Aleister the Invoker

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update 02/10/2019

Aleister the Invoker

Aleister the Invoker
TypeSpellcaster, Effect


(Quick Effect): You can send this card from your hand to the GY, then target 1 Fusion Monster you control; it gains 1000 ATK/DEF until the end of this turn. If this card is Normal Summoned or flipped face-up: You can add 1 "Invocation" from your Deck to your hand.

How to Get

PackDark Dimension [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Boosts a Fusion monster’s attack.
  • Searches his in archetype Fusion Spell.


  • Weak attack stat.


  • You can use Aleister and the other invoked cards as splashable combos inside other decks. Giving a new dynamic to decks with multi attribute monsters and don’t use their Extra deck much (i.e. Fortune Lady, Monarch, Elementsaber)


The general strategy of this archetype is to search Invocation and then use Aleister the Invoker with one of your opponent’s graveyard monsters to make an Invoked monster. Invoked Caliga is a floodgate against monster effects and attacks, Invoked Cocytus is a wall with self protection, and Invoked Magellanica is a good beater.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 7days ago
What cards get an A on here? This card is the engine for most of the meta and they give it a B+.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
It's B for best
Very good card
I just got this guy on first pull, only 500 gems what a devil luck!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
calm down, invoked without mechaba, elysium and raidjin sucks in competitive
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not to mention without Magical Meltdown, inconsistent
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Speed Duel setting actually helps consistency.
Everybody uses this card now.. god, be original.
<< Anonymous(Mark741)
Anonymous Reply
You can use this card AND be original. Combine this card with Mushroom Man and you'll get a very very original deck that nobody else will play.
<< Anonymous(Mark741)
Anonymous Reply
in yugioh, original deck means weak deck. No one loves being weak
if you see YUGI face, then be ready to be invoked LOL
Most overused sh*t ever. Welcome to invoked links
<< Anonymous
Kerrigan79 Reply
you forgot: Thank you for playing Invoked Links!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Seriously, game became really boring after it's release
Aleister fears the Non-Fusion Area tech.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not with 3x Cosmic Cyclones ;)
Crowley and his book of Thelema in his right hand.
<< Anonymous
Yang Reply
Is there any offensive illustration? I could request the Support team to change it...
<< Anonymous(Yang)
Anonymous Reply
offensive? he's just saying.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You're right, he's aleister crowley
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
A liester the I nvoker :0

mr crowley?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I know, super cool
Pulled 3 Aleisters early and 1 Invocation. That's all you really need to use his engine
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply

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