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update 13/09/2016

Cyber Twin Dragon

Cyber Twin Dragon
Monster TypeMachine
Card typeFusion / Effect
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition / Continuous Effect


"Cyber Dragon" + "Cyber Dragon"
A Fusion Summon of this card can only be done with the above Fusion Material Monsters. This card can make a second attack during each Battle Phase.









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Anonymous 11days ago
Shinhwa 12days ago
Konami put this card to the next main box please
<< Anonymous(Shinhwa)
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
+ Cyber Dragon.

We don't want Core, Power Bond, Limiter, XYZ or any of the broken CyDra support.

PLEASE Konaaaaaaami!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
This card alone is already quite broken for DL, especially if we have original CyDra at 3 copies.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
Not quite considering what it takes to bring it out besides it doesn't have any sort of protection against backrow at all unlike Anki which can dodge backrow with Mask Change.
I still cant believe Cyber Twin is not implemented. Ok, the "can attack twice per Battle Phase effect" can lead to potential OTK and its a relatively easy card to summon, but we need it alongside Cyber Dragon & Chimeratech Fortress Dragon to complete Zane's core cards.
<< Anonymous(Drake)
Anonymous Reply
"Ok, the card is broken as hell in DL, but we need it because muh Zane deck"
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This card isn't broken. It can easily be destroyed by many traps, spells, and monster effects. If you play in the higher ranks about half of your board can get wiped out in the first turn. You are a noob if you think a big fusion beater with no negation effects is broken.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You know, that "big fusion beater" thing could also refer to Anki, which clearly IS a problem. (And is arguably worse than Cyber Twin since it needs to swing over a monster to get the "second attack".)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Hey trunade + poly + cyber style can lead into a cancerous otk deck.
Pardon my ignorance but can someone explain how I was otk on first turn by this card? He played his spell cards so fast I didn’t have a chance to see how the combo brought this card up to 5000+ attack
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
no you idiot if you used power bond after your battle phase you take damage equal to your monster original atk, nothing said about destroy at the end of the battle phase
<< Anonymous
Kota Reply
That guy must have confused Power Bond's effect with Limiter Removal a bit.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Hahaha lmao
<< Anonymous
Drake Reply
Power Bond lets him fusion summon a Machine type fusion monster and that monster gains Atk equal to his Atk points value (its doubled). The only Downside its that after the Battle Phase the user of this card receives the Fusion Monster original ATK as damage.
That or he used Limiter Removal to double all Machine-type ATK and OTK before the self-destruction effect kicked-in
I get this idea when I saw mark of part skill(5Ds) maybe this is become skill card just like include cyber twin dragon in your extra deck and 1or2 cyber dragon in your deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah maybe
Or maybe give us it by beating Zane lvl 60
I will pay for cyber twin dragon
<< Anonymous(Memek)
Anonymous Reply
Please don't. Spend your money on something better, eg: a new game, a new car, or something not called duel links
<< Anonymous
Memek Reply
Hmm yeah i change my mind
I want this card
No TCG tem um deck estrutural com esse cyber dragão e o cyber dragão nova como cartas assinatura igual a maga silenciosa aposto que será pago e lançado do mesmo jeito.
Please Konami release this card and make me happy :(
This card will be in a Cyber Dragon Structure Deck EX - I guarantee it!

It's too easy to summon. You can easily get 2 of them onto the field with Cyber Style and it can attack your opponents life points. Not like Chimeratech that only allows you to do multiple attacks on monsters.
<< Anonymous(Ulle)
Anonymous Reply
They can't make a Ex Structure Deck for every archetypes you know?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
By the way they won't make a Structure Deck Ex with it because you don't need 3 copies of it.
Now we need this card for our final wish
Can’t wait to get this card tomorrow
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply

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"There is easy ways to gain Lp on your opponents turn lol" How so?
And I honestly hate players who cannot think for themselves and need an easy win.
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