Cyber Angel: deck recipe

Duel Links Cyber Angel deck, how to use Cyber Angel, Cyber Angel in the Duel Links meta.
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update 08/10/2017


Cyber Angels have been dominating the current META scene ever since they were added with the GX update at the end of september. Konami quickly decided they had to be slowed down and decided to limit “Machine Angel Ritual” (MAR) , meaning you could only run 1 copy of it instead of 3. While this nerf did make Cyber Angels weaker, because the Cyber Angels didn’t have 3 lives anymore and the monsters tributed when using “Machine Angel Absolute Ritual” (MAAR) had to correspond to the exact number of stars of the ritual monster, it didn’t remove Cyber Angels from the top of the tier list. (it currently sits at the top together with Ninjas)

The recent change made to the skill Balance also made the opening hands of Cyber Angels less consistent making them susceptible to having a bad opening (also called a brick). However people have been using Restart and Mind Scan to mitigate this loss in consistency.

Because Cyber Angels are still the most dominant deck on ladder, and the main force that prevents other decks from becoming reliable to climb the ladder, it’s important to revisit this deck.

Example deck

Cyber Angel DakiniCyber Angel DakiniCyber Angel DakiniCyber Angel IdatenCyber Angel BentenCyber Angel Benten
Cyber Angel BentenSonic BirdSonic BirdSenju of the Thousand HandsSenju of the Thousand HandsSenju of the Thousand Hands
Cyber Petit AngelCyber Petit Angel

Enemy Controller
Enemy ControllerMachine Angel Ritual--------


This is a version of an optimal build with room for two tech cards (in this case two copies of Enemy Controller) . The choice for those two tech cards changes from player to player , some people prefer running cards like Nobleman of Extermination, Cosmic Cyclone.

Even though this deck only runs 5 URs that come from boxes (3x Senju of the Thousand Hands and 2 Sonic Birds), a cheaper version can be made if you don’t want to invest that much into Ultimate Rising and Neo-Impact.

Example deck 2

Vennu, Bright Bird of DivinityCyber Angel DakiniCyber Angel DakiniCyber Angel DakiniCyber Angel IdatenCyber Angel Benten
Cyber Angel BentenSenju of the Thousand HandsSenju of the Thousand HandsCyber Petit AngelCyber Petit AngelSkelengel

Enemy Controller
Enemy Controller
Machine Angel RitualFairy's Blessing--------


If you run a version with less searchers (Senju of the Thousand Hands and Sonic Bird), I recommend using the skill Restart as it will help make your opening hands more consistent.

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUsers
Mind Scan
If your Life Points are 3000 or more, you can see the cards Set in your opponent's field.

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used after starting hand is distributed. Shuffle all the cards from your hand into the Deck. Then draw the starting hand again.
Check here!

How to use

The strength of this deck comes from the fact that it can search and cycle a lot of cards, allowing it to consistently summon Cyber Angel Dakini, the ace card of this deck, on your first or second turn.

Senju of the Thousand Hands, Sonic Bird and Cyber Petit Angel

Besides the effect of Cyber Angel Idaten and Benten, these are the main monsters that allow you to easily add cards from your deck to your hand (searchers). In any card game this is always a powerful effect meaning the more copies of these cards you can have, the better (Sonic Bird should not be run more than 2 times though as it can make the deck too clunky).

Both Senju of the Thousand Hands and Cyber Petit Angel are fairy light monsters, meaning they can be searched by the effect of Cyber Angel Benten. Often you’ll want to summon Senju of the Thousand Hands because its attack combined with the attack of Cyber Angel Dakini (1400+2700) can make for a quick turn 2 victory, however depending on the ritual spells you have access to, there are situations where searching a Cyber Petit Angel is better than Senju of the Thousand Hands, because the 2 stars from Cyber Petit Angel go perfect with the 6 stars from Cyber Angel Idaten and Benten when using MAAR.

Idaten-Benten Combo

An important combo to remember is to ritual summon Cyber Angel Idaten by tributing Cyber Angel Benten. When Cyber Angel Idaten is ritual summoned you can search one ritual spell from your graveyard or deck, and when Cyber Angel Benten is tributed you can search one light fairy monster from your deck. The reason this is so strong is because not only do you not go “minus” (you don’t lose card advantage; you used 3 cards and in the end still have 3 cards; 1 on the field, 2 in the hand) , but you can search for the cards depending on the situation.

That way (depending on your hand) you can chose to add Cyber Petit Angel to your hand, allowing you to search Cyber Angel Dakini and ritual summoning her with Machine Angel Absolute Ritual by tributing the Cyber Petit Angel and shuffling the Cyber Angel Benten from your graveyard back into your deck.

If you have two of the three cards needed for the Idaten-Benten combo in hand, it’s almost always the right choice to search for the missing piece (if possible) to complete this combo which allows you to bring out your ace monster, Cyber Angel Dakini.

Cyber Angel Dakini

This monster is so strong that most players say this card should have been limited to 1 as well, to actually nerf Cyber Angels. This card only came out last year in the TCG/OCG , so it’s a rather new card, deemed by many, ahead of its time for Duel Links.

The reason it’s so strong is because it has multiple effects and one of the most effective ways of removing monsters from the field.

The effect “make your opponent send 1 monster they control to the Graveyard” , is very powerful because the effect doesn’t target, it doesn’t destroy the monster, nor is the monster destroyed by your effect. Which means a lot of effects from monsters and spells/traps don’t get to activate. Only cards like Gozuki get to, because their effect just says “when send to the graveyard”.

Besides that effect is also inflicts piercing damage, and you can add one ritual monster or 1 MAR to your hand during the end phase if this card is face-up. If you do have MAR in your graveyard, most of the time you’ll want to leave it there to give your Cyber Angel Dakini an extra life, however if you know you can win next turn by summoning another Cyber Angel Dakini, it might be worth to add it, even if it means your Cyber Angel Dakini would be destroyed next turn.

The most notable way to stop this powerful monster is to activate Enemy Controller when they activate their effect, tribute of your monster to take control of their Dakini, and choose her to send to the graveyard. It is because of this reason a lot of people opt to use the skill Mind Scan as it allows them to make the right decision depending on the back row.

Do note; sometimes the correct play when they have a set Enemy Controller is to still activate Cyber Angel Dakini’s effect, because if you don’t it might leave you open for a counter attack next turn with your own Cyber Angel Dakini.

Machine Angel Ritual and Machine Angel Absolute Ritual

Most of the time you’ll want to use Machine Angel Ritual as soon as possible because it adds an extra layer of protection to you while it’s in your graveyard, however depending on your hand, there will be times when it’s better to search for a Machine Angel Absolute Ritual if it allows you to ritual summon more monsters that turn, sometimes going for MAAR instead of MAR opens the possibility to summon two Cyber Angel Dakinis in one turn (if one gets send to the Graveyard with Enemy Controller for example).

Additional Notes

  • This deck WANTS to go second, because if you go first Cyber Angel Dakini’s effect is useless, but if you go second and your opponent only has 1 monster you can go for a very quick turn 2 win. If you do go first against another Cyber Angel deck, you’ll want to draw an Enemy Controller in your opening hand (keep that in mind if you are playing Restart), but if you don’t have Enemy Controller, your best play is to try and get 2 monsters on the field, for example Senju + Cyber Angel Idaten (in defense). This allows you to not immediately die. However depending on your hand , sometimes there really isn’t anything you can do besides hoping your opponent bricked.

  • As mentioned earlier, even if your opponent has a face-down Enemy Controller, you still want to activate Dakini’s effect in some situations. If you don’t activate her effect , but your opponent can take control of your Dakini next turn and attack you for game, your play was useless. At least this way you get rid of two of his cards.

  • If your opponent has Wall of Disruption (or if you don’t have Mind Scan but you fear a WoD), either only summon 1 Dakini, or only keep one monster in attack position and the rest in defense when attacking. This way only 1 of your monsters will be affected by WoD’s effect.

  • Always remember what cards are in your graveyard (or look before ending your turn), you don’t want to activate Dakini’s effect in the end phase, only to be forced to pick out your Machine Angel Ritual because you forgot you had no ritual monsters in your graveyard anymore.

  • At the start of the turn always think before you make any plays. Think how you’ll hand look like after the Idaten-Benten combo. You don’t want to be in a situation where you can’t summon Dakini because you only have access to MAAR and picked up a Senju instead of a Cyber Petit Angel

  • Put a few random fusion monsters in your fusion deck, if you are playing Mind Scan your opponent might think you are playing Gladiator Beasts and might change his strategy if he goes first.

Other useful cards

Saffira, Queen of Dragons
Saffira, Queen of Dragons
If you’ve opened this card and are missing certain other cards, or want to try a new version of Cyber Angels, you can run this card. Both This card and the Cyber Angel monsters can be summoned with the ritual spell card “Sprite’s Blessing”
Hymn of Light
Hymn of Light
If you run one copy of Saffira, queen of Dragons, you might consider running one copy of this card as well. Even though you can only summon Saffira with this ritual spell, it does protect all your ritual monsters from destruction while it’s in the graveyard (just like Machine Angel Ritual protects all your light monsters).
Nobleman of Extermination
Nobleman of Extermination
One of the tech cards used in Cyber Angel decks. Can get rid of cards like Wall of Disruption, which is annoying card for a deck like this that likes to swarm the field, or Enemy Control so that you can activate Dakini’s effect.
Cosmic Cyclone
Cosmic Cyclone
Same reason as Nobleman of Extermination, also helps against Ninja decks.
Anti-Magic Arrows
Anti-Magic Arrows
Allows you to attack freely when you can kill your opponent, without the fear of running into Wall of Disruption or Mirror Wall


Hot New Top
Anonymous 3hour ago
To F2P Players : stop investing in this deck. Next month, it will be nerfed a lot.
<< Anonymous
Komoney 2hour ago Reply
No we won't nerf this shit cause it gave us a lot of revenue from p2w player. Instead we will buff burn deck a little bit more so that all the whiner will have a chance against this shit. Of course the new burn card will be UR in main box. Please prepare your credit card so that you won't be left in meta. Thank you
Zenisu 1days ago
If we really want a consistent staple which works in every deck to counter Cyber Angels then it's either Ghost Ogre or Ash Blossoms but the problem here is first it's a tuner and two they are too strong to be in this game. Any other suggestions?
<< Anonymous(Zenisu)
cancerous CA user 10hour ago Reply
well, as CA user I always lose if opponent play e-con. those cards are the answer to CA deck. GB, AG, six sam, and new meta 1000 direct damage deck can fuck CA deck anytime.
<< Anonymous(cancerous CA user)
Anonymous 8hour ago Reply
You lose every time your opponent play e-con? So you're a bad CA player. And now, 90% of CA players play with Mind Scan, so they can counter econ
<< Anonymous
Zenisu 6hour ago Reply
Exactly, that's the point. With Mind Scan, they are prepared for every answer the opponent has. Hand Traps however can't be seen so that's why I mentioned those two cards above. But like I said they are too strong and they are tuners. Aren't there other hand traps to counter them? Sphere Kuriboh can work but if Dakini has 3400 Def and your monsters are way below that, then you will either need ATK
<< Anonymous(Zenisu)
Zenisu 6hour ago Reply
Boost or some kind of monster removal. BUT you also have to care about Machine Angel Rituals protection effect
Buritto Sanchez 11hour ago
Idaten benten combo every fucking time. So much skill said their player. What so hard in ritual summoning monster and searching? Plus most of ca player use mind scan. How retarded they are? Take mind scan from them and they won't go far in pvp
Anonymous 11hour ago
this page in a nutshell: cancer cancer limit cancer boobs cancer cancer vagina boobs cancer cancer limit
Anonymous 12hour ago
Reading this gave me cancer.
Anonymous 1days ago
They must have limited dakini instead of machine angel ritual card.
Excision 3days ago
Hi all. I played CA deck this season and reached KOG. My question is: if I use CA deck and reached KOG with it, does this make me a god amongst men?
<< Anonymous(Excision)
Alex the Asshole 3days ago Reply
Nope, but you can lick my asshole.
<< Anonymous(Alex the Asshole)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Nobody wants to lick your monkey butthole
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Then don't play CA.
Anonymous 8days ago
Dakini, boobs, vagina.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
why i laughed at this
Anonymous 4days ago
cancer piece of shit deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
I hate it, its so fking annoying
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
fckin pegsy mind scan too
Anonymous 3days ago
nerf this shite, still op. dakini should be limited.
Anonymous 8days ago
Vs CA there is lack of counterplay.

If they get dakini too fast+often on the field, than you will likely not have defences to deal with it and you lose while being powerless.

Even an econtake could do more wrong than good if they do a new dakini next turn or so and you lacking monsters or defences for the next one right after.

The game needs more countercards vs cyberangels.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Limit Dakini to 1 copy. Using 2 copies is already OP.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
People will just use Saffira in place of Dakini
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Yeah because Saffira is know for peircing removing and hitting with 2700 dam- oh wait, its not
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Not to mention Saffira doesn't recycle for free every turn, have no non-targeting monster removal, unsearchable by CPA and Benten, and incompatible with MAR/MAAR
Anonymous 8days ago
People who use this deck in KOG is either noobs who just reach KOG for the first time, or bad players who have no idea to build a creative and fun deck. Climbing for 100 cumulative wins is not a reason, because if you are really good player you could reach it without using a tryhard deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Agreed. I always timestall this kind of fucker(while doing something else) to piss them off. Its really annoying to face this no-skill-deck when you're at the rank where you want to play casually to test your deck against supposedly other skilled players
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
maybe because this deck doesn't have to pay that much, most people run this. f2p for live...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
I agree, this deck is idiot prof, there is no strategy behind it. anyone can get a win with this deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
^^How is this cancer deck f2p? It requires at least 4 UR from outdated boxes which is generally a bad investment for f2p. An actual decent f2p deck is GB

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