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Yami Joey's personality appeared in the original series of Yu-Gi-Oh! After Joey Wheeler's duel against Mako Tsunami in Duel City, he was possessed by Marik Ishtar in courtesy of the Millennium Rod.


Hinotama and Meteor of Destruction

During his duel against Yugi Muto. Yami Joey runs his standard Warrior/Beast/Luck deck mixed with burn. Marik Ishtar added some Spell Cards that inflicts direct damage to opponent in Joey's deck. Yami Joey frequently uses Hinotama to to quickly bring down Yugi Muto's Life Points. He also used his standard monsters which are Alligator's Sword, Panther Warrior and Rocket Warrior along with luck support cards such as Graceful Dice and Skull Dice. On the final turn of the duel, Joey used Meteor of Destruction to once again inflict direct damage to Yugi Muto's Life Points.


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Why are they keep adding characters on DM? There's like more than 15 characters already. They should add more on other series too like GX or 5ds. They should have released all DM character before starting Gx series.
<< Anonymous(Jill)
Anonymous Reply
What about Panic or Mimic of Doom (Ghost Kaiba)?
<< Anonymous
well Reply
hes gey
<< Anonymous(Jill)
Richard Shen' Reply
Because DM is more popular... And maybe, because there a lot of characters that they can add
<< Anonymous(Jill)
Anonymous Reply
Prolly not a good idea. To rush out characters. The games been out what 3-4 years and theyre still putting out characters. They should slow play it keep the game fresh cuz once each character is unlocked whats next for duel links
strings is in the tag duel right now (11/27/2019) where's yami joey konami
LOL, Yami Joey was only a event duelist XD

this site needs to update the descriptions of the playable & upcoming characters and add Duke Devlin and Lumis & Umbra as unlockable characters [ Lumis & Umbra maybe could be another event NPC ]
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lumis and Umbra now are at least
are they goin to release Yami Joey? lol
We already have super joey, who will be replaced with nightshroud. What we need are other "super" characters like Super yugi to bring Gaia, BLS support, and Slifer
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
Absolutely. Hoping kaiba will kick off the "with eyes of blue" archetype
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
My Chaz is level 36, if we get armed dragon lvl 10 I’m going crazy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I wouldn't hold out hope for the "Eyes of Blue" cards. Konami is yet to include a single Tuner in Duel Links, even though several, such as Dragon Buster Destruction Sword, Genex Ally Chemistrer and Jurrac Aeolo would have been more than warranted and acceptable here.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dunno how old this line of replies are, but I think it's amusing that we have "with Eyes of Blue" cards now.
Yami Joey doesn't even exist, he was controlled by Marik.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not to mention Yami Bakura's real name IS Bakura (in the ancient Egypt he is referred as "Thief Bakura"), which makes this even weirder
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Your technically correct that Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura etc are weird for the reasons you point out but it also still makes sense because it is still the host body being used. I am not sure why you felt a need to question the other Yami, it is irrelevant to the fact that Yami Joey is not a character. This is complete bull 🔥 nd should be deleted. There never was a Yami Joey.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous. Reply
"It is irrelevant to the fact that Yami Joey is not a character. This is complete bull 🔥 nd should be deleted."
Exactly right. Some gamea authors are morons. They don't understand the "yami" concept and just add it to anything where they feel the character is acting on a different personality.
The master of Burn
Konami getting desperate. I mean they added Espa Roba. I wouldn't put it past them to add yami Joey or Tristan might as well start adding the randoms that were walking around in the shows and call them random duelest that walked in the show. Give em an event and 🔥ty card rewards. They do for all the new events anyways.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This character doesn't deserve a spot in my game, but he might make a good coaster for my DRINK!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
who cares, more free gems
<< Anonymous
Kaibaman Reply
Does Jinzo look like a 🔥ty card reward to you?
<< Anonymous(Kaibaman)
Anonymous Reply
No, but it also doesn't look like one Yami Joey would give. If they ever decide more copies of Jinzo is appropriate, it's obvious Espa's the one that would give them.

Either way, it's obvious "Yami Joey" isn't intended to be playable. Like the generic Rare Hunter and the D.D. Tower opponents, he's NPC-only, and will always be.
we need 2 have another event where its easier 2 obtain the Sun God, Ra, Obilesk the Tormentor, Exodia & the Dark God monster Bakura summoned in the manga.
<< Anonymous(Jon)
Anonymous Reply
Why this character is say it currently unplayable?,I don't think Konami make this character an unlockable
Things we need:
Marik Ishtar Unlock event.
Strings + Slifer event
Super Kaiba + Obelisk Event
Tristan Taylor Unlock Event
Solomon Muto + Exodia Event
Lumis + Umbra Unlock Event
<< Anonymous(DARKNE$$)
Anonymous Reply
Actually I think it would be much cooler if we get Ishizu+Obelisk,like in anime
<< Anonymous(DARKNE$$)
Viper Reply
Too many Kaisers dude Lmafao
<< Anonymous(DARKNE$$)
seto kaiba Reply
and of course, 3 copies of jar of greed!
<< Anonymous(DARKNE$$)
Anonymous Reply
That is true. We do not even have a chance to get Obelisk. Also, we already did the Strings + Slifer event.

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