If a monster attacks 5 times during one turn, you win the Duel.


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Zane Truesdale's Skills


The time a monster attack 5 times, you probably already made your opponent LP into 0 in Duel Links.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
no this skill can be op. just think about unhappy girl for example
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
boi we got half shut
<< Anonymous
Linel Reply
It is mostly for Chimeratech Overdragon. It can attack as many time as it want based on the number of fusion materials
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
How the hell should unhappy girl help here?
<< Anonymous(ALex)
Leo 22days ago Reply
Omg nobody here tought about use this with chimeratech and 3x Impenetrable Attack on the deck??
<< Anonymous(Leo)
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
you would need 5 monsters for fusion summon if you want chimeratech to attack 5 times

plus, chimeratech destroys all cards you control so you canT activate impenetrable attack (activable only during battle phase)
Anonymous 25days ago
Even with Chimeratech I still don't see the point of this Skill. You usually already won the duel anyway with a Chimeratech that can attack 5 times, even without this Skill.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
Not all skills are good. ;p When was the last time you saw someone use LP Boost Gamma, Moth to the Flame or Card Shuffle? At least it's an interesting gimmick, if a pointless one.
Death Tyrrant 25days ago
Machine Lord Ur can attack all your opponents monsters. Maybe use in conjunction with cards that summons to your opponents side like bamboo scraps or foolish revival. Maybe set up with the skill Ojama go?
<< Anonymous(Death Tyrrant)
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
How you use 2 skills in 1 duel?

Plus if you can attack 5 times in 1 turn you would either win the game or lose already
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
It's designed to be used with Chimeratech Overdragon. Realistically, Half Shut on a Defense Position monster is probably the only way you'd actually trigger the skill without winning by damage or using up a ton of cards, though. Unless the opponent is using Cloudians or Naturia Dragonfly or something. Then you just punish them mercilessly for it.
Fusion summon Chimeratech Overdragon and activate Mystic Box. Also combo with bubonic vermin, troop dragon or peten the dark clown
Well, this skill is ridiculous. You surely win the duel if you could attack five times in a row successfully. It'll be make sense if they add a skill that let player win by having 10000LP than this.
I don't know how a monster can attack five times in one turn, but I would love to see people try to use it.
<< Anonymous(Lathryn)
Anonymous Reply
chimeratech overdragon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
can only attack 3 times max...
<< Anonymous
Anonyboy Reply
Summon monsters to your opponent’s side of the field. See Bone Temple Block.
<< Anonymous(Lathryn)
Anonymous Reply
Cybernetic fusion can use from hand field and graveyard so no 3 is not the max. How you don’t manage to kill someone with 4000 atk points 5x is just asinine. I can see some cheap twin swords bs coming from this
Berserker Soul
<< Anonymous
weevil Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Berserker soul only inflicts 500 effect damage per monster cards drawn
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh gosh, you must be retarded.
Wording "If A monster" does this include opponent? If so Spirit Barrier and Astral Barrier = win?

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