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update 04/09/2018


The strategy of this deck is to swarm the field with multiple DARK Zombie-Type monsters and maintain control of it with Vampire Kingdom.

There are two types of Vampire monsters: the ones that have the ability to send cards from the opponent’s deck to the Graveyard and the ones that use Life Points as a resource to gain advantage.

The archetype is still lacking a few important cards, but, thanks to the fact that all Vampire monsters are Zombie-Type, the deck can use cards like Gozuki and Samurai Skull to increase its consistency.

Example Deck

Cyber Style Version

Black Luster Soldier - Sacred SoldierGozukiGozukiVampire RetainerVampire RetainerVampire Familiar
Vampire FamiliarVampire GraceVampire GraceSamurai SkullSamurai SkullVampire Kingdom
Vampire KingdomHey, Trunade!Hey, Trunade!Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerVampire's Desire
Vampire's DomainVampire Takeover--------

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Cyber Style
Can be used each time your Life Points are at 3000 or below. Play 1 "Proto-Cyber Dragon" on from outside of your Deck for every 1000 Life Points below 4000. This skill can nly be used once per Duel.
Zane Truesdale
Zane Truesdale

Beatdown Version

Vampire Scarlet ScourgeVampire Scarlet ScourgeGozukiVampire RetainerVampire RetainerVampire Familiar
Vampire FamiliarVampire GraceVampire GraceSamurai SkullSamurai SkullSamurai Skull
Vampire KingdomVampire KingdomEnemy ControllerVampire's DomainVampire TakeoverSimultaneous Loss
Simultaneous LossSimultaneous Loss--------

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
This turn, the ATK of all face-up monsters on your field increases by the number of monsters of Level 5 or higher on your field times 300. This skill can only be used once per turn
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba

How to Use

Sacred Soldier

When summoned, Black Luster Soldier - Sacred Soldier puts one of your banished LIGHT or DARK monsters back into the graveyard to banish 1 card on your opponent's field. Vampire Retainer and Vampire Familiar both banish themselves when they leave the field after being special summoned by their own effects and are both DARK attributes. This makes them the perfect fuel for Sacred Soldier's effect, as these low-leveled Vampires are often used as tribute fodder after being special summoned and therefore banished. Putting the low-leveled Vampires back into your graveyard would also allow you to special summon them later on for further searching and tribute fodder. The skill Cyber Style can easily put 2 Proto-Cyber Dragons on your field as tribute fodder for Sacred Soldier.

Gozuki & Samurai Skull

Running both Gozuki and Samurai Skull may seem redundant, but it’s necessary: it’s the easiest way to get Vampire Retainer and Vampire Familiar into the Graveyard.

The best way to start the duel is to send either Vampire Retainer or Vampire Familiar to the Graveyard with one of these two.

Gozuki’s secondary effect will not come into play that often since you’d have to banish one of your two searchers from the Graveyard in order to activate it and Special Summon a monster from your hand, but, if Samurai Skull is destroyed by your opponent’s card effect, you will get Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Zombie-Type monster from your deck, trigger Vampire Retainer or Vampire Familiar’s effect.

Vampire Retainer & Vampire Familiar

These two cards allow you to add from your deck to your hand a Vampire Spell/Trap and a Vampire monster respectively when they are Special Summoned at the cost of 500 LP. Retainer and Familiar can be Special Summoned from the Graveyard by their own effects by discarding a Vampire card from your hand or sending a Vampire card from the field to the Graveyard.

Unfortunately neither Gozuki nor Samurai Skull can be used to activate their effects and Special Summon them from the Graveyard since they are not part of the archetype, but you can use any Vampire card. You can activate Vampire's Domain’s effect and then send it to the Graveyard to Special Summon either of these monsters: you will still get the additional Normal Summon/Set of the effect from Continuous Spell.

Retainer and Familiar are incredibly important, they give you access to cards like Vampire Scarlet Scourge or Vampire Kingdom whenever you need them: you don’t necessarily need to run three copies of both thanks to Gozuki and Samurai Skull, but, due to the cost of their Special Summoning effect, having other Vampire cards in the deck doesn’t hurt.

After Special Summoning these cards you can tribute them to get Vampire Scarlet Scourge or Vampire Grace on the field.

Vampire Grace & Vampire Kingdom

Vampire Grace is an incredibly good monster because her “bleed” effect has no requirement: you can just send a card from the opponent’s deck to the Graveyard once per turn. Vampire Lord and Vampire Lady have to inflict battle damage to the opponent, so they should be avoided, but Vampire Grace should definitely be run at one copy: you can search her from the deck with Vampire Familiar, Special Summon her from the deck with Vampire Takeover or from the Graveyard with Vampire Scarlet Scourge.

Why is the “bleed” effect important? It’s certainly not because you are trying to deck out your opponent: it’s because of Vampire Kingdom.

Vampire Kingdom is the Vampire Field Spell, it can be searched by Vampire Retainer or just activated from the deck with Takeover; it gives your Zombie-Type monsters a 500 ATK boost during damage calculation and, when a card is sent from the opponent’s deck to the Graveyard, you can target a card your opponent controls and destroy it. This is the card that allows you to keep control of the field and Vampire Grace is the easiest way to activate its effect.

Hey, Trunade!

The reason why this card is here is pretty simple: the deck has no way of dealing with backrow aside from the destruction effect from Vampire Kingdom.

The deck focuses on finishing the opponent quickly, so this card is perfect to enable some OTKs.

Enemy Controller

Enemy Controller is one of the most, if not the most, versatile cards in the game: it can be used both defensively and offensively. You can utilize this card to get Vampire Retainer or Vampire Familiar into the Graveyard while also taking control of one of your opponent’s monsters or just tribute Gozuki and trigger his effect.

Vampire's Domain

While this card may look like another Continuous Spell that’s already in the game, Call of the Mummy, there are a few reasons why this one is a better choice in this deck: it can be searched by Retainer, it doesn’t require you to have an empty field to activate its effect, it can be used as activation cost for either Vampire Retainer or Vampire Familiar after its effect is activated and it allows you to gain back some Life Points, which are a very important resource in this deck.

Treacherous Trap Hole

There is another Trap Card in the deck, but it doesn’t really matter: Treacherous Trap Hole is one of the best cards in the game, being able to destroy two monsters on the field is just absurdly good in a format with three Monster Card Zones.

There really isn’t enough space for backrow and taking out copies of Gozuki or Samurai Skull to add a Wall of Disruption is not really advised, so Treacherous fits perfectly.

Vampire Takeover

This card was notably better in the TCG: in a 20-30 cards format, there’s a higher chance that you will draw into your Field Spell either before or together with this card.

Vampire Takeover allows you to activate Vampire Kingdom for deck and only from there, which means that, if you draw Vampire Kingdom, Takeover becomes a dead card.

In addition to getting the Field Spell out, Takeover also Special Summons a Vampire monster from your Graveyard in Defense Position.

The only problem this card has, other than becoming a dead card after you draw your Field Spell, is that it’s a Trap Card.

Additional Notes

  • Keep in mind that you can’t use Retainer or Familiar on the field as activation cost for Vampire Retainer or Vampire Familiar if they have been Special Summoned by their own effect because they can’t be sent to the Graveyard.
  • If you think your opponent has a Treacherous Trap Hole face-down, call “Trap Card” with the “bleed” effect, you’ll nullify it.
  • You should not call “Monster Card” against Amazoness (Amazoness Baby Tiger), Masked HERO (Destiny HERO - Celestial).
  • The matchup against Amazoness is rough: if Retainer or Familiar are banished, you can’t get the search effect; a Holy Guard Amazoness deck can just attack into your monsters and banish them freely; Amazoness Queen is problematic without Vampire Kingdom or Treacherous.
  • Going first against Fur Hire is another problem: you’ll have to survive a turn in order to make your plays.
  • Backrow heavy decks are difficult to deal with: packing some more removal or even a Jinzo can be a good idea as it shuts down Amazoness completely.

Other Useful Cards

Vampire Vamp
Vampire Vamp
Vampire Vamp is arguably one of the best Vampire monsters: her effect allows her to equip a monster on the opponent’s side of the field with ATK higher than her own to her; this means that she can get rid of whatever she can’t get over.

This effect triggers she or another Vampire monster is Normal Summoned and it can be triggered multiple times. Vamp’s ATK becomes her own ATK + the sum of the original ATK of the monsters she’s equipped to and then, if she’s sent to the GY while equipped with a card(s), she is Special Summoned back by her effect.

Problems this card has are: her effect triggers on Normal Summon; she is Level 7.

You can try out this card and, when you manage to activate her effect, she can become very powerful, but she was left out of the decklist because of her flaws.
Vampire Lord
Vampire Lord
After Beatdown! and with Vampire Kingdom on the field, Vampire Lord can reach enough ATK (2800) to deal damage to the opponent, so his “bleed” effect will likely activate consistently.

There are better Vampire monsters and Vampire Lord’s revival effect is not that impressive since it triggers only when he’s destroyed by card effect, which leaves him weak against destruction by battle and banishing.
Vampire's Curse
Vampire's Curse
Similar revival effect to Vampire Lord, but it only triggers when he’s destroyed by battle.
Vampire’s Curse really adds nothing to the deck, but, if you lack cards, you can add him to your decklist.
Vampire Grimson
Vampire Grimson
Grimson is not a bad card, his effect allows you to protect your monsters (not limited to Vampire or Zombie-Type monsters) from destruction and he also offers the same effect that Vampire Scarlet Scourge has, but the cost for the protection is way too high and the monsters can still be banished by an Amazoness Onslaught or a Spellbook of Fate.
Forbidden Chalice
Forbidden Chalice
Effect negation without destruction is great against Fur Hire, which is one of the decks you’ll struggle the most against right after Amazoness.
Paleozoic Canadia
Paleozoic Canadia

Floodgate Trap Hole
Floodgate Trap Hole
Two other great cards for protection and stalling, they can slow down your opponent while you draw into the cards that you need.

Beatdown Version


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Anonymous 19days ago
How do I counter vampires?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Use credit card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
Wall of d, a card to get rid of vamp kingdom, or just another meta deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
With the sunlight of your soul, come with us to the church, my son, you will be saved from them
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14hour ago Reply
Amen brother. The church of meta bs shall save us all.
Anonymous 3days ago
This deck worth investing? I already have 2 gozukis so I would only need to open a single box.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Yes after the massive nerfs to the other meta decks vampires may be the best deck around
Let's see how many fall for it lol
<< Anonymous(haha)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(haha)
Ray 22days ago Reply
lol, I laughed
<< Anonymous(haha)
0000 19days ago Reply
I swear this meme never gets old lmao
<< Anonymous(haha)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
what's the name of this guy?
Anonymous 3days ago
3 Gozuki is ideal
Vampire Vamp 20days ago
Your underestimating Vampire Vamp, I've pulled things off with her that won me the duel when I was about to lose.
<< Anonymous(Vampire Vamp)
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
I second that.
One copy of Vampire Vamp is good to have(just one is enough since it is searchable by familiar).
<< Anonymous(Vampire Vamp)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Anonymous 3days ago
You don't need vampires to reach kog.
If you are a real player, you could reach it even with any T3 deck
Anonymous No. 2 4days ago
This deck scraped by without a nerf (apart from the skill, which can limit Vamp plays a bit, but apart from that, it's pretty much at full power).
I think this is because it was too difficult to nerf any card without completely killing the deck. All the main combo cards are already run at only 1 or 2 copies (graveyard searchers, the field spell, grace, vamp).
Maybe they could've semi-limited one of the searchers or Grace to prevent E-Con from being used in this deck as well.
Anyway, it remains as the clearly best deck after the update. It might run more backrow now because of Blue-Eyes becoming meta.
Anonymous 13days ago
They nerf every deck by binding 2 cards or more with econ.. how about we just ban econ. Every deck in the future will get the same treatment. Be OP for 3 months then get linked to econ.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
They will most likely link skull to econ. Then the next mini-box will release something strong that has access to econ. On and on we go
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
or they'll limit vampire grace
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
This deck really isn't strong enough to justify nerfing. While it has good OTK potential, several decks already counter it, including Amazons, SSA, OTK FH, among others. If Vamps were 80%+ win rate vs anything they face (aside from mirror matches) then sure, nerf it. But they're not.
Coast 13days ago
Let's say they nerf Vampires just to add deck diversity in... 1 month(?)
This would mean you had like 4 months to farm gems and get another op deck.
This is my case, because I already have 9999 and my gift box is filled with pages and pages of Gems, so they can nerf whatever they want, I have plenty of gems to buy new decks ^^
<< Anonymous(Coast)
Coast 13days ago Reply
forgot to add I only play like 3-4 hours a day
<< Anonymous(Coast)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
4hrs a day? sheesh no-life
<< Anonymous(Coast)
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
Only? lmao, definitely a kid
Anonymous 23days ago
Trying to build vampire deck, any suggestions on what I can fill in until I can get gozuki and samurai skull?
<< Anonymous
Denzeru 14days ago Reply
Run more copies of vampire desire and vampire domain and 3 of both familiars to be able to send to grave yard more consistently and have a lot of fuel to bring them back with. then 1 queen and scourge and vamp. Still really consistent going that way. Then for filler you can throw in any zombie level 4s for stalling or for attack with a vampire kingdom
Fapper 15days ago
I fapping looking vampire vamp pic
This deck is Tire 0 Trust me. ( with e-cons in deck and 2 Whore Vampire )
<< Anonymous(AnotherCancerMeta)
Anonymous Reply
Ya this is a really good tire id recommend getting a set of 4
<< Anonymous(AnotherCancerMeta)
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
You need only one thicc vampire since you can search for it with Vampire Familiar.
<< Anonymous(AnotherCancerMeta)
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
This deck is not tier 0.
The definition of tier 0 is the deck can't be beaten unless you are playing the same deck, which is not the case for vampire.
The examples of tier 0 decks are CA, sylvan and fur hire back when they weren't nerfed.

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