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Yami Joey's personality appeared in the original series of Yu-Gi-Oh! After Joey Wheeler's duel against Mako Tsunami in Duel City, he was possessed by Marik Ishtar in courtesy of the Millennium Rod.


Hinotama and Meteor of Destruction

During his duel against Yugi Muto. Yami Joey runs his standard Warrior/Beast/Luck deck mixed with burn. Marik Ishtar added some Spell Cards that inflicts direct damage to opponent in Joey's deck. Yami Joey frequently uses Hinotama to to quickly bring down Yugi Muto's Life Points. He also used his standard monsters which are Alligator's Sword, Panther Warrior and Rocket Warrior along with luck support cards such as Graceful Dice and Skull Dice. On the final turn of the duel, Joey used Meteor of Destruction to once again inflict direct damage to Yugi Muto's Life Points.


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Anonymous 1hour ago
Konami getting desperate. I mean they added Espa Roba. I wouldn't put it past them to add yami Joey or Tristan might as well start adding the randoms that were walking around in the shows and call them random duelest that walked in the show. Give em an event and shitty card rewards. They do for all the new events anyways.
Gay-X 10hour ago
Monkey Tristan shold be available as playable character if random character like this added.
Maybe it would be something like this: Duel "Yami" Joey in Duel World to collect whatever the heck the token would be this time, then when you have enough of them and have saved Joey, you can duel Marik Ishtar at the gate for the first time. After that, keep dueling duelists in Duel World for even more token-things to challenge Marik at levels 10, 20, 30, and 40 to earn enough event points to unlock him and win other rewards. (Yes, I know I am kind of obsessed with being able to get Marik, but I can really see an event like this happening).
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lul gay
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
stfu mother fucker (: he's prediction may not be well confirmed but it is good you fucking moron
<< Anonymous
IDGAF/Ahlix 25days ago Reply
Idiots! She's a fangirl..Get it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11hour ago Reply
Dude, gay is fucking gay and u kno it. fuck gays. no mater what year it is.
Anonymous 14days ago
Tristan is the only one of the OG group that isnt in the game for some reason. I know he didn't consider himself a true duelist but neither did Tea. Get it together Konami, get your priorities straight!
<< Anonymous
Duke 7days ago Reply
Probably since Tea actually had a win rate and a deck.
Black 8days ago
Yami Kaiba
Anonymous 9days ago
Has anyone actually found any evidence that this "character", shall we say, will be added to the game? From what I've seen, some guy just speculated about Yami Joey beimg the October roaming duelist and that doesn't exactly warrant a whole page about the guy.
<< Anonymous
Valencia 9days ago Reply
There was a post somewhere in one of the threads (I think it was one of the "upcoming months" threads) that had a duelist list with his name on it that could have possibly been for the game code. I don't know if it was real, though.
Anonymous 24days ago
seriously? yami joey? you put something like this in but not Tristan and duke?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
The obvious guy 10days ago Reply
I love duke and think tristan is a good supporting character, but did you not notice during the virtual world arc, they all participated in the same duel? That was done to lower the amount of duels as well as give them a reason to be there because the fact is, they aren't really focused duelists. Duke might be the exception as he could make a good roaming event.
<< Anonymous
Valencia 9days ago Reply
I would also like to have Tristan and Duke in this game. But I wouldn't be surprised if they sort of made a joke about Tristan like they did with Bastion and gave him the standard duelist music for his theme.
DJKnuts 14days ago why not Duke Devlin or maybe Bakura Ryo (minus the Yami)
Anonymous 16days ago
Could be cool. I'd like to see them finally put in the distorted sound effect for someone who is mind controlled by Marik.
Anonymous 20days ago
Haha.. good idea .. intead of gx totally crap .. i really like it Yami joey..

Anonymous 25days ago
This is amazing
Who would legit use Yami Joey
<< Anonymous
Prillin 28days ago Reply
I def would

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