnessed Yusuke Fujiwara (One of his close friends) trying to summon Nightshroud (An evil spirit) by using the Nightshroud Mask to obtain immortality. Yusuke gave the Nightshroud Mask to Atticus as a farewell gift. Atticus then got possessed by the mask. Eventually, he and Jaden dueled in a Shadow Game. Atticus lost the duel, then he got released from the control of Nightshroud.


Red-Eyes B. Dragon

Aticcus' deck revolves around his signature monster Red-Eyes B. Dragon. He uses Red-Eyes B. Chick along with Call of the Haunted and Troop dragon to easily summon it. It's also supported by Swing of Memories and Red-Eyes Wyvern to special summon it from the graveyard. By that time, he'll use it as a tribute to summon Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon that has a very high attack due to the dragon monsters on the graveyard. He also interrupts with his opponent's plan by destroying or disabling their spell and traps. He uses cards such as Mystical Space Typhoon and Mirage Dragon. Another strategy of Atticus is to use Inferno Fire Blast and Red-Eyes Burn to inflict devastating damage to his opponent.


Anonymous 2days ago
I hope this guy gives us an animation for The Atmosphere
Anonymous 26days ago
Lol when this guy comes = more REBD support?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
Yes, and we are also going to be getting Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon when he comes too
Anonymous 26days ago
Hopefully he isn't possessed in this game.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
He MUST be possessed at one point. Otherwise, I'll never see my lovely true king of dragons, RE Darkness Dragon, or its Metal form in DL, like EVA!!! D:
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
He was possessed for the vast majority of GX, so I really don't see how or why he wouldn't be here

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