Invoked Caliga

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Structure Deck EX: Return of the Fire Kings
update 17/04/2020

Invoked Caliga

Invoked Caliga
TypeBeast, Fusion, Effect


"Aleister the Invoker" + 1 DARK monster
If a player's monster effect attempts to activate, none of that player's monsters can activate their effects for the rest of this turn while this card is face-up on the field. Each player can attack with only 1 monster during each Battle Phase.

How to Get

PackDark Dimension [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Restricts your opponent’s monster effects.
  • Restricts your opponent’s attacks.


  • Weak base stats.
  • Restrictions also apply to user.



Normal Summon Aleister the Invoker and search Invocation. Then use Invocation to banish Aleister and a DARK monster from either graveyard to make Invoked Caliga. This summoning can be used to remove your opponent’s graveyard interactions.

Mushroom Man #2

You can give Mushroom Man #2 to your opponent with its own effect. Its first effect will then activate during your opponent’s Standby Phase, preventing them from using any more monster effects.

Prevent Attack

With Invoked Caliga on the field, you will only need to prevent your opponent from attacking once to completely stall them out. This is unless they control a monster that can attack multiple times.


Invoked Elementsaber Deck


Hot New Top
kinda easy to defeat
sphere kuriboh
Great way to deal with blackwings currently. Limit their monster effects to one per turn, as well as banishing blackwings from their graveyards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What a strange card tbh
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's like a Dark Door + Skill Drain on legs. I destroyed a Blue Eyes player with Caliga and some backrow by going first.
<< Anonymous
Ultimate Gengar Reply
I destroyed that deck as well with a card that attacks in DEFENSE POSITION hahaha !
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Damn, really? poor blue eyes
So this guy fusioned with a evil creature?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I hope not... dark doesn’t mean evil. But its naming is from a Roman emperor who was nasty, so most likely yes...
super op
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But I'm lying
My reading comprehension is failing with the first effect. Does he prevent all monster effects from all players or just makes it so only 1 effect can be activated per turn?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, that wording is a bit strange. Basically, only one monster effect per turn can activate for each player.

But if one negates the activation, the respective player cannot activate any other effects. That's why they put the word "attempt" on it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ohhh, I see now. Well, this is one weird monster... he restricts my playing as well, so I’m struggling to think of any use for him...
<< Anonymous
Kyoko Reply
There's one time I have this card on the field with Lava Golem (opponent summon to my side).

I used Aleister's effect during my draw phase, hence, Lava Golem's effect won't activate that turn.

It's a technical card that can be played around in different situation.
<< Anonymous(Kyoko)
Anonymous Reply
Great idea! I like how Lava Golem is a trigger effect so a lot of things can stop it.
slap that guardian equip card on it
This card is underestimated. I run it in a Millenium Eyes Restrict/Invoked deck. Its effect of only allowing one effect and attack per turn can completely destroy your opponents strategy when used properly.
its def stat is kinda low and makes it vulnerable
This card is not level 7. Please fix that
it's pretty interesting actually

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Shiranui Spectralsword. It will allow you to synchro summon from the graveyard. I use this to sum...
Wait... what do you mean you play games for "fun?" Isn't that illegal or something?
Join the dark side cuz they have cookies
Man, but wouldn´t you feel bad losing on purpose so much?
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