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Solomon Muto first appeared in the original series of Yu-Gi-Oh! He owns a game shop and he's the grandfather of Yugi Muto. Solomon Muto is the one who gave the Millennium Necklace to Yugi Muto. He also made several appearances in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.



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His skill should be card shop owner get more 1 gem per duel and his ace should be exodia necrosis.
<< Anonymous(Ck)
Ari Reply
That was Gozabura Kaiba's ace though. What about when they add him and Noah. I mean F***ing Espa Roba got in somehow so they will probably eventually get around to Season 3 characters (waits eagerly for Seal of Orichalcos before the extra deck becomes to important to exclude from the meta).
<< Anonymous(Ari)
DaSwifta Reply
They only added Espa Roba because of Jinzo being such a popular card. Also, at least Espa Roba is a unique and somewhat fun character, whereas I'm really not sure what they'd be able to do with Solomon. Maybe if they just added Solomon as an NPC that you can buy cards from, kinda like the card trader but have him trade Legendary Duelist drops instead. That would be pretty cool.
Original Exodia deck
If he had been unlockable, we would have gotten his Exodia cards without using the skill Granpa’s cards. Wait a minute if we put Exodia into Yugi’s deck with Granpa’s cards skill, then he would have 2 sets of Exodia!
<< Anonymous(Doomadreadon )
Anonymous Reply
...What makes you think they'd allow 20-card Exodia decks just because Solomon's associated with Exodia?
Has anyone forgotten his ancient deck he uses against Joey Wheeler in the Grand Championships arc? That could be his deck and his best card being ancient dragon.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Those cards are not printed yet, though.

And would require a name change too since there's a different Ancient Dragon in the game now.
why do we need this character in duel links again?
<< Anonymous(Mewetaur)
Xenon Reply
To be able to lose with the original character against Kaiba!
Or having the third deck with BEWD.
Or to have the original deck of Exodia!
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Mewetaur Reply
If only for exodia.for that i perhaps agree with you.
One of his skills should add pot of greed to deck
<< Anonymous
Random Guy Reply
What does pot of greed do?
<< Anonymous(Random Guy)
Xenon Reply
It removes 2 cards from your deck!
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Negate Attack Reply
Should add negate attack to the deck: Allow me to explain what it does? ;)
Sugoroku Mutou's signature card i guess would be Exodia but it's too broken so next best would be that super rare original artwork Blue eyes white Dragon. (screw that wannabe kaiba)
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Exodias in game already tho...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not as a standalone card, however, preventing it from being the Glossy in his Starter Deck. I guess them actually using Exodia for that but making the limbs not obtainable wouldn't be horribly overpowered, but I'd still expect a card like BEWD, Legendary Exodia Incarnate, Exxod or even Guardian Sphinx over it.
Skill at stage 4:Too old to play
Makes your turn go second
Skill at stage 6:Heart of the cards
You draw at least one Super Rare card and start with 4500 LP
Skill at Stage 8:Grandpa’s cards
Starts with an Exodia care in the hand
Skill at stage 10:Puzzle Solver
Knows what cards are face Down and drawn by the opponent
Stage 14:Game shop
Starts with the field spell ‘Game shop’ that increases ATK points of all Spellcaster and Fairy types by 200 points.
<< Anonymous(ABC)
Anonymous Reply
Haha good one
<< Anonymous(ABC)
Anonymous Reply
Really fun and good one
<< Anonymous(ABC)
DaSwifta Reply
how is he supposed to have a skill for a field spell that doesn't exist?
<< Anonymous(DaSwifta)
Anonymous Reply
well he did think that puzzle solver would even be considered a skill, since a its op and b he didnt even solve the puzzle yugi did
Whoever wrote the overview for Solomon Muto does not know the difference between Millennium Puzzle and Millennium Necklace. It's the Puzzle that was given to Yugi.

As for his signature card, what will it be (assuming he appears)?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It will be the original artwork for Blue Eyes White Dragon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ancient Dragon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
......would be an issue since there is a different Ancient Dragon already in the game.

That and Sugoroku's Ancient Dragon is an anime-only card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Give us grandpa with an Exodd deck. would fit since he used to have exodia, this is a rock version, and he used to be an archeologist so more rocks.

think structure deck 7 in the TCG.
He gave Yugi the Millennium Puzzle...the Millenium Necklace is Ishizu's.
<< Anonymous(DJKnuts)
Just a Guy Reply
HOW did no-one else notice this? Even I didn't realize until you mentioned it.
<< Anonymous(DJKnuts)
Anonymous Reply
Pendant which yugi wore as a necklace.
The broken pendant is the puzzle.
<< Anonymous(DJKnuts)
Wow Reply
Thanks for telling us this, I was wondering where he got the puzzle from even though I saw him give it to yugi. I was also wondering if ishizu really had the millennium necklace around her neck because maybe it wasn't.
<< Anonymous(DJKnuts)
Anonymous Reply
May have been conflation. In the original it was called the millennium Pendant. Which would be a type of neclace.
what happened to the sound on auto-duel at the end of yhe duel

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