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One group of people want this card, while another group of people says this card is too OP for DL. Now that this card is in DL, where are those people??? Apparently none of the people who wanted this card ends up using it since CyDra is not meta at all, and if it's really as OP as the other group claimed, why are they not using it now that it's in the game?
I'm too afraid to use it because it's too strong for me
maybe they were counting on zexal world happening this year
Funny thing is, Cyber Dragon is quite meta now.....and yet it does not need the original to function.
<< Anonymous
Yeah, I'm surprised by that as well. Now I could use a dream ticket on Cyber Twin, and leave the crystron box alone, go dig the Horizon box 2 times for a pretty good CyDra deck.
The optimal version still needs at least one copy of OG Cyber Dragon. It is a Cyber Dragon in hand. The only card that Cybernetic Overflow can use directly from the hand, to help you destroy more cards your opponent controls.
And the more important is, it is still a Cyber Dragon when banished. Banished Cyber Dragon is great material for Cyberload Fusion. If you control a Cyber Dragon monster on the field, you can go for Cyber Twin Dragon. If you have 2, you can go for Cyber End Dragon. And if you have many banished machine monsters, you can go for HUGE ATK Chimeratech Overdragon
One copy of OG Cyber Dragon is enough if you use Cyber Network, since it can banish Cyber Dragon directly from the deck, making Cyberload Fusion easier to use


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I understand. You don’t need to prove yourself anymore now that you got the icon.
This card is very under rated equip Buster Rancher Spell card and low stat problem isn't muc...
This would be dope if it's quick effect so forbidden lance, harpie's hunting ground, le...
They won't. They never did it with the other cards either.
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