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update 19/07/2017


Example deck

FenghuangHazy Flame SphynxHazy Flame SphynxHazy Flame SphynxFire King Avatar YakshaFire King Avatar Yaksha
Fire King Avatar YakshaMolten ZombieFire King Avatar KirinFire King Avatar KirinFire King Avatar KirinSuper Rush Headlong
Super Rush HeadlongFire King IslandMirror WallMirror WallWild TornadoWild Tornado
Puzzle RebornWindstorm of Etaqua--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Aroma Strategy
You can see the card at the top of your deck even before drawing it.


How to use this deck


Fire Kings


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Anonymous 10days ago
With the new mini box, this deck will rise... without cheating.
I actually hit KoG today with Hazy control DDraw. Should be at least Tier 2, it's actually very strong.

<< Anonymous(Mari Setagaya)
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
Clearly you aren't up to date about this deck. Last months KOG decks showed a Hazy Flame deck where a cheat toggle button was showed in the screenshot. Nobody said this guy cheated, they just made a funny comment.
<< Anonymous(mahesh maherchandani)
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
Funny thing is, the guy with the screenshot was you..
<< Anonymous(mahesh maherchandani)
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
^ The other Hazy Flame players don't cheat, except you, coz you have a nice "Cheat" toggle button in your stupid ass KOG deck screenshot.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
Hazy Flame deck KOG in 89 wins are cheaters.
This deck list isn't that good i made a deck around sphynx, lil chimara, sgt electro, and heavy flame knight and took it to kog its actually very good and consistent.
WTF is this deck , hazy is tier one with 3 floodgate and econ to counter bunch of things , bug is fixed alright , use this deck with skill then this is one of the strongest meta . You're the dumbest rater I've ever seen lol.
Is Sphynx's Bug already fixed?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i assume Fenghuang is in here to be special summoned by FKI/Sphynx effect and destroy backrow, but how are you supposed to be special summoning a monster that cannot be special summoned?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
im just going to assume you dont read cards very well before posting stupid ass comments
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The deck is just really bad though
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh my, a Sample deck is BAD? Then by golly, how about YOU make a better version then? Yessiree, you can do it!! :D
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's really not hard to make a deck better than this lol
I don't know whether sphinx bug has been fixed or not. But playing this deck on the normal duelist its pretty efficient molten zombie combo with sphinx getting plus play plus if we need more atk power there is always molten destruction as an alternative as suppose to using fire king island. At least it helped in my case
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The bug hasn't been fixed yet!!
A esfinge de chamas nebulosa está com um bug nas ranqueadas
Blue Eyed Dragon
Summon tyrant dragon with sphinx XD
The Sphynx card is still´s effect allows you to special summon a monster, but it still summon it in defense position instead of atk possition
The Sphynx card is still´s effect allows you to special summon a monster, but it still summon it in defense position instead of atk possition
Mai boobs are swayin
Seems like a shitty deck. Why Aroma Strategy when you can use good shit like Restart?
<< Anonymous(Mai boobs are swayin)
Anonymous Reply
I think Aroma is used so that you will actually know what type of card is on the top of your deck when you use Hazy Flame Sphynx.
<< Anonymous
Mai boobs are shakin Reply
Welp. I overlooked that. How stupid I was lol.

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