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Duel Links King of Games decks, the top meta of Duel Links in March 2018.
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update 01/03/2018
Season Duration March 1 - Mar 31

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In progress...

Ancient Gear-
D-HERO Slash5
Cyber Angel5
Sacred Phoenix1
Gladiator Beast4
3SD Gladiator Beast1
Six Samurai-
Dinosaur Kingdom5
Destiny Draw1
Destiny Draw Lava1
Destiny Draw Mill1
Hazy Flame2
Parasite Infestation-
Dark World-
Dark Magician-
Magnet Warriors2
Cyber Stein4
Whale Stealth2
Gishki Citadel Whale5
Abyss Stealth3
Duoderion Stealth3
Alien Ananta2
Red-Eyes Slash1
Flying Fish17
Sniper Hunter1
Destiny Slash Grass1
Chain Reaction Burn1
3SD Lava Golem Burn1
Lava Control1
Ojama Go!1
Fire Fist Hazy6
Shadow Game Burn1

Shadow Game Burn

Shadow Game Burn KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
Johnny McmufShadow GameMarch 23
  • Johnny Mcmuf:
    I used the ability "shadow Game " from Marik. The Keycard is "Skull Invitation". One or two copy's in your Startinghand means autowin against Sylvanias.


Aromage KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
Lios 90LP Boost αMarch 23

Fire Fist Hazy

Fire Fist Hazy KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
INVICTUMBeatdownMarch 17
Shisuki_KmcBeatdownMarch 18
Ahfu313BeatdownMarch 19
PKazeBeatdownMarch 20
OlegodBeatdownMarch 20
LesterTremensBeatdownMarch 21
STERCATABeatdownMarch 21
    A very f2p deck and strong deck,
    The deck style is to swarm using Sphinx or peryton and destroy enemy monsters using beatdown.
    use monsters such as Raven to pull out the fire formation spells to lock enemy backrow using gyokkou or tensu to help swarming. Mantikor is the star of this deck, use his effect to crush ssa or srh easily n break their defence.
    Main combo:
    use peryton's effect, you will need to always pull Sphinx and mantikor and then use sphinx to swarm and beatdown ur opponent.
  • Olegod:
    There are many combos you can do with this deck, but the perfect combo is start in the second turn with Earth Ninja, Peryton, any FIRE monster and Anti-Magic Arrows in your hand. First, special summon Earth Ninja, use Peryton's effect and summon Sphynx and Mantikor (this one is very useful against Super Rush Headlong and Sea Stealth Attack) then using Sphynx's effect to summon another monster (as this deck contains only 4 magic cards there's a high probability that the top card of the deck is a monster), activate Beatdown and activate anti-magic arrows to avoid WOD, Etaqua, Curse of Anubis, and Mirror Wall.
    Other combos are: activate "Tensu", summon Fire Fist Raven and summon Peryton OR summon Cerberus (with its effect and summon Sphinx OR activate Tensu or Gyokku to special summon Coyote and tribute summon Peryton/Sphynx.

Magnet Warrior

Magnet Warrior KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
PicolindoRestartMarch 16
MrPlatypaiStraight to the GraveMarch 22


Sylvan KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
GMSanjiRestartMarch 15
Strom14RestartMarch 16
EvoWarrior5RestartMarch 16
ClumsyDBeatdownMarch 16
chemeia526BeatdownMarch 17
Yugi_TrapacaRestartMarch 18
D-NastyDraw Sense: FireMarch 18
ColossalICRestartMarch 18
Nhannnii?!BeatdownMarch 20
MutRestartMarch 20
Eternal WynRestartMarch 20
RunForLifeRestartMarch 21
opaBeatdownMarch 21
VytaRestartMarch 22
MelisRestartMarch 22
@delson182RestartMarch 22
PayzeRestartMarch 23
TheJayRestartMarch 23
DabDabDabDabHoly GuardMarch 24
  • EvoWarrior5:
    Note on the deck:
    You want to make sure to open on Komushroomo as he is your main way of getting an early batch of cards into the grave for plays. If you go second and have Rose Lover + Fragrace Storm + Hemitree on hand, that can be a decent opener as well if you don't want to risk bricking. Gigaplant can cause explosive plays if summoned by Rose Lover; as a back-up there's Lord Poison which is nice to draw later in the game. You could potentially ram it into an enemy monster to summon Hemitree while still in your Battle Phase. Cyclone to deal with SSA and other pesky S/Ts, Trunade is for big plays. Fragrance Storm can help speed up the deck a bit and is great in the mirror as you can also kill off an opponent's Plant monster. Finally, remember that each Spell you run decreases your consistency while excavating so only run what you think is essential
  • ClumsyD:
    Cheap Deck. The main mill monsters are Komushroomo and Magical Merchant. The Mask of Remnants enables Merchant to function. The synergy lay in the relationship between Roselover and Carrotweight. The endgame is BIG PLANTS. Roselover into Giga, into Marina, and a Carrotweight for good measure
  • D-Nasty:
    Notes: ran 25 so I don't have to worry about milling out. Played Econ because Cyber Angel bad matchup cuz they can potential FTK.
    I used DRAW SENSE: FIRE cuz any time I'm losing a Hermitree or Mushroom is AUTOWIN
  • Mut:
    How to use:
    Same as what mentioned on GameA, but little difficult because more Spell Cards and only have 1 Sylvan Komuushroomo.
    • Send Sylvan Monsters from your Deck to the GY to activate their effect, better with Magical Merchant (get 1 Spell Card).
    • Use Hey Trunade to return all Set Spell or Trap Cards to the hand if you sure that you can defeat opponent that turn.
    • I use Cosmic Cyclone mostly to remove from play face-up Spell or Trap Cards.
    • Better discard Rose Lover from your hand to Special Summon World Carrotweight Champion and Special Summon another monster (better Level 5 or higher Sylvan Monster) with Rose Lover that you discard.
  • Eternal Wyn:
    You want to open up with either Magical Merchant or Komushroomo. In case you have both of them in your starting hand you have to choose which of one you are going to set. If you have no spells in your starting hand, you should set Komushroomo, since Magical Merchant might brick your game, if the first card excavated is a spell card.

    Marina, Princess of Sunflowers is the Monster you want to summon with Rose Lover. In case you are lacking of cards for card removal to clear your opponents field through to excavating, if you have Marina and other plant monsters on the field, just crash one of your weaker Monsters into your opponents Monster to activate her effect.

    The ideal OTK - Starting Hand:

    Magical Merchant, Monster Reincarnation, Rose Lover, World Carrotweiht Champion – in best case your Dark Core is almost at the bottom of your deck!

    1.Set Magical Merchant and let your opponent destroy it or just FLIP summon it to activate its effect.

    2.Now Komushroomo and Marshalleaf should pretty much clear the whole field

    3.Send back Komushroomo and Marshalleaf with Lotusswain to prevent a Deck out in case you didn’t finish your opponent in one turn.

    4.Special summon both Marina and Carrot Champion and normal summon another beater (although Marina and Carrot Champion should be enough to finish your opponent)

    5.Be aware of Sphere Kuribohs

    You can swap Dark Core with another Card Removal Spell, e.g. Cosmic Cyclone, Hey Trunade! - Anti-Magic Arrows for the OTK could also work.

  • Vyta: How i used it
    Best starting hand is getting komushroom if starting hand don't have him just restart.Carrot weight is used to help me drop rose lover to the grave if i have her or just getting komushroom off the board when i don't need him anymore econs for some backrow monster resurrection used drop rose lover for something i may need at the time that's about it
  • Melis:
    Notes: Using restart is helpful, as this is a combo heavy deck. Opening Komushroomo and setting it is top priority, setting a merchant is a good backup. If you have neither, but open rose lover, and are going first, you can go for the juke play and set that. People in todays meta (at least Legend 1-3) are expecting a Komu or a Merch, and may try to pop it while its set. Once you have cards in the graveyard and have popped the opponent's field accordingly, optionally use Hey, Trunade if you have/need it, then attempts to put 4k on board and swing. Carrot gets Rose Lover into the graveyard, which can summon Hermitree or Gigaplant. Gigaplant on its own, when summoned by rose lover can get you a Hermitree, or almost any plant for game. Raging Mad Plants ties up loose ends, and when using this card, try to end the game on your earliest attack of the turn during Damage step, to avoid your opponent waiting until your last attack to sphere kuriboh.
  • @delson182:

-I decided using only one spell card since I hate when I use Merchant and there's a spell/trap card on top of the deck.
-You gotta be very careful using this deck since it only has one spell card so, you need to restart when Merchant and the spell(I'm using Raging Mad Plants, but you can use other spell/trap cards) are on you first hand.
-You won't be able to use Merchant or Komushroomo in the beginning of the duel everytime, so pay attention to other combos you can do, most of my victories I didn't need to use Merchant or Komushroomo in the beginning of the duel.
-Use Lotuswain or Guardioak's effect to prevent a deck out.

  • Payze:
    This deck uses Sylvan’s and support cards to assist in an easy and ‘Quick Victory’ (Turn 3 or 4 Victory). To control the board early on in the duel you’d ideally want to start with ‘Magical Merchant’ so that you can start excavate as many cards as possible. Hopefully this will send at least one of ‘Sylvan Marshalleaf’ and ‘Sylvan Komushroomo’ to destroy your opponents Monsters, Spell or Trap Cards. ‘Sylvan Hermitree’ is the strongest Sylvan Monster available and can assist is excavating your cards. I use the combo of ‘Sylvan Guardioak’ and ‘Sylvan Lotuswain’ to add cards from the graveyard back into the deck. They are unable to send them selves back (obviously), but they can send other versions back (incase you run multiple copies). Once they have selected each other that is a maximum of 6 cards going back into your deck. I am using 5 support cards in this deck, one of which being’ Magical Merchant’ that has already been mentioned above. ‘Rose Lover’ is obtainable from the card trader but once you have three copies you can easily summon your level 5 and higher Sylvan monsters. Teamed up with ‘World Carrotweight Champion’ who lets you discard a plant monster from your hand to be summoned from the graveyard, ‘Rose Lover’ is the perfect choice. You’ll hardly run Spell and Trap cards with this deck as too many will stop the Sylvan effects being used which are just as good. The two I’ve decided to run are ‘Dark Core’ to banish any tricky monsters my opponent plays and ‘Hey, Trunade!’ to make my opponent pick up their set cards in the back row.
  • DabDabDabDab:
    How to Play Sylvans:
    Set Merchant/Mushroom. Play character with either balance or restart. I used tea w/ holy guard because I was expecting a lot of mirrors and LP are so crucial in the mirror.2 Mushroom because that's all I have, 2 carrot is necessary to unclog hands and the odds of you opening both with or without restart/balance are very small. Guardioak and Lotuswain are somewhat necessary. Guardioak excavating 3 makes it the 2nd best sylvan, lotuswain as a 1 of allows recycling for late game. I have been swapping between 2 Hey Trunade and 1 Trunade 1 Cyclone and found the latter more consistent against SSA. SSA and CA are the hardest matchups.

Ojama Go!

Ojama Go! KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
everOjama Go!March 13
  • ever:
    The idea is to burn/stall or deck out your opponent and occupy their monster zones with ojamas skill and lava golem. One solemn wishes for multiple ojama uses and one burning land for stall decks to force ojamas and lava golems.

Sacred Phoenix

Sacred Phoenix KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
iAn!RestartMarch 11

Haze Flame

Hazy Flame KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
ZaneAroma StrategyMarch 10
Kim Jong UnAroma StrategyMarch 17
  • Zane:
    It counters most deck specially burn decks and your goal is to pin backrow then OTK
  • Kim Jong Un:
    A very f2p deck that doesn't use 3x SE (if you manage to have a 2nd copy replace MW). Smart use of BR can save you from SSA+Whale combo.

Lava Control

Lava Control KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
CarterMighty as FIREMarch 12
  • Carter:
    The most of trap cards doesn’t work vs my deck, and if i’m in a bad situation i still have my lava golem to finish my opponent!!My man-eater bug is very useful vs deck Haga (Burn)!!!
    Mirror wall is my best friend, when i pay 2000LP it allows me to activate my skill and it increases my fire monster’s Atk!!

Destiny Draw

Destiny Draw KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
ps.luisalbDestiny DrawMarch 12


Hot New Top
Zeus Games 1hour ago
How to farm Super Tea(easy)
Anonymous 2days ago
Im almost done with this game. Waiting to see what fuknami us going to do with sylvan and flying fish decks. Yu ki oh should be abt focusing on strategy offense and defense. Im urging you guys to delete this game if they are not fixing this shit
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 23hour ago Reply
Um, you can play hearthstone instead
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9hour ago Reply
Kys you trash I play what I want to play and don't you ever mention that garbage game you got that fucktard?
<< Anonymous
Lol 3hour ago Reply
Someone is triggered
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3hour ago Reply
Are you crying over a card game dude? Lol Every deck in the game can be beat some are just better than others that is with any game.
Anonymous 1days ago
KOG with a SSA deck. 78 wins (in which I spent a lot of time in Platinum, using Sylvans - too bricky - and other funny decks).

If you have a LVL5 + SSA + ALO turn one or two... You win. Except when you face a SSA deck : that's why I have 2 Super Rush Headlong and 2 Cosmic Cyclone in my deck.

I kept it in my deck, but Citadel Whale is most of the time useless in this deck.

3 x Legendary Fisherman 2
2 x Mecha Sea Dragon Plesio
2 x Abyss Soldier
3 x Warrior of Atlantis
1 x Citadel Whale
3 x ALO
3 x SSA
2 x Super Rush
2 x Cosmic Cyclone
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Yeah legend supposed to be play-for-fun tier consists of vanilla peak performance deck. Gtfo meta decks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
No shark cruiser for mirror match tz tz tz
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12hour ago Reply
"No shark cruiser for mirror match tz tz tz" --> WOW. Great idea.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12hour ago Reply
Old tactic
TheLegendx 16hour ago
Got to KOG with this deck
<< Anonymous(TheLegendx)
Anonymous 12hour ago Reply
The same deck for 10 months? Good.
Anonymous 12hour ago
SSA is the real Tier 0. Sylvans can be OP if your first hand is good... but too bircky. Really. I've tried them both and it's obvious
Anonymous 1days ago
Every match in legend is sylvans. Just played 10 games and 10 were sylvans. Can't even understand the joy in playing that deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Maybe try them? I tried it unfortunately for me for some reason the deck does not usually behave the combo does not run smoothly 60/70% of the time. But when it takes off and you just pop and otk maybe thats where the fun is. But to be honest not the deck for me.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15hour ago Reply
Then stop complaining and create Anti-Sylvan deck EZ climb.
Anonymous 21hour ago
Please konami, introduce side deck before starting a match in pvp. this pvp is getting off hands.
Anonymous 1days ago
PVP in the game is getting boring with all those flying fishes and sylvans. Where is the variety? No space due to such OP decks....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
true, have a decent gemini deck that brought me to legend 2 almost 3 until those decks came around.
Anonymous 5days ago
Just hit KOG with my burn deck. Feels good man.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Burn players>>>>Sylvan Players
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Yes but all decks >>>>>> burn decks. It's not fun at all to play against a burn deck. Even with an anti-Burn deck.
Anonymous 1days ago
Gets to KoG rank up duel... "Connection lost"
Anonymous 5days ago
I hit kog with this f2p deck, second season. This time legend 1 to kog without losing.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
its pay to kog
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Call me retarded,but I can't quite grasp how these decks are supposed to work.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Tonnes of draw power for snipe hunter to discard. Then they can special summon darkflare or black luster soldier for the otk
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Not surprising at all. I had reached kog countless times
Anonymous 2days ago
This guy destroy me in the first turn with this burn deck.. nice job..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Sorry..forgot the pic.. This one..
<< Anonymous
yoo 1days ago Reply
i beat that dude. he messed himself up on the 1st turn
<< Anonymous
SuddenTyrant 1days ago Reply
I've played against this deck.... How boring would it be doing same thing over and over again playing this deck....

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