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update 12/09/2016

Cyber Dragon

Cyber Dragon
Monster TypeMachine
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeUnclassified Effect


If your opponent controls a monster and you control no monsters, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand).









How to Get

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Anonymous 1hour ago
this will be good when synchros xyz and links come.
Anonymous 2days ago
Konami i beg to u to release cyber dragon at same time you release zane
Zane lover 8days ago
He is very beautiful!!!
I think it's the Cute Dragon.
<< Anonymous(Valencia )
Zane lover 7days ago Reply
Haha i hope so!
My favorite stylish dragon!!
<< Anonymous(Zane lover)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
I once defeated Zane in the same way, took control of his Cyber Dragon then attacks directly with it XD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Why is he angry
<< Anonymous
Zane lover 6days ago Reply
Haha,how did Cyber Dragon make his best friend lose? (:
Dark Rater 18days ago
Where do you actually get this card?
wouldnt be op. naturia has a similar effect and isnt played in high ranked. red eyes slash + exiled is op tho.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
Exiled? As in exiled forces?

With Zane's current drops how will a cyber dragon deck look competitively?
<< Anonymous
Jz26 27days ago Reply
In my opinion I think a last gamble/power bond/cyber end dragon/diffusion/hey, trunade! is going to have a high otk potential no doubt. Against current meta I’m not quiet sure, our meta has a lot of deck swarming and stalling with last gamble is not convenient and might not work most of the time. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Thats my opinion though
<< Anonymous
Jz26 27days ago Reply
With current drops you can only use chimeratech otk and its not that good in my opinion
<< Anonymous(Jz26)
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
Yeah, I want to be able to play the LIGHT fusion, not just the DARK one.....
indo pig
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
just stop, there is no need. this site is accessible to all people, just stop being so retarded.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
Lol the salt

Imagine if the anon heard about the WCS finalists......

....oh wait, maybe that's why the anon is salty? Lmao
indog people can't play yugioh
<< Anonymous(indognesial)
fag Reply
Thats funny because one of the WCS finalist is from Indonesia
<< Anonymous(fag)
Anonymous Reply
Ya no don't lie
<< Anonymous
fag Reply
Are you new? You dont know whom im mentioned, eh?
I want komoney release this with Zane unlock character!
In terms of duel links this card won’t be too op. But a 2100 free special may affect meta. Besides earth armor ninja is a thing.
Please never be released...
Is there any card in the game that search for machines?
<< Anonymous(Baouss)
Anonymous Reply
Machine Magnetic Circle, or Deep Diver
<< Anonymous(Baouss)
Anonymous Reply
cyber repair plant which zane drops is great

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It is so hilariously ironic how Aster complained about people copying his deck in the english dub...
I heard that Yubel is rumored to be the next new GX character released after Zane.
You do notice that Duel Links' appeal at launch was the fact that it was made around an olds...
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