Zane Truesdale

This page notes Zane Truesdale's skills, level-up rewards, starter deck, and cards and skills you can get by winning a duel against Zane Truesdale.
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update 26/04/2022

Description in the game

After graduating from Duel Academy, Zane Truesdale was on the fast track to becoming the greatest Duelist in the pro leagues. However, his defeat against Aster Phoenix set him on a dark path where his only desire was victory - at any cost. As the master of the Cyber Style, Zane uses Cyber End Dragon to power his Underworld Deck with forbidden techniques.


Zane Truesdale (Ryo Marufuji in JP) is the top duelist of Duel Academy, being one of the few people who were able to beat Jaden in a duel, as well as the rival of Jaden Yuki in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Later in the anime/manga, after experiencing several losses and losing hope, he participated in an underground duel where he is then forced to change his ways and eventually becomes "Dark Zane", becoming more aggressive and unforgiving with his playstyle.

Signature Cards

Cyber Dragon & Cyber End Dragon

Cyber Dragon
Cyber Dragon
LIGHT Machine ★5
ATK 2100 / DEF 1600
Cybernetic Rebellion [UR]
If your opponent controls a monster and you control no monsters, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand).
Cyber Dragon
Cyber Dragon
LIGHT Machine ★5
ATK 2100 / DEF 1600
Cyber Style Extreme [UR]
If your opponent controls a monster and you control no monsters, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand).
Cyber End Dragon
Cyber End Dragon
LIGHT Machine ★10
ATK 4000 / DEF 2800
Zane Truesdale [UR]
"Cyber Dragon" + "Cyber Dragon" + "Cyber Dragon"
A Fusion Summon of this card can only be done with the above Fusion Material Monsters. If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage to your opponent.

His signature card is Cyber Dragon, which is an archetype consisting of mostly light attribute monsters. Cyber Dragon shares many similarities to Blue-Eyes White Dragon, with the exception that it is not a normal monster. After his personality transformation later in the series, Zane uses a different deck. While still focusing on Cyber Dragons, they mostly consists of their darkened version.

Related Decks

Cyber Dragon Deck

How to Unlock Zane Truesdale

Trigger Event

Unlock Mission will appear while you Reach Stage 6 in (GX) World.

Zane Truesdale's Unlock Event

Complete all Character Unlock MissionsBlack Keys x50
Successfully perform 3 Fusion Summon(s) in Duels against Zane Truesdale.SR Jewel x3
Win 1 Duel(s) during your opponent's turn against Zane Truesdale at level 30, while playing as Aster Phoenix.Gold x8,000
Inflict 3000 or more points of battle damage with a single attack in a Duel against Zane Truesdale at level 30 using Jaden Yuki.Gold x8,000
Summon "Pair Cycroid" 1 time(s) while playing as Syrus Truesdale, in a Duel against Zane Truesdale.Gold x8,000
Summon "Rainbow Dragon" 1 time(s) while playing as Jesse Anderson, in a Duel against Zane Truesdale.Gold x8,000

Zane's skills

Exclusive skills

[Skill] descriptionHow to get
Draw Sense: Light
Can be used each time your Life Points decrase by 1500. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random Light attribute monster.
Cyber Style
Can be used each time your Life Points are at 3000 or below. Play 1 "Proto-Cyber Dragon" on from outside of your Deck for every 1000 Life Points below 4000. This skill can nly be used once per Duel.
Heavy Starter
If your Deck has 3 or more Level 5 or higher monsters with different names, you will have improved chance of having a Level 5 or higher monster in your starting hand.
No Excuses!
Can be used if your Life Points drop below 1000. Instead of doing a normal draw, "Power Bond" is added to your hand from outside of your Deck. This skill can only be used once per Duel.
Fatal Five
If a monster attacks 5 times during one turn, you win the Duel.

Common skills [Updated]

Level Up Rewards

2Gem x10
3Cyber OuroborosCyber Ouroboros
4Skill: Draw Sense: Light
5Deck Slot (Zane Truesdale)
6Gem x15
7Cyber PhoenixCyber Phoenix
8Deck Slot (Zane Truesdale)
9Gem x25
10Ruthless DenialRuthless Denial
11Cyber NetworkCyber Network
12Gem x35
13Skill: Cyber Style
14Evolution BurstEvolution Burst
15Gem x50
16Cyber PhoenixCyber Phoenix
17Gem x60
18Cyber Dragon DreiCyber Dragon Drei
19Gem x75
20Skill: Heavy Starter
21Evolution BurstEvolution Burst
22Gem x100
23Cyber NetworkCyber Network
24Gem x120
25Cyber Dragon DreiCyber Dragon Drei
26Gem x150
27Deck Slot (Zane Truesdale)
28Gem x200
29Gem x250
30Cyber End DragonCyber End Dragon
31Gold x100,000
32Gem x200
33Cyber PhoenixCyber Phoenix
34Gem x250
35Evolution BurstEvolution Burst
36UR Jewel x1
37Gem x200
38Cyber NetworkCyber Network
39Gem x250
40Cyber Dragon DreiCyber Dragon Drei
41Deck Slot (Zane Truesdale)
42gems x100
43gems x200
44gems x250
45Future FusionFuture Fusion

Duel Rewards

Zane's Lvl 40 Drop Rewards (Roaming Event)

Zane's Lvl 40 Drop Rewards (Unlock Event)

Starter deck

What is a Starter Deck?

A starter deck is the default set of cards of a certain character which you will automatically get once you obtain that character.

Cyber KirinCyber KirinProto-Cyber DragonProto-Cyber DragonProto-Cyber DragonDisk Magician
Disk MagicianDisk MagicianCyber Soldier of DarkworldCyber Soldier of DarkworldCyber Soldier of DarkworldBrave Scizzar
Brave ScizzarBrave ScizzarCyber FalconCyber FalconCyber FalconBat
BatPolymerization---Cyber End Dragon

Previous Event

Zane is playable at Victory Carnival 2018

The Event was held on 15 July 2018 in Tokyo Japan and 22 July 2018 in Osaka Japan. Players will get to experience playing Duel Links in a large touch screen!

Zane Truesdale's Deck

During Jump Victory Carnival 2018, Zane Truesdale was included as a playable character for people who went to the event and tried Duel Links section. Here, Zane used a fusion based Cyber Dragon deck with Classic Cyber Dragon cards combined with more modern support. Particularly we saw cards such as Cyber Dragon, Cyber Dragon Core, Evolution Burst, Power Bond, Power Wall, Cyber End Dragon, and Cyber Twin Dragon which are still unavailable to Duel Links players as of now. This may suggest that they will soon be added to Duel Links, which has long been sought after by the community. This also may also suggest that Zane Truesdale himself will soon be playable and come with support focused around Cyber Dragons and not Cyber Dark Dragons.

Other Duelists

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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Note:Atticus is not added to the game yet, but their names were found in the code of the game at least.

Yu-Gi-Oh! (DM)

Note: Marik Ishtar, Solomon Muto, and Yami Joey are currently unplayable.
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Hot New Top
Yo we need to add cyber dragon konami. It’s unacceptable to keep using cards that aren’t the real thing. It can’t always work like that because it can easily be destroyed by battle with its low attack points.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
We gonna have Toon Cyber Dragon next month :D
<< Anonymous(Santi)
Anonymous Reply
It’ll be great for synchro decks tho
Cyber Dragon will be Zane's Lvl 50 Reward
<< Anonymous
Zane Reply
So No?
<< Anonymous(Zane)
Anonymous Reply
Nobody knows
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There is no info about it, but IT COULD HAPPEN. Why not?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I guess Cyber Dragon will eventually end up in an Ex deck
When Zane event will come ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
She's on the gate, complete the mission to unlock Zane.
Hell Kaiser Fan
<< Anonymous(Hell Kaiser Fan)
Anonymous Reply
When XYZ arrive
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
We already have XYZ in Electric Overload, but we don't even have Zane yet at that point.....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dead meme
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not dead as long as people still refuse to write it correctly.
Lovely Aster
He is at the gate now! OMG... 3 UR and 11 SR.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
based zane
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Try to learn english before you using an english site
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You don’t seem to write in perfect English either, Anon-chan~
<< Anonymous
Yugi Muto Reply
neither do you Anon-chan -
Maybe you don’t realize a trap card has surprise that cyber network has one tiny I glimpsed! Can you realize cyber dragon next to above? Hint: cyber dragon relted to XYZ card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not like that's the first or only time they've depicted a monster of a card type that doesn't exist in Duel Links in card art. That Wacky Magic! had Tempest Magician, a Synchro, well over a year before we got 5D's. It's not even the first to depict an Xyz, Gravity Blaster has Number 9: Dyson Sphere. Summon Gate has a Synchro, Xyz AND Pendulum in its art. Arrivalrivals even depicts a Link Monster.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But there is no Cyber Dragon related to XYZ archetype, though?

Only similar thing is that both are LIGHT Machines with Fusion as a boss....and there's also the Union monster Armored Cybern.
<< Anonymous
Adryst Reply
Cyber Dragon's have two XYZ monsters in the TCG dude, Cyber Dragon Nova and Cyber Dragon Infinity
<< Anonymous(Adryst)
Anonymous Reply
No, those are (obviously) part of the Cyber Dragon archetype, not the XYZ archetype.
Im new tothe game can i get cyberdark monsters from battling lvl 10 zane or what level do i need to battle and does it change the chance od obtaining these cards
<< Anonymous(Imnew)
Anonymous Reply
It is possible, but you typically want to wait until you can farm lvl 40 Legendary Duelists with a high assessment score deck. At lvl 40, the generic trash cards are removed from their reward pool so you have a much better chance at getting the rare cards you want.
<< Anonymous(Imnew)
Anonymous Reply
When do i unlock lvl 40 duelists
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Except it's 2019 March and level 40 zane still drops trash in it. Seriously, I spend days farming him for his claw, horn, and everything NOT cyber dragon and he gives me a butt 🔥 ton of lizard soldiers.
Lovely Aster
Today (November 1st) is Zane's birthday as listed in the manga.
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Kaiser lover Reply
Happy birthday to him! <3
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Victoria Reply
Hate that they don't celebrate the birthdays in the game :D
<< Anonymous(Victoria)
Anonymous Reply
Not if you’re Yugi or kaiba
Can l know when they will add cyber dragon cyber twin dragon cyber valley and chimeratech forterres dragon
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Kaiser lover Reply
Haha, yeah. Nice deck! Why don't you use heroes?
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Kaiser lover Reply
The game will die if Konami won't do anything cool next box. They really have to stop add 5ds's ace monsters and give a look for other worlds. About 4 months and the meta still like how it was.
<< Anonymous(Kaiser lover)
Lovely Aster Reply
That was a test deck (silent magician and spellcaster beatdown) that I used in casual. I'm getting ready for whatever they might do to heroes.
<< Anonymous(Kaiser lover)
Lovely Aster Reply
Agreed. Synchro decks need to get better and we need more of the old favorites. But lately the boxes are just half-baked junk types with the aces thrown in. Same meta. No wonder there is so much antimeta.
Zane's missions
Anyone know if or when he will be added to the gate?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
probably sometime this month
Hail to the king, baby xd

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