Cyber Angel: deck recipe

Duel Links Cyber Angel deck, how to use Cyber Angel, Cyber Angel in the Duel Links meta.
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New skills have been leaked!
update 08/10/2017


First priority is searching out both Cyber Angels and Machine Angel Ritual, this will be your main combo for using deck. Use the skill Thunder, Water, and Wind to gain an extra monster to use as ritual tribute.

Example deck

Cyber Angel DakiniCyber Angel DakiniCyber Angel DakiniCyber Angel IdatenCyber Angel BentenCyber Angel Benten
Cyber Angel BentenSonic BirdSonic BirdSenju of the Thousand HandsSenju of the Thousand HandsCyber Petit Angel
Cyber Petit Angel

Enemy Controller
Enemy Controller
Enemy ControllerMachine Angel Ritual--------

Example deck 2

Vennu, Bright Bird of DivinityCyber Angel DakiniCyber Angel DakiniCyber Angel DakiniCyber Angel IdatenCyber Angel Benten
Cyber Angel BentenCyber Angel BentenSonic BirdSenju of the Thousand HandsCyber Petit AngelCyber Petit Angel

Machine Angel Ritual
Spell Shield Type-8
The Regulation of Tribe
Curse of Anubis
Jar of GreedWindstorm of Etaqua--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Thunder, Water, and Wind
Can be used when you life pints decrease by 1800. Randomly add one "Sanga" "Kazejin" or "Suijin" to your hand (these cards are not drawn from your deck). Can only be used once per duel.

Paradox Brothers

How to use

Gain card advantage

One of the things that make this deck good is the insane amount of search power. Ritual monsters are usually too inconsistent and costly to summon, but with 3 kind of monsters dedicated to searching cards in your deck this will not be too much of a problem. Additionally, Cyber Angel Dakini can recover 1 ritual monsters or Machine Angel Ritual from your graveyard allowing you to gain even more card advantage.

Ritual summon Dakini

Cyber Angel Dakini is your boss monster and she comes with a bundle of uses. First of all she has a monster removal effect, which is most effective when your opponent only controls 1 monster. She can also help you gain card advantage by recovering a ritual monster or Machine Angel Ritual from your graveyard during the end phase. Lastly Cyber Angel Dakini does piercing damage, coupled with her nice attack stat she can do considerable damage. Ritual summon her by tributing Cyber Angel Idaten to further increase her attack and defense by 1000 points, this makes her even more deadly and can protect her when she is changed to defense position.

Tribute for 8 stars

An 8 star ritual monster like Cyber Angel Dakini is usually very costly to summon. Here are some recomemded combos to help you summon her losing as little card advantage as possible.

Other useful cards


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Anonymous 1days ago
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Muuucha suerte jaja
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 17hour ago Reply
pusta may mga bobong Pinoy na feel nila nag-ffilipino pero di nila alam "suerte" is also a Spanish word. mga kababayang kong pinoy mga bobo kasi eh nakakasawa katangahan niyo :)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14hour ago Reply
Putang ina mo ikaw ang tanga...!!!! Hayop ka!...
Anonymous 5days ago
finaly its nerfed good job konami.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
This Deck still can go on u fuckin ass hole
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18hour ago Reply
mad bro ?
Anonymous 6days ago
If you think this deck still gonna be meta after nerf then youre an idiot LOOOOL
<< Anonymous
Inti 6days ago Reply
Um you do realize how powerful Dakini is and you can just use 3x Absolute right lol?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Maybe your are the idiot
<< Anonymous
Indonesian 1days ago Reply
I'm a idiot
<< Anonymous(Indonesian )
Chrissi 1days ago Reply
*an idiot please :D
Anonymous 2days ago
Love my Angels and they wont die by that stupid nerf :)
<< Anonymous
HarpieHaneboki 1days ago Reply
Amen. Tired of the salty haters shitting on CAs and say It’ll fall out of the meta, they’ve never played it and clearly don’t get that we still have absolute ritual and all that consistent searching.
AussieRiolu 6days ago
Still gonna be Tier 1 even with Machine Angel Ritual at 1. They can run 3 Machine Angel Absolute Ritual with it.
<< Anonymous(AussieRiolu)
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
nah tier 7 or 8 post nerf at best
<< Anonymous
Dennis-123 2days ago Reply
You are retarded!
Anonymous 3days ago
Is this deck worth building after nerf?
<< Anonymous
HarpieHaneboki 3days ago Reply
I’ve play tested the deck with only one MAR, it’s still very consistent. The only difference now is that you can’t rely on MAR as much for protection. Theres so much searching power in the deck that you’ll still get to your ritual summons consistently, the only people who say CAs are gonna completely die out are the ones that don’t play them.
Anonymous 3days ago
After the nerf hit. how much senju and sonic bird I need ?

only sonic bird can serch absolute ritule,so atlease 2 or just 1?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
i'll say optimally 3 or atleast 2, cuz you only get 1 idaten and 2 cyber petit
Anonymous 3days ago
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<< Anonymous
jeff 3days ago Reply
works surprisingly well but mostly to make small change while using a computer tbh
Anonymous 4days ago
This deck is still considered strong even after nerf, but you should have 2-3 Sonic Bird. (Petit Angel cannot search Absolute Ritual so you have to use Sonic Bird)
Anonymous 4days ago
Ummm... isn't the point of Vennu in Cyber Angels to summon it, rather than use it as lvl 8 fodder only?
<< Anonymous
PK 4days ago Reply
Of course, Vennu has effect to change monster's level on the field which can be used as tribute for Ritual Summon. So, you can summon Dakini using Cyber Petit Angel alone.
Anonymous 4days ago
This deck is BROKEN AS DUCK
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
You me as Fuck?
<< Anonymous
PK 4days ago Reply
He meant Sonic Duck.
Anonymous 4days ago
in practice, enrise is quite a good tech in this. just use a couple sphere kuriboh

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Works well with beginning of heaven and earth.
is he a "dragunity" archetype???
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