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update 12/09/2016

Cyber Dragon

Cyber Dragon
Monster TypeMachine
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeUnclassified Effect


If your opponent controls a monster and you control no monsters, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand).









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Hot New Top
Konami employee
The company don't want to release Cyber Dragon for now, because they think he's to powerful.
<< Anonymous(Konami employee)
Achraf Reply
when will it be released ?
<< Anonymous(Konami employee)
Sanic Reply
yeah fur and amazones and silent magician decks are weak for the cyber dragon
<< Anonymous(Sanic)
Sanic1 Reply
you forgot vampires xd
Konami Boss
See it,
Like it,
Buy it,
Own it,
Love it.
And it is... a hot brand New Cyber Dragon Cards.
I need this card so badly. KONAMI release it!!!!
How many Zane events have we had? And still no Cyber Dragon.. --'
<< Anonymous(Vortex)
Valencia Reply
Let's hope we can get it soon, at this point I won't even complain if it's in an EX structure deck. I've waited far too long for Zane and he didn't disappoint me I actually used some of his voice snippets as my alarm (lol!) but it felt like something is still missing, and obviously it's his bread-and-butter Cyber Dragon card. Let's hope for the best!
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Valencia Reply
I missed you as I went for long hiatus from this site. I'm trying to surprise you, and oh, you're as cold as ever. :/
Or at least having em in the EX trader. -__-
Aah maan. They give out cyber end dragon when you get zane, but no cyber dragon in the deck? Sucks.
Think the decklist for hell Kaiser at jvc is the ex structure deck. They wanted to test it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous No. 2 Reply
It was just to hype us for nothing.
That deck has way too good cards for them to give in an EX structure deck (Power Bond, 2 Power Walls, 2 Cyber Dragon Cores).
Anonymous No. 2
Dark Rater
Where do you actually get this card?
<< Anonymous(Dark Rater)
Anonymous Reply
You don't.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But this card used to be in duel links in the beginning what happened to it. It was in 1 of the first 2 boxes you used to purchase with gems.
Is it true that this card will be in the next EX structure deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nothing has been announced yet
My prediction: since Konami always holds essential cards for every event for the second time around, we'll get twin dragon and cyber dragon next Zane even
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Noo, we will get a normal zane (something like serious chazz) roaming event and he will drop cyber dragons there.
In the next zane unlock we'll only get either claw or cannon
Well if u go to Zane Truesdale unlock event page Konami made some updates about the cyber dragon ex structure deck and has footage
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's mostly likely well photoshoped images

But then again it's Konami so it might be true lol

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