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update 11/12/2016

The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion

The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion
Monster TypeRock
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeUnclassified Effect / Ignition Effect


You can substitute this card for any 1 Fusion Material Monster, but the other Fusion Material Monster(s) must be correct. You can Tribute Fusion Material Monsters on the field, including this face-up card; Special Summon 1 corresponding LIGHT Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherRanked Duel Ticket [SR]




  • Can be treated as a substitute Fusion Material for a Fusion summon.
  • Can be used to Special Summon a corresponding LIGHT Fusion monster from your extra deck. This is not a Fusion Summon.
  • Versatility as a material in either Fusion and Special Summon.


  • Weak ATK stats.
  • You need to have this monster and another corresponding Fusion material on your Field, in order to use its Special Summon effect.


  • Although it is possible, it is not recommended to use this card to Special Summon 3-materials Fusion monsters like Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon because you need the other 2 Corresponding Fusion materials on the Field. You can however, use Polymerization to Fusion Summon instead.
  • You can build a Fusion monster deck without relying on Fusion Summoning Support that takes up your card spaces.

2-Material Fusion Monsters

This card is an excellent substitute for UFOroid, and you only need another Warrior Type monster to Special Summon UFORoid Fighter. You can use this card with any Machine-type or Dragon-type monster to Special Summon Panzer Dragon. You can use X-Head Cannon and this card to Special Summon either XY-Dragon Cannon or XZ-Tank Cannon. You can use this card with another Dragon-type monster, to Special Summon Buster Blader the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman.

Fusion Support

Since you are most likely to need to perform Fusion summon, you can use these cards to support your Fusion actions. Fusion Recycling Plant can recycle 1 fusion material monster to your hand, and also search for Polymerization from your deck. King of the Swamp can be treated as 1 fusion material required for Fusion Summon, and at the same time it also can be used to search 1 Polymerization from your Deck. Fusion Sage can search 1 Polymerization from your deck.


If you are going to focus on this card’s Special Summon ability, you need to keep it alive on the Field, which means these cards will best support that goal.




ActionsTributes for cost / Tributes itself for cost
Summoning categoriesFusion Substitute Monster / Special Summons from your Extra Deck


Hot New Top
Not KoG
Remove Panzer Dragon from the substitution list, only a doofus and a troll would put Panzer Dragon in the Light Hex-Sealed Fusion list.
good card but very situational... some people even say that this is better than king of the swamp when in reality it only works for certain specific fusions and most importantly: The monsters MUST be on the field. So if you started your turn with a normal summon into searching for fusion materials and u end up with this card + the other fusion material, you cant even fuse them cause they must be on the field. So in reality this card is just a cheaper, worse king of the swamp
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dont use tickets for this crap. Trader has the earth hex sealed fusion and you can get it for useless coins and is bassicalky the same card. Light hex sealed fusion is only good for new players poor man's cyber dragon deck to use with skill for easy cyber end dragon. Apart from that it is a very bad card. Dont even consider to compare it with the far superior king of swamp.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
EARTH and LIGHT are different attribute, though.

But yeah, all Hex Sealed cards are bad.
I can not special summon panzer after i summoned 1 dragon type monster and this card, i can not active the effect of this card
<< Anonymous(thor0047)
Anonymous Reply
Hex Sealed and other fusion substitutes (for example, King of the Swamp) are only able to replace specifically named materials.
The special summoning effect Shouldnt work with buster blader the dragon destroyer swordsman since it cannot be special summoned before getting fusion summoned properly or am I wrong?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Buster Blader specifically says "must be fusion summoned and cannot be special summoned by other ways". So I guess nope Light-Hex wont work in any way. Polymerization must be used.

P/s: you can try it out and let us know if I'm wrong :)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Its second effect won't work, but the first will. Worth noting it'll only sub for Blader and not the Dragon monster, though.
I got this for my SR pvp ticket yesterday so that I can maybe use it in the future with Zane.
Tfw Zane ALWAYS seems to 🔥ing have this card at turn one
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not always, I've had two duels where he special summoned Cyber Dragon in defense position and do nothing else. If he had Light Hex in his hand, he would've used it for sure.
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
Yesterday, he got Daedalus and Chimeratech at the same time. He is one of the LDs who can really make you fight to win.
Doesnt work with Ojama knight. 🔥ing broken.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Doesn't work with most of the cards mentioned on this page. You can only use a Fusion Substitute in a Fusion Summon over named materials (and some monsters, like UFOroid Fighter have conditions preventing this), and it still needs to be a "correct" Material/be able to Substitute over a material for the Tribute effect as well.
This article is very wrong. It says it’s an “excellent substitute for UFOroid”... well, I tried it, and Uforoid Fighter’s atk and def became both 0. I was just fighting a lv20 CPU testing, but still, it was embarrassing.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Let me guess, you use the Hex's second effect (tribute to special summon without poly)?

That is not treated as Fusion Summon, just a regular Special Summon, as a result, UFORoid Fighter's ATK & DEF becomes 0 since it wasn't even fusion summoned to begin with, which means no fusion materials as a source for its ATK.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you simply use the Hex as fusion sub (Hex's first effect), UFORoid Fighter should get its materials' ATK.
The art of this card is so gross. Ameritard censors all the good stuff like revealing cleavage and 🔥 but NOT this!?!?
Wait, this really works with UFOroid Fighter?
You can finally get it!!!! Can't wait to try it with Ojamas.
<< Anonymous
Garrick Reply
Unless it’s bugged or their is a ruling I’m not aware of this card doesn’t work for Ojama fusion or atleast not for ojama knight any way
<< Anonymous(Garrick)
Anonymous Reply
Works with ojama king tho you even get ojama king as a combo tip when this card got announced together with the new monthly pvp rewards
<< Anonymous(Garrick)
Anonymous Reply
Works with ojama king tho you even get ojama king as a combo tip when this card got announced together with the new monthly pvp rewards
wish we could use it for cyber dragon but we have not got enough cards for cyber dragon fusion

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