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Duel Links dinosaur deck, Black Brachios in the current meta, how to use, and tips.
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update 05/12/2017


At the release of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, Dinosaur Kingdom decks were at the top of the meta, because in the early stages of Duel Links the most important part was having high attack 4-star monsters and Rex’s dinosaurs combined with his field spell had an attack of 1900 atk, overpowering all other decks.

However the meta has since evolved and dinosaurs were no longer viable during a long period of time. They made a small comeback thanks to the release of Hydrogeddon which gave dinosaur decks some swarm potential.

But now with the release of Black Brachios, one of the new ranked duel rewards, we suspect dinosaurs will solidify their position high up on the tier list as a control deck.

Example deck

Black BrachiosBlack BrachiosBlack BrachiosSergeant ElectroSergeant ElectroSergeant Electro
HydrogeddonHydrogeddonHydrogeddonFossil DigAnti-Magic ArrowsForbidden Chalice
Enemy ControllerEnemy Controller
Enemy Controller
Floodgate Trap Hole
Floodgate Trap Hole
Mirror Wall
Mirror WallMetalmorph--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Dinosaur Kingdom
Begin duel with the field spell "Jurassic World" activated.


Example deck for new players

A cheap version can be made because a lot of cards don’t come from boxes. Half Counter and Sabersaurus are Rare cards. Only Forbidden Chalice and Wall of Disruption are Super Rare cards from boxes, but you can replace them with whatever good spell/traps you have (They were included because they come from the same box, Servants of Kings).

Black BrachiosBlack BrachiosBlack BrachiosSabersaurusSabersaurusSabersaurus
HydrogeddonHydrogeddonHydrogeddonFossil DigAnti-Magic ArrowsForbidden Chalice
Enemy ControllerEnemy Controller
Enemy Controller
Half Counter
Half Counter
Wall of Disruption

How to use

Black Brachios

This is the new ranked duel reward, and the card that will dinosaurs back on the map. If you don’t need any other important cards from the possible rewards, we highly recommend you get at least two copies of this card.

You are not obligated to activate this card’s effect, and you are not limited to only use this card on your opponent’s monsters.

The reason this effect is so good is because most monster cards that are used in the meta have a lower defense than their attack, and when you attack a monster in defense position you also don’t have to fear your monster being destroyed by running into a Mirror Wall/Wall of Disruption.

Besides its strong effect is also has an amazing attack of 1800 (2100 with the field spell), the only 4-star dinosaur monster that has a higher attack is Sabersaurus(2200 atk with the field spell).


If your opponent used Floodgate Trap Hole on your Sergeant Electro, you can switch your Sergeant Electro to face-up defense position thanks to Black Brachios so you can continue to use its effect (however you won’t be able to switch it to attack position).


This card’s effect allows you to special summon more Hydrogeddons from your deck, thinning your deck and solidifying your field at the same time.

This card combined with Anti-Magic Arrows is extremely strong, and can take your opponent by surprise allowing you to quickly go for game.

Keep in mind that the combined attack from Black Brachios and Hydrogeddon is 4000. If you control either a Black Brachios/Hydrogeddon on the field, and you have the other monster in your hand (and your opponent controls one monster), you could possibly go for game by destroying your opponent’s monster, summoning another Hydrogeddon and attack for a perfect 4000 damage.

The effect of swarming the field also helps against Cyber Angels, if they can only kill one of your Hydrogeddons with Dakini’s effect, you can still defend the other one with your backrow, preventing them from beating you. It also works great with Enemy Controller, when you special summon a new Hydrogeddon you could tribute the one that already attacked to activate Enemy Controller and take control of your opponent’s monster.

Sergeant Electro

Remains a go-to low level monster for decks that aim to control the duel. This card alone can win games against decks that rely heavily on backrow. Shutting down your opponent’s spells/traps can be very useful before bringing out your Hydrogeddon.

Fossil Dig

Currently only one copy is available in game. If we had access to more copies of this card, you would probably cut some dinosaurs and replace them with this as it allows you to thin your deck and draw whatever dinosaur is best for the situation.

Anti-Magic Arrows

As mentioned before, great card in combination with Hydrogeddon and can surprise your opponent if they think they are safe because of their backrow, like Gladiator Beast/Hazy Flame/Ancient Gear decks.

Forbidden Chalice

Great tech card against decks like Cyber Angels, Ninjas and Gladiator Beast because a lot of meta decks right now rely on their strong effects.


This card is best used on Hydrogeddon because it’s attack is quite low, but it’s important to be able to overpower high attack monsters (like Cyber Angel Dakini, Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon) because of its effect.

Enemy Controller and Floodgate Trap Hole

As usual we highly recommend these cards in control decks (Gladiator Beast, Ancient Gear, Hazy Flame, …) because of their sheer strength and because they help a lot in the match-up against Cyber Angels.

Other useful cards

Wall of Disruption
Wall of Disruption
Just like Mirror Wall this card is great when facing high attack monsters, and against people that don’t play around it it’s game winning.
Wall of Disruption
Wall of Disruption
Just like Enemy Controller and Floodgate Trap Hole this card could allow you to stall against faster decks and decks with high attack monsters. A devastating card against swarm decks, but useless against Ancient Gear decks.
Mirror Wall
Mirror Wall
Same use as Wall of Disruption, but works better than Wall of Disruption against Ancient Gear decks.
Windstorm of Etaqua
Windstorm of Etaqua
Allows you to stall, works well with the effect of Zanji, you can attack high attack monsters that are in defense and still destroy them even if your attack is lower than their defense.
Curse of Anubis
Curse of Anubis
Same use as Windstorm. This card works better than windstorm against decks that run Sergeant Electro because you can chain it to its effect, and unlike with Windstorm of Etaqua, the monsters that got changed to defense position during your opponent's main phase won’t be able to switch back to attack during that turn.
Super Rush Headlong
Super Rush Headlong
Another great spell because of the fact that it can be used both offensively and defensively. If you are missing a spell/trap you could replace it with this.
High attack normal dinosaur card (2200 atk with the field spell), if you miss copies of a certain monster you can replace it with this card. This card outclasses the previously used Destroyersaurus (2100 attack).
Element Saurus
Element Saurus
This is a good monster to run one copy of. In case you need its effect in a certain matchup it can be searched with the spell card Fossil Dig.
Black Brachios has the Earth attribute, which activates Element Saurus’ effect to negate the effect of other monsters it destroys, like Gozuki. Sergeant Electro has the Fire attribute, which makes your Element Saurus gain 500 attack when they are both on the field.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 5days ago
F2P Dinos (no cards from the boxes)
bringing 2 AMA and 2 Storm because we hate backrow
I hate Sergent Electro. It has nothing to do in a full Dino deck...
<< Anonymous
Triggered SJW Reply
You piece of filth, HOW dare you be against diversity in deckbuilding?!?! OMG IT'S 2017 AND THIS IS STILL HAPPENING?!?!!?
<< Anonymous
Anon 4 Reply
Same with sphere Kuriboh + most decks.
<< Anonymous(Anon 4)
Anonymous Reply
I agree. I use it only in Dark decks.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
You could replace electro with salamandra and add some fire formation gyuokus/cosmic cyclones etc
Anonymous 6days ago
Duhhh, I saw some steamer use this, so it must be good, duuhhh. Copy/paste. DUhhh, Im a KoG now.


You no talent hacks bragging are sad AF.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Hey I'm f2p just in case you didn't know
Theviper 26days ago
Legend2 with this deck
This deck is now completely outdated
Jurracs new meta
<< Anonymous(Ceejay)
Anonymous Reply
You dont know what u talking about boy
<< Anonymous(Ceejay)
Gagey Reply
oath original dinos>jurracs
<< Anonymous(Ceejay)
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
jurracs are ass, wth dinos contro; is way better jurracs is good in mirror but they if you play around the bouncer (the one that bounces a monster to your hand if you attack it) i beat jurracs with unoptimized bls by banishing 2 and turn 1 in attack and swing into it for game
Rex 26days ago
Looks like the dinos are getting their second revival lmao. Good thing I have 4.5k gems sitting around cuz I haven't played since Harpie was still meta.
Anonymous 29days ago
I Just got to KOG With this deck
This deck worth making??
<< Anonymous(Mr.Wheeler)
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
It's a nice deck that can take wins out of nowhere. If don't have to dig for electros just use 2-3 anti magic arrows. The rest of the cards are pretty much level up and ticket cards.
U Need To Study More
This deck weakness is burn and stall deck coz this deck didnt use a tribute summon so for example enemy massivemorph 1 of your monster and mask of accursed lock 1 of your monster and flood gate lock 1 of your monster so in other words RIP
<< Anonymous(U Need To Study More)
Anonymous Reply
Throw in dark driceretops 6 star Dino can be pulled with fossil dig so that is nice and it can help with pesky lava golem or masks etc. I made it to KOG yesterday using this build but I threw in dark driceretops and used 3 anti magic arrows instead of 1.
tips to making control deck, 3x econ, 3x mirror wall, 3x wall of d, the rest is just stupid beater monster doenst matter if it was statue, dinosaur, ancient gear, warrior, zombie, spellcaster, etc, etc
<< Anonymous
TrialnError Reply
It's always decks like this that have perfect opening hands every time too. Like a turn 2 Weevil burn deck that makes you draw PP immediately
Three copys wow, we are on the fifth day of the month and you got the three SR tickets, i don't like pvp that much, i just fight to get the tickets
<< Anonymous(Bakura)
Anonymous Reply
you're retarded
<< Anonymous
Bakura Reply
fuck you piece of shit souck your fathers dick
<< Anonymous(Bakura)
Anonymous Reply
That was a retared thing to do
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
stupid INDOG bobo ka
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Retarded muricans
<< Anonymous
Otong palsu Reply
Jangan malu maluin

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