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update 14/03/2017

Puzzle Reborn

Puzzle Reborn
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect


If exactly 1 monster you control (and no other cards) is destroyed by a card effect: Target that monster; Special Summon that target.

How to get / rarity

PackDawn of Destiny [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • This card can special summon a destroyed monster.


  • It can only be used after when a monster is destroyed by a card effect.



You can destroy your own Warm Worm to mill your opponent's deck by using the effects of Assault on GHQ, Fire King Island or Fire King Avatar Yaksha. Once Warm Worm is destroyed by your own card effect, use Puzzle Reborn to bring it back to your field. Repeat the process to mill more cards.



Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons from your Graveyard


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Anonymous 8days ago
Just tried this card in my lab builder deck to counter Dakini's effect while farming Alexis. It didn't work. This doesn't make sense because as per the card effft it should have worked. Can anyone explain?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Because Dakini just sends to the graveyard, it doesnt destroy
Can,t active when opponent destroy my monster with srh why?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
Because SRH activates in damage step and puzzle reborn cannot be activated then
can this work in counter to tribute to the doomed or super rush headlong?
This + Warm Worm + Jowl of Dark Demise + Assault on GHQ. True cancer of Tea Mill Deck.
Why doesn't this work with Ritual Foregone?
<< Anonymous(DreX)
DreX Reply
Nevermind, "A ritual monster summoned by the card and sent to the graveyard cannot be special summoned from the graveyard by cards, such as Monster Reborn." I guess it would be busted if it was that easy...
this card doesn't work
I'm not sure if it's a bug or what but by card effect it means ALL card effect like traps, monsters, and spells right? the card didn't activate when my dark paladin was destroyed by tribute to the doomed
<< Anonymous(MxxR)
Anonymous Reply
You can,t ressurect dark paladin because he can,t be spec summon
very nice support to firedecks since their effect destroy each other
<< Anonymous(lord2022)
dead meme Reply
in a kick fire deck
A nice cheap option if you dont have Champions Vigilance
<< Anonymous(Vallcer)
Anonymous Reply
wat¿ champs vigilance has nothing compared to this, maybe time machine effect version, but vigilence? tf
Use with Order the Charge?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If your monster get destroyed by OTC, you can summon the destroyed monster back. If you use OTC on your own monster, it won't work as the OTC activation does not destroyed your own monster.
Anti bluff trap

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The combo as describe here doesn't even work period. If you activate Rainbow Life, Armored A...
And they suggested to build one deck that boring to play such CA or AG
I have 10 all cards =_=
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